Microsoft releases preview app for Xbox One to help shape future updates

Xbox One

Microsoft has displayed strong support for its video game console with numerous updates since its release last year. The company is also looking to future updates and has released a new app for the Xbox One. This app enables consumers to join a preview program, enrolling their console for updates before sending them out across the platform. It's a positive move by Microsoft, especially with the sheer number of updates being pushed out.

Spotted by NeoGAF, the app enables consumers who have opted to be included in the program to provide feedback on new functionality, whether it's through a survey, rating system or even a poll. There's also a quest feature, which currently gamifies the test-driving of tweaks to Xbox One live TV and achievement snapping. Statistics are collected and everything is used to improve the experience in future updates, but it's possible to opt-out at any point.

Some Xbox One owners have reported receiving messages to enroll in the program, while others have had to rely on friendly invitations. Let us know if you're rocking the preview app.

Source: NeoGAF, via: Engadget


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Microsoft releases preview app for Xbox One to help shape future updates


No this is a whole new app where you can invite friends but more importantly get up to date info on the preview program do surveys on the program etc.

Why can't the bloody Xbox OS be ported in a modified format to become the new Windows Media Center.
Microsoft still ignoring the HTPC market

I totally agree. Not only are they ignoring it, they purposely trying to not be part of it. To be honest Windows Phone is what keeps me in their ecosystem. Once I lose support for Windows 7 WMC (since I can't use my 8 version with my extenders) is gone I will probably be forced to Linux or OSX.

Or, just install Plex. What the hell kind of insane reaction is that? One feature is gone, I better change everything.

Same here in waiting on plex but for now I just plug my surface rt into tv port with remote desktop and Bluetooth keyboard to stream my windows 8.1 to my tv snapped while playing a game

When they end of life 7, I'll still need some platform to record and stream live TV within my house.  8 has Media Center, but only supports Microsoft extenders (only the 360).  The 360 is loud and annoying and not an option.  I will be forced to find some other platform to use my Silicon Dust and Ceton tuners with, as Windows may no longer be the best option.  Plex doesn't do this.  I paid money to enable the Media Center functionality in Windows 8, but they have chosen not to let the Xbox One be an endpoint in their purposfully hobbled solution.  So, yeah, I'm bitter.

I'm sure they have a solution in the works. They're rolling out updates frequently. Perhaps they didn't have the time to work on it? With that said, the X1 is still lacking features its older sibling has. I love mine however I see why your upset.

Alanis sings... "It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife."
Plex haven't got the financial muscle to put out a media center like Microsoft can, nor do they have access to the OEM's that are needed to support this.

One needs a product that works without installing plugins and so on.

If a PC moves to the lounge, it must just work without having to mess around with settings and choices.
All TV devices like DVD, BD just work

Once they release TV recording what else is keeping you on HTPC? An app like Plex would complete my system and maybe a chatpad for the controller. Xbox one is shaping up to outright kill HTPC.

As far as I know, you can't install a DVB-T2, S2 card or any TV card standard on Xbox One console.
Only a PC can do that.

HDMI pass-through from your cable/freeview/whatever box? I kinda thought TV cards are pointless now. Only recording TV on the Xbox is missing which I assume is not far away.

Its two separate apps. I have both, got prompted to install last night. One is used to join preview program which has been around for months. This new app appears to used for feedback and beta status updates. Looks pretty cool.

Could I get your Gamertag and you send me an invite please? I was in the preview program for the 360 and got to test and leave feedback and I loved it. Now on the X1 I can't really do that anymore because there is no online signup, and I don't have any friends who have the app. If you do not want to give out your tag on here maybe you could send me a friend request. My tag is the same as my user name here.

Hey Scotty can you get me in?
I'd like to join the program
My gamer tag B1G HURT911

I use to be im the program on the x360 gosh I use to love to give my opinion and feed back sometimes the things we asked for we got it

I read "Microsoft Releases Preview App ..." & got excited thinking it was the Lockscreen app. Damn

Do any other Xbox One owners think that the whole system is sort of a kludge? Tons of missing features from the 360, difficult to navigate, and just an overall impression of meh.
Furthermore, I wonder with this whole backtracking on Metro for Windows 9 if we've been dragged into an unnecessary trip through a horrible UI for the Xbox.

I think the UI on Xbox One is awesome. It is very easy to navigate: "Xbox, go to...". Done.

When it first came out it was shambolic, a placeholder at best. I have noticed that it is improving though. As you say, it is still missing the functionality available with the 360.

Furthermore, I wonder with this whole backtracking on Metro for Windows 9 if we've been dragged into an unnecessary trip through a horrible UI for the Xbox.

The 360 interface you in this very same post said so love is also metro. This is why it's difficult to take the moaners seriously; you never have any idea what you're talking about and are just moaning for the sake of it.

I am questioning if this interface was the best possible interface for the Xbox One, or rather an interface that was forced upon us for the sake of it looking like Windows 8/Phone.  The whole backtracking on the start screen for Windows 9 was because the Start Screen was not the best interface for a desktop.  You can argue this all you want, but adoption of Windows 8 is not where Microsoft hoped it would be.  I was just curious if it may not be the best interface for a living room appliance either.

I am not complaining about the functionality of the Xbox One, more the sometimes painful steps in order to succesfully accomplish them due to UI design.

I'm sure the experience will improve, it already has, but there's still tons of frustrating bugs. 

The XB1 has one major functionality I'd trade the 360 functionality for any day. Its the ability to have 4 apps running at the same time which allows u to go back and forth without closing ur current app or game. Turning off ur console for the night and turning it back on the next day, and going back to the game u were last playing with no loading or start screens, like it was only paused. The UI and features will get better but I use my XB1 UI way more productively than I ever could with the 360. At the current pace with adding new features every month, they will surpass the 360's functionality and feature list within the next 6 months and beyond that...........its all uphill.

Yea same here I dont use the menu to be honest I have windows 8.1 devices all over my house, I use voice and smartglass for any thing besides playing the game, -
media center my only thing but workarounds make that irrelevant - onedrive, play to, HDMI in works wonders )

ps4 has no option u have to have DRM video and music to play media kinda funny because we got bashed for it.

Oh the features will come. I'm pretty sure the Xbox 360 didn't have the same features as the original Xbox at launch or even half a year after.

Yet for all it's bad / missing features it's still far preferable to the PS4 UI, I was staggered to use that and find it's still the same as the boring ineffective UI they had for the PS3

Not even the same. It took ads from the 360 and forced apps from subsidized android.

Well okay, very similar. Definitely more offensive.

Missing features, yes. Acquiring new features at a fast pace, yes. The UI is great. If you dont like W8 you wouldn't like the X1 UI. Its efficient and clean.

It's a different app, you can only download it through a message from XBL. It has features like surveys, Quests, change logs etc etc. The months old app your talking about is the simple registration app. This is much more an app than a simple marker.

Is this article saying the preview program is now open to anyone who downloads the app and opts in? I didn't quite get that. Wish I was in the preview program. If anybody here is in, please send me an invite. My GT is Cop E Ryte. Thanks.

XBox UI is great, just change the way how you controll it ;-) Some features missing but im sure they will come. Visit and vote for your missing feature or add a new entry-> Http://feedback.xbox.com Preview Reg App is out for month, looking forward to the other one..

I've been wanting to be part of the Xbox One preview program since it first went live but haven't received an invitation yet :( If there is any chance someone could send me an invite, it would be most appreciated :) I've always loved being part of the Xbox 360 preview programs. My Gamertag is: Phatinum

Can someone add me and invite me to the program I always been on the 360 program but I just got a one and couldn't find the site to request into the one preview. GT=RoscoeTenkoya

This is the same for me . I was a 1st generation Xbox Live Beta tester... We got tshirts that said "I'm good with my hands". I had been in every preview except the Kinect preview and this. Can I get an invite por favor!?


How did folks sign up for the initial preview for this?

Hello all, 

please, is there anyone that could send me the invite, too? I will be very, very grateful to you! My gamertag is MZetko . (anyone can add me to their friends, too, I would love to have some WPCentral friends there :-) )

I used to do the Xbox 360 beta previews and loved doing it. I wish I was in the Xbox one beta program. If you can now invite friends please invite me. Gamer tag: CauseandEfect