Microsoft releases Video Tuner to mix your movies on Windows Phone 8.1

Today, Microsoft has released their new Video Tuner app for Windows Phone 8.1 users. The app brings a full suite of video editing options to the table and is based on of the latest Imaging SDK 1.2. Although there are some third-party video editing apps for the OS, Video Tuner adds filters and some unique features.

Video Tuner allows Windows Phone users to trim, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, and speed change. The changes made are dynamic, so users can see the effect right away as the video is still playing on the phone. When creating a video, you can also add music through the music library on the device, letting people make an attractive creation.

Video Tuner features

  • EDIT: trim and edit the speed of your video from slow-mo to high-speed action.
  • ADJUST: Exposure, contrast, saturation and color
  • APPLY: fun filters and effects
  • TRANSFORM: Video aspect ratio, rotate, mirror and flip
  • AUDIO: adjust volume or add your favorite music
  • SAVE and SHARE: Save and share edited clips on OneDrive, social networks or directly with friends and family

A unique and fun option is the ability to add filters to videos, including various color and black and white film styles or the horror-ish negative. Additionally, users can save videos formatted for Instagram and Vine, although you cannot upload directly from the app.

Microsoft has done an admirable job in creating Video Tuner, setting the bar for video editing apps on the platform. It will be curious to see where the app goes from here as Windows Phone 8.1 evolves.

Watch our hands on video or head to the Store to download the app now.

QR: video tuner


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Microsoft releases Video Tuner to mix your movies on Windows Phone 8.1



It crashes on my 1520 as well. It doesn't matter if the app is installed to internal memory or to a micro SD card, it crashes regardless.

This is from The Verge UK seven hours ago, 'Microsoft is also adding a speed-change option to Video Tuner, perhaps in response to Apple’s iPhone 5S slow-motion feature.' Also we can't add music from Xbox or MixRadio cause their DRM. That doesn't seem to have been mentioned in WPC article?

The Verge just basically SUCKS Apple's...uh stem.  As for the DRM, I thought that was a given. DRM licenses would never allow recording to a distributable format.

I like The Verge, I'm disappointed about the lack of music support, & I'm disappointed this app is sooo big, as large as a game. Movie Maker 8.1 is only 11mb compared to 40mb...

What happened to the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding?

If they use it then we can say Nokia exists for smartphones.

What happened to netiquette? Honestly, don't get at us readers just because some Reddit idiots upset you this morning.

What happened if Nokia DID'T join windows phone in the past? What happened if Microsoft didn't SEND Elop to act as a good guy and would save Nokia life but in fact he's a Trojan horse? What happened if Nokia chose to GO WITH ANDROID at the first and Never Ever used Windows Phone and any related to Microsoft? I BOUGHT Windows Phone because there is a Nokia logo on TOP OF MY PHONE. Stop saying like Nokia is already dead and stop thinking like Windows Phone is the most perfect operating system. Ban me? Delete my post? Don't care!!! (in reply to Rubino's statement)

There is no Nokia for smartphones anymore. Put your big boy pants on and GET OVER IT.

Actually MS are actively persuing licensing the name further on than agreed.

and its the same guys(in finland) and same factories(around the world) making the stuff... I don't really see that anything from the consumer end has suffered. Actually, the rollouts of phones in the US seem to be more multi-carrier now. So maybe its a good thing?

They can't use it if there is still a group of Nokia not owned by Microsoft (the software department).

If everyone at Nokia and Microsoft was fired everytime people said that on here...WP wouldn't be where it's at now

Nice. There's an option to share to Instagram, though it just loads up the WP8.1 Share charm. Hopefully indicates an update is incoming for Instagram to allow video uploads!

Also noticed this app causes the weird upside down Glance screen issue!

Me too, unable to download it on My ATIV S. Exclusive Nokia sucks !!!!!!
I can't understand why Microsoft don't remove exclusive Nokia apps.
They always want to see Windows Phone expand but they just don't do anything to help the growing.
Fuck MS.

It clearly says Microsoft Mobile (apps published by formerly Nokia Corporation), not Microsoft Corporation.. And has a clear NOKIA logo, means it is Lumia exclusive.

You bought ATIV, you knew what choice you were making ^.^

I'm pretty good with my Ativ S. I bought it new for 150€ (about 204 dolars) on eBay (here in Portugal the phone cost double the price I got) and I don't really need the Lumia exclusives. I have Movie Maker (that I got for free thanks to wpcentral). I just like to test the apps wpcentral writes about on their articles. The only Nokia apps that I really wanted are the Here Maps and Drive and I have those. Not that big on Camera apps but if I was I could use Camera360. So yeah, Lumias may have better support but it's not that big of a deal.

Exactly what i am saying. I am not saying lumia is bad or so is ativ, I just am saying you knew what you were paying money for. Choices, mate.I no where find a samsung windows phone here in India, the reason they are not famous, samsung's marketing failure. Obviously, Nokia was the mainstrem supporter of app development for WP, hence the app list goes on. I was just saying, made a choice, be proud of it :)

I am. Thats why I'm defending it :D For me, most important things in a smartphone nowadays are 1. Operating System 2. Price/Hardware Relation, 3. App support and availability

My phone has the first, the second and the 3rd is getting a lot better (in my opinion at least). Despite all the ranting people make about WP, when I look at other OS phones I find them boring. Mine is always alive ;)

Yes, seriously. Atleast WindowsPhone has life in it. Android has got better but iOS.. Dead, totally. I know, if I had to buy Samsung, I would have got ATIV; no GALAXY.. But I honestly, picked WindowsPhone because I wanted to stick with Nokia. Been with it since I actually began to use a smartphone (Symbian, if its still counted :P) And, also WP is a great OS :D :P

Movie Maker is still better.  You can edit multiple clips at the same time in a Timeline fashion.  Movie Maker 8.1 also uploads to Instagram already.  This app needs a Timeline style UI like Movie Maker.  Hopefully this indicates a new 8.1 Instagram app

These are the first differences I noticed:

- No video collage
- No images collage
- No upload to instagram (at least, for now is not working)
- No upload to youtube
- No transitions
- MM doesn't crash on my 1520
- MM is not limited to only Nokia devices

It seems that a single one developer made a better/faster job than Nokia.. :D

Video Tuner is simpiler. Sometimes that is the feature for users that maybe just care about trimming or adding a filter.

Curious if we'll get to upload existing videos on our phones through the Instagram and Vine apps once they get updated for 8.1?


Ninja Edit: since this app has formatting for those services.

In my opinion there is no comparison between the two apps.
Movie maker does a great job with everything about video editing, at a pro level and with a lot of functions (it is still the one and only app in the market that has clip transitions).

Really? What's wrong with the xbox stuff, other than changing the games hub? Seriously, I want to know...


Samsung's effort in windows phone is approximately ZERO

HTC did good at the begining, but now it's just like Samsung

What are the latest windows phones from the two?

Are you using it in landscape or portrait ..? Sometimes with my L1520 in portrait it does not crash at startup. But "resists" only  a few seconds, that closes :(

Exact same problem with me, too. I'm using a 16GB 1520, AT&T branded RM-940 model, running the 8.1 DP. The app crashes instantly, regardless of being installed to internal storage or to the micro SD card (64GB class-10 Sandisk).

Same problem, 920, 8.1 DP

Did a reboot, will try uninstall/reinstall... :P

Interesting... not even showing up in my d/l history.

Instead of using QR code, I'm opening WPC app on phone to get to store from there.

Still no go. I'm done.

I don't care what they call it or who makes it, it's an EPIC FAIL to me.

Relax :), its a beta verion and even the OS we are on is in Beta, this is expected even I am facing the same problem. Its going to be awesome when its out of beta and wrkin properly :)

This is awesome. Now someone tell the fricking Instagram developers to update our app! Yes, there's Rudy's but somtimes the uploading messes up with the video coding (awful playback)

This needs to become a Universal App and also become available from the Windows Store.
Also there is no more need for Movie Moments now.

Yea and it is also limited to 60 seconds videos.
I believe it will be a lot better if Movie Moments App gets face out while all its functions transfers over to the Video Tuner, which is a full video editing App.

Come on dude don't play with the words lool.
It is not Adobe Premier but you know what I mean by full.

This is not a full editing app. It's a nifty app for sprucing up clips. You can't put multiple clips in a timeline, which is the first step towards being a full video editing app. Movie Maker is a full editing app for Windows Phone. I can see fixing up some clips with Video Tuner and then editing those clips together in Movie Maker.

Why is this Nokia exklusive??? I understood Nokia. They wanted to sell their lumias not other wp's but now its MS and I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to get this app with my ativ s!!

Daniel, you should mention in the post title that it is Lumia devices only. Saying "for Windows Phone 8.1 devices" made me think I could actually get it. Thanks for getting my hopes up then dashing them.

Good but need to include a video convertor in this app...wil be nice for playing all type of files fluently...& a very good video player official app...

Wait how are you supposed to upload video to instagram and vine? Maybe this mean an update is coming for each to be able to access the phones videos for upload?

Mmmmm... No multi video collage? No images slideshow? No transitions?
Movie Maker is still the best for me!! 
UI is also a little bit tricky 
Good single video effects tho... 

So, I know there's  issues regarding YouTube (Google) and Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone, but why not include the option to simply upload videos to YouTube? Instagram and Vine are great and should be there, but so should YouTube.

I don't buy that beacuse it's an official Microsoft app that it precludes that from happening. See Nokia Video Upload. Albeit a basic app, it does the job and now that Nokia's part of Microsoft, it's effectively an official Microsoft app (even if you want to say it's grandfathered in)

I hope this is something that's going to be addressed in future updates and I really like the app in the time I've played with it so far. Just a little odd Youtube couldn't be there from the start.

Sorry installed and uninstalled. 1) instantly made my phone slow especially start screen 2) Second time they have released a video product (looking at you Movie Moments) that has inexplicably left out the addition of pictures) and 3) Once again another app that has messed up the Glance screen. I am rapidly losing faith in 8.1 and WP unless the DP is a far cry from the released 8.1 or Cyan pulls off some miracles. This is becoming a disappointing experience and I have been pulling for MS since moving to the 1020 from an iPhone 5...cmon guys.

Another MS video app that successfully flips the glance screen upside down like Movie Moments. Also, wonder why it doesn't suspend in the background like other native WP 8.1 apps. Good one though.

I was just about to say the same thing.. I won't be impressed with any video apps until our hardware can record video @60-120FPS or more!

This is a cool start to an app, but it in NO WAY replaces Movie Maker.  You can't add clips together with transitions which is essential in making interesting videos.   I can see using this to spruce up some clips, especially with the exposure, contrast and saturation adjustments.

I'm also experiences crashes.  They probably should slap the "Beta" tag on this until they smooth it out.

They better bring it to Windows Phone 8 too. If they begin to treat WP8 like they treated WP7, I'm throwing in the towel.

The reason why you MIGHT not get on WP8 is due to limited VIDEO APIS!
Don't worry. Your wp8 is good and shall be good. You just need the UPDATE OF 8.1

I don't want WP8.1. I want Microsoft to continue supporting WP8. I don't like the changes in 8.1, so I won't upgrade.

Well you might as well their in the towel now. WP8 is about to be done. You can't have these things without API support. WP8.1 gets that. WP8 doesn't have it. What is it exactly that you "don't like"? Cuz we already know something that you would like.

Microsoft could extend the APIs for WP8 too. They just choose not to, thus fragmenting the Windows Phone userbase, which is a terrible idea, especially considering how fragmented it already is (see, WP7.8, WP8 512MB, WP8 1GB, WP8.1). That pisses off developers and it pisses off customers.

I won't upgrade to WP 8.1 because it nerfed the Games Hub, stupidly put all games in the apps list (what's next, individually listing out all my .mp3s there too?), and removed the ability to filter out non-Xbox games in the Store. The benefits WP8.1 brings to the table do not compensate for the nuisances that it takes away.

Gee, I've got 8.1 and the games hub is still there. Games (both Xbox and others) are also listed in apps, but the fugly green Xbox tile is right there on my start screen.

Sorry to hear you were misinformed. What ever will you do if your carrier pushes the update?

Not misinformed at all. You just didn't understand what I wrote. All of it is true. WP 8.1 is bad for gaming. I won't accept any updates my carrier approves. They can't force an update.

8.1 is great for game devs and here is why:

1) It brings us one step closer to a unified OS. You can't tell me that if you could build once and deploy to every Windows device that you would wouldn't have a larger user base and more opportunities to monetize your game.

2) Adding the games to the app list increases visibility. What if your game is one they don't play frequently or is not an "Xbox" game? It's relegated to the bottom of the game hub, possibly 2 or 3 swipes down, never to be noticed when the user is looking to kill a few minutes. In the app list, Another Case Solved is always winking at me when I swipe right from start. For my daughter, the addiction is Asphalt 8. Both A games, but I look at other letters of the alphabet, too.

The more often I see the game title, the more often I play the game, the more often I buy the game or spend $$$$ on DLC. (Like flashing lights in Vegas, it is.)

8.1 adds Notification Center. I get a sweet chime sound when it's my turn in Words with Friends. I used to get Wordament notices every now and then in the hub, but seldom noticed. I just play when I played.

So, by all means, keep 8.0. Just don't complain when we all get new features and you don't.

1. I actually couldn't care less about playing the same games twice. Plus, "one-step closer" isn't good enough. It needs to be all the way or it doesn't matter.

2. If by visibility you mean clutter. Having 50+ apps and 50+ games all listed in the same place is an absolutely clusterf_ck. Your example is moot because you could easily pin the game to the start screen.

3. I don't need Notification Center. I use Live Tiles. Notification Center is nothing but a redundancy--a waste of system resources.

4. The cons (games cluttering the app list, the inability to filter out non-Xbox games in the Store, and a completely worthless Games Hub) make Windows Phone 8.1 absolutley undesirable to me. I will not update to it.

I don't know how much fragmentation there will be. I think you will be part of a VERY SMALL percentage of people not upgrading to 8.1.

You only have to look at the Windows 8. vs. Windows 8.1 market shares to know that won't be true. In fact, it'll be even worse on Windows Phone because many carriers, especially smaller ones, won't push it out any time soon, if ever.

I think the desktop OS and mobile OS are very different. There are "big idea" updates that most people want including Cortana, Notification/Action Center, swipe typing, etc., plus it will be pushed hard when it comes out. The carriers are the big unknown, but I'm guessing that Microsoft has most of them on-board with this one.

God dammit did anyone tried the SPEED OPTION????
In such a highly pitched voice!

I'm not speaking about myself (even if I won't install the DP). Do you think people with zero technical knowledge and zero technical sense will start registering their device to developer and stuff? This is just not right... Many people uses 8.0 and not even know 8.1 exist. They just left out from these things for a long time (until they get 8.1 officially).