Microsoft releases Windows and Windows Phone Player Framework update


The Microsoft Media Platform team has released version 1.1 of the Player Framework for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The release includes a number of improvements, and is targeting developers who are building media apps (much like the Vimeo app - pictured above). The framework supports Silverlight, HTML5, Xbox, as well as Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

What's interesting to note is that the Windows Phone 8 version of the framework is based on the Windows 8. According to the framework listing over on Codeplex, this release includes the following:

  • Combined Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions into a single Visual Studio extension SDK.
  • Misc changes under the hood to Windows 8 version to align with WP8 version
  • New in-stream closed caption support for smooth streaming
  • New analytics plugin to target MMP Audience Insight servers
  • New MediaControlsPlugin to support Windows 8 media transport controls out of the box.
  • New property in Xaml: AdSchedulerPlugin.SeekToAdPosition to control resume position after scrubbing past ad break.
  • AdHandlerPlugin.CancelActiveAds is now awaitable
  • Support for HTMLResource and IFrame nonlinear ads
  • Support for CDATA use in TTML
  • Poster support in WP8 version
  • Volume control now works when playing an ad without main content
  • Linear ads now inherit AudioCategory property from main player
  • Memory leak fixes

You can download the Player Framework from Codeplex.

Source: Windows Blog; thanks, Stanislav, for the tip!


Reader comments

Microsoft releases Windows and Windows Phone Player Framework update


Maybe I can actually seek through videos now! I don't think WP's current player seeks at all, it just fast forwards but loads all content anyway, so if the connection is slow and the video is an hour long, you're screwed.

Well you can advance, but I believe it buffers sequentially, so you can't just go to the end of a video on a slow connection.

I doubt it. This appears to be an API for developing media players in Modern UI (aka Metro) apps. The desktop side of Windows has had media APIs for many years anyway so it's business as usual for Windows 7.

I'm pretty sure your able to download the SDK on to windows 7, just not use the APIs for developing windows 7 programs.

Not when you've already bought into the DRM. I paid for content that I can't use for the way I purchased it.

That does suck.  I would highly recommend never buying DRM content of any kind every again.  It's way to easy to get locked into a particular system, or worse to have support for your protected files dropped at a later time (almost guaranteed at some point).

That's a fallacy of logic- the money is gone and there's not much you can do about it. Obtaining DRM free copies (or cracking the DRM off of your own copy) is the next logical step.

There are rippers I have used, one imparticular on my old school mac.  At work now, can't think of the name, but best $30 I spent on a program!!  Wait, chewtube or something like that!  It takes a few hrs to rip, but then the movies look amazing!!!  I have apple tv, so if I buy a movie there and wanna move to my tablet or phone I use that program!  Highly reccomend!

It should definitely make lives easier for developers on video apps. This change makes it easier for devs to create an app for both WP8 and W8.

This is actually true. Apps are just necessary if the browser does not support it or it should be used in offline modus. Or why should i have a WPcentral, any forum, imdb app? the only thing handy is the integration in the system of social media

Commenters aren't realizing that this isn't an app.  This is framework for developers to build on.  You can't install this on your phone, but a developer can write an app that uses it, and THAT can be installed on the phone.

From the list of changes, it looks like you'll have a lot more ways to watch advertisements.

I cant open the file I download. It say "click here to open" but nothing happens. How can I best install this through my windows phone?

Half off-topic, but are they ever going to fix the DRM issue with Xbox Music Pass songs on WP8? Its a bit annoying to have to use my WP7 as a media player.

Will this help the situation for developers like MLB Advanced Media who refuse to do a WP8 app? I believe last year they claimed that WP7 didn't support live streaming. Does this change any of that?