Microsoft reportedly briefing partners on Windows Phone Apollo during summit


Despite all of us not knowing much about Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" we're sure discussing a lot about it this week.

Netbook News ran a story today about a supposed summit meeting between Microsoft and its partners happening in Reading, UK with the delicious details of the agenda. While no specifics were given, we can of course garner some information from the list itself, presented below:

  • Apollo Review
  • Windows Phone Schedules and release plans/processes
  • Customization & Differentiation opportunities
  • New Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities
  • What’s new feature review of Apollo
  • Connectivity and APN management
  • Better together with Windows 8

Some sites have spun the part about "Customization & Differentiation opportunities" as Microsoft giving more leeway to carriers and OEMs. To that we say "perhaps" but that's certainly an assumption. For all we know, it could be the same Accent color changes and some un-installable carrier software as with Windows Phone 7. But it is very possible that Microsoft is now loosening the reigns a tad to garner more favorable cooperation with carriers and OEMs.

It's a known fact that carriers and device manufacturers adore Google's Android because they can do so much with it, giving them greater incentive to sell the device, whereas Windows Phone is basically always the same. If Microsoft is shifting this a bit with Windows Phone 8, it could give carriers and companies like HTC or Samsung greater motivation to adopt and support Windows Phone 8. The devil is in the details though and we're lacking those.

The rest is just a list of things we're dying to know about, much like you. Too bad we're probably weeks if not months from getting the whole story on the next generation of Windows Phone.

Source: Netbook News


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Microsoft reportedly briefing partners on Windows Phone Apollo during summit


Everyone.has spoken and 99% of us say fuck the carriers and don't touch our God Damn OS! So why the hell are they hell bent on messing up the one reason we want to buy their phones?

Agreed. If they do start loading up the bloatware like sense or touchwiz, I'm jumping ship to crApple. If it's simply new accent colors or OEM apps I can uninstall, then no problem.

Hey if making them feel "included" means actually advertising, and training their sales to consumers, do it. As much as we don't like carriers messing with the OS, including them on this venture within reason may make for a better launch of WP8.

If they do let oems and carriers mess with the os I sure hope they pull in the reigns and/or make it super easy for us to remove that garbage. Last thing we need is touchwiz or sense uglying up and slowing down our os. I can only imagine the crap carriers would want to install and not allow us to remove.

Man, I just want to know which features Apollo will bring. It's killing me that there's no scoop on it. Hope it kicks ass.

Do what you want to my app list but please don't let them invade my background tasks and whatever you do Microsoft be sure to keep my Start screen clean! I need my 'bam' power!

One positive thing with this summit. Once the carriers get details in Apollo the leaks about Apollo should increase dramatically. Microsoft has been good about keeping things under wraps. They can't keep the OEM's in check like their own people. 

I hope OEMs will use these concepts people are making for WP8 instead of TouchWiz. To be honest I'd really like a HTC Sense version for Metro UI.
I'm still waiting... Any news about Lumia 900 lauching in Europe...?

With my Tilt2 HTC put on their TouchFLO (or something like that) skin that went pretty deep into the UI. A lot of people liked it actually. You couldn't even tell it was WinMo. I thought it sucked and was able to completely get rid of it simply by unchecking a box. I'm OK with something like that for WP8.

If they mess with the OS then vote with your wallet.... MS got right..right now don't listen to HTC if they want to be different then make good devices. just like Nokia is doing.......

Don't mess with the OS, please. I only lasted one month with my Android, and I really don't want the same thing to happen to Windows Phone. You got to stay different Microsoft. Otherwise, this mess with app compatibility and update problems will begin for you Microsoft, too. No.. Don't mess with it.

This is BS. WP is an excellent OS. True, it needs improvement in a number of areas, but only MS should make changes to their OS. You never hear of carriers compelling Apple to modify their OS. People love & want apple products because they want the unadulterated experience. Why should MS bend over backwards. One could argue that WP is not iOS. But WP is just getting started. iOS took 5 years to get to this point. No one rushed Apple & they were allowed to evolve. MS should take their time & provide a compelling unadulterated experience that people want & not alter their OS to accommodate the whims of carriers & OEMs. That would just show that MS has no faith in its product.

Damn it... Just damn it again if this happens idk what to do man i hate apple and really hate android but this shit cannot be allowed to happen what the hell microsoft it doesnt seem like your listening to your fans but you will listen to these oem bastards come on i got alot of faith riding on wp7 do not I REPEAT do no give in please if you really put people first think about it.

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That list makes it sound like they are mostly finished developing WP8, and have a definitive stance already established. We will get some details soon. Remember, it was this time last year that Joe made that official video last year outlining Mango.

Isn't iOS basically the same? Carriers can't change that, so why do they want more control over Windows Phones?