Microsoft to resume Samsung pre-NoDo updates today

It has been a few days since the whole pre-NoDo update situation whereby some Windows Phones, specifically some Samsungs,  had crashed and burned during the flashing. Most devices just could not complete the backup necessary for installation, while a tiny percent experienced some serious failures, resulting in the device being un-bootable. As a result, Microsoft "pulled" the update for Samsung devices (though it took a little bit to propagate) in order to investigates the issue further.

Starting today, they look to resume the updates for all Samsung phones. From the just updated Windows Phone Blog:

Starting today, we plan to resume rolling out the February update to Samsung phones. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to dispatch the update to other Windows Phone models. As has been the case, the software patch is being sent out on a rolling schedule. You’ll see a message on your phone when it’s available.

During the past week the engineering team has pinpointed and fixed problems that were preventing a small percentage of Windows Phones from installing the February software patch. We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process.

While not the three days we originally heard about, the turnaround was decently fast, considering Microsoft's past reputation on such things. We now shall play the waiting game as hopefully our phone will be flagged for an update within the next two weeks.

Update: Some users are reporting getting error code 800705B4 when attempting the update (Thanks, Tahiti Bob for the heads up). The solution for some seems to be to make sure you have at least 4GB of free space on the phone.

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Microsoft to resume Samsung pre-NoDo updates today


There are still problems with updates. Still getting errors.Apparently a lot are getting 800705B4 errors and the answer isn't memory as some have indicated. To me the symptoms seems to indicate that the phone don't reconnect after it is restarted to update mode and after a while timeout and the restarts to original setting.

Yep got the error here, my phone had about 600mb free space and I was about fed up of it all so I've factory reset my Omnia 7 and now it installed fine.Factory resetting is not a huge deal with everything on the cloud, all you lose (unfortunately) is your game progress :(

I know but I have quite a few settings, 4 different accounts for mail and calendars so it's a bit bigger deal for me. But I'm close to trigger that reset... :)

Yeah texts will be lost.Haqwin I have 4 accounts as well including Facebook, takes no time at all believe me. The only downside really was re-loading MP3s and now having to replay some games (the thought of replaying iBlast Moki though is brilliant, I had Golded it all...)

In that case, any ideas what might solve the issue without resetting it?I've deleted all music etc so it has more then 4 gig, on my pc is definitely enough so it has to be something else then 'not enough space...**Got it working, besides having +4gig on the device I deleted some apps I was certain I was never going to use again and now it seems all fine, strange though..**

Oh sorry, just plugged it in and now got the update! never got any notification on the phone, gonna go start it now :)

Sorry Crooza,Telstra have confirmed the pre-update update won't be out on their network for ANY handset until mid-March.

So much for MS providing a better update process than android, this is just as bad if not worse, watching everyone else get updates while your carrier gives you the finger. Sad.

Bugger!!. I guess I have to wait. Here I'm excited waiting for the update. Oh wells I just have to wait.

Well yeah, as today is March 3rd. Maybe an April pre-NoDo update from AT&T, but I am not holding my breath.

You'll just get this and the NoDo update together next week or so. Not that big of a deal since this is just a small patch, it doesn't add anything.

I'm sure AT&T will find reason to block the NODO update next week as well. Microsof's talk about carries not being able to block updates is just that "talk". The NODO update has been done since early December, but several carriers told Microsoft not to release it.

Because NoDo was going to be the first update, that's not the case anymore since this little patch turned out to be. As per for deal MS has carriers can only block one update until the next one in which case they can't and both will go out at that time. It's been said a few times already, this also might be why we got this little "patch" that only fixes one thing and nothing else. MS can force updates through this way.

Are you sure that they will be forced to push out both updates when NoDo comes out?What I took MS as saying about all of that was you could delay by one cycle and then the first update would be forced to be released and then we would wait for NoDo which would be pushed out by the update after NoDo(but still not get the update after NoDo since that would be on hold by AT&T)Please correct me if I am wrong and even better provide a link to support it. If they are forced as you say it is then I will be pretty happy.

Deleted all of my movies, music, TV shows.Uninstalled almost all of my apps and games.Still can't free up 4GB. I've got about 3.5 free, and it's not enough for this update. What the Hell?

As a follow-up:----------------------I deleted my e-mail accounts under Settings > email & accounts, in a last-ditch effort to free up some space. Got rid of a few megs, but nothing significant. Retried update anyway, and it was SUCCESSFUL, with 3.71GB free on my Samsung Focus (Rogers, Canada).So, if anyone can afford to delete their e-mail accounts (I still kept my Windows Live account attached, but deleted my two extra e-mail accounts) give it a try.

Just updated my HTC HD7 on O2 in the UK! Took 5 mins everything went ok :) now all we need is the actuall No-do Update. Lets hope carriers dont block it :/Oh by the way there was NO notification of the update on my phone. I had to manually check for it by plugging in my phone and starting Zune, then a popup told me there was an update :)

Seems pretty dumb that you would need 4GB of free space on you device in order to install a seemingly meaningless update. Especially as Microsoft made 8GB a min standard (also dumb), which is really closer to 7GB after overhead. Might as well just replace the ROM and start over at this point. I currently have 5.76GB free on my 16GB Surround but could just as easily only have 3GB free with some additional music and a movie installed. 1GB free sounds reasonable, but 4GB. Not so much.