Microsoft Retail Store app gets updated with Holiday Store locations

MS Store App

We’ve been talking a lot about Microsoft’s Retail Store efforts lately and with the shopping season kicking off soon, those temporary “Holiday stores” are gearing up to open too. But what if you don't know where those are yet?

The official Microsoft Store App for Windows Phone received a nice update over the weekend whereby it now lists those holiday stores. By simply swiping under Store Locations and Coming Soon you can see all the stores across the US that are opening on the 26th just in time for Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8).

Other than that the app has remained mostly unchanged since its visual refresh last month. It’s still great to look up locations, store hours or if you need to make an appointment. But would it kill them to add a “find the nearest store around me” feature using GPS?

Head to the Windows Phone Store here to get the MS Store app. Thanks to all who tipped us.

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Microsoft Retail Store app gets updated with Holiday Store locations


There is a find the nearest store to me feature isn't there? When I first launched the app it knew the oak park Kansas location was closest to me and let me set it as my home store what more do you really need?

Um, 1) There would have to be no violation of convoluted EU commerce rules, and 2) There would have to actually be a Microsoft store, on your continent, for it to be much use, I would guess...

Not the best app... And Microsoft proves once again it is absolutely terrible with Maps (Apple and MS should start a club). Clicking on the Eaton Centre Toronto location brings me to a map of somewhere in Kansas. 
Nokia maps can't get here soon enough.

In the locations / coming soon tab all the stores have October 26th as holiday stores. except San Juan, which is Nov 01 2012. Could these be pop up stores? Hopefully they will have the Surface at the Toronto Eaton Centre location, That way I won't have to wait for the Yorkdale store opening on Nov 16th 2012.

This app has no use. You should be able to look at products & merchadise just like at Amazon & Newegg.