Microsoft retail stores now stocking i3 and i7 variants of the Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft retail stores are now carrying the i3 and i7 variants of the Surface Pro 3. Customers who have pre-ordered either variant will begin receiving notifications as Microsoft has begun fulfilling orders.

The entry-level 64 GB Intel i3 version of the tablet will set users back $799. If you're looking for a variant with more internal storage, you have to opt for i5 or i7 variants, which start at $999. While Microsoft has not shared exact sales numbers, it has mentioned that the Surface Pro 3 has "outpaced" sales of earlier models. It is likely down to the gorgeous 12-inch display, which has been touted as "one of the very best and most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS" by the folks over at DisplayMate.

Interested in getting your hands on a shiny new Surface Pro 3? Make sure you read our review of the tablet before taking the plunge.


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Microsoft retail stores now stocking i3 and i7 variants of the Surface Pro 3


It is really weird that Nadella being an Indian, is not even thinking about having the Surface being released into India..

I'm sure that isn't the case. The fact that Nadella is of Indian origin does not mean that Microsoft has to launch its entire portfolio in India. India is a huge market for Windows Phone, but when it comes to tablets, I guess pricing comes into play when we're talking about something that costs as much as an entry-level Ultrabook. From what I've heard at retailers, most users who are willing to buy high-end tablets inevitably go with the iPad. For the Surface Pro 3 to be successful, Microsoft has to not only launch the tablet, but market the device aggressively and in such a way that it is enticing to a mainstream audience.

I've heard considering the density if the pixels on the display that a i5 variant is the way to go. Don't have personal experience, but I often find the middle ground the sweet spot.

That's what I did. The 8GB i5 seems just right. Not overkill, not too weak... and I didn't have to wait for it to become available. Now I'm wondering if thins means the new Docking Station will be available soon too.

As I recall there is only one i3 version. It comes with 64GB storage, but it has a microSD slot, so you can add another 128GB. Off course you have an USB port as well, so you have more storage options there.

Not officially but there's a way to change default installation using registry key (there's an article on askvg dot com how to change metro apps default installation). Given how small most store apps are probably not worth the hassle. But most regular windows programs allow you to specify a different path and those are often much larger installs.

Also consider that SSD is bit faster than microSD. I've seen 1 read test that measured 87 MB for 64 GB and 45 MB / sec for 128 GB card on Surface Pro 3. That's 5-9x slower but still relatively good and most apps are not that big so should work fine.

You can put a class 10 micro sd card, so up to 128gb I think. I just picked up the i5 and its awesome. Decided it was worth it for the upgraded graphics chip given the resolution. I also think they have stated the battery life will, somehow, be the same for all variants. Definitely consider the i5 128. If you have kids or are a teacher, you can use the student and teacher discount to get 10% off. Think there is a similar discount for small businesses

What performance improvements would one expect by going with the 8GB? I am on the fence between the 128 and 256.

Is importing not an option or something? I've imported phones from India to the US before, what's stopping someone in India from simply getting on eBay and purchasing a Surface Pro 3?

I don't know if it's the case with India, but in Brazil we pay abusive taxes on imported goods, specially electronics. Here it normally doubles the price, if not more.
Because of that and the convoluted importation bureaucracy, many do not even ship to Brazil.
If wasn't for that I would buy the 512GB i7 SP3 right now.

My i7 SP3 with 8GB Ram and 512 my HD is on the UPS Truck as I type. ..."Out For Delivery" Can't wait! Will pick up Laplink PC Mover today to move all my Programs, files and settings from my SP2 to the SP3..then will give the SP2 to the wifey!

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I bought the SP 1 a while ago because it was the least bad tablet/hybrid out there and I had given up hope that a manufacturer would actually release a 12" tablet.
The SP3 is almost exactly what I was looking for and would make a nice upgrade, but I think I'll wait for the SP4. If it's a SP3 with CoreM CPU, that would be perfect!:)

I own the 2520, and I'd be very hesitant to call it a better buy than the surface.  I have had many issues with the power keyboard.  As a tablet only it's pretty great - great screen, good weight, speedy - but as a hybrid it's just ok.  I have not tried the surface other than in the stores, but I sure wish the 2520 had a kickstand.

Going to pick up the i7 256GB shortly..... Will be doing some benchmarks using Autodesk software, and will post video onto YouTube for all to see in the following week or so. Basically, if the thing runs Revit without insane gpu throttling, I'll keep it...... If not, I'll probably get a good desktop instead.

Wish I could get a SP3, but still really like my SP2. It has truly become my go anywhere primary computer. Paired with a Belkin USB 3.0 plug and display dock I can drive 3 external displays (2 from the dock + one from the SP2 mini display port). And I got a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus - a world of difference, such a well designed stylus. Now I just continue to wait patiently for my Freedom Case to arrive - should be next week!

My Surface Pro 2 recently took a spill, and just my luck it was on a corner/edge. Shattered the corner and created a spiderweb design on the remainder of the screen...not good. But since I got the MS Complete Care warranty for it, gonna see if i can get a SP3 replacement now that they're in :)



I entered the contest on Bing Rewards for a Surface Pro 3.  Can't afford one right now, so hoping to win one.  Although I know the odds are against me.

i5 ordered launch day. Have my mail to say will be shipped by end of August here in the UK. Still doesn't stop me checking my Microsoft account.. Every day. Same with the update for my Nokia 1520... Think I have OCD...

Who is down to pull an ocean's 11 on these with me? not original oceans, the awesome remake!
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I wish they would make a Atom powered Surface pro 3
... That way it is full windows and not RT yet more affordable. They should call it the Surface 3 !

What is the better buy for normal use (internet browsing graduate school papers) between the 128GB and 256GB models? I use the Dropbox for the bulk of my storage for what's its worth.

I got the surface 3 core i7 today.  but it is overheating. I almost can not handle it. and the fan is very noise of course.



The i7 sure does get hot... but to be quite honest I noticed the same thing with the Surface Pro 2 i5.

This thing is fricken huge and thin and light... I like it! Makes the Surface Pro 2 look like a joke... and I thought that was awesome...