Microsoft: Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One exclusive 'has a duration', coming to Xbox 360 as well

rise of the tomb raider

Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer confirmed in a new interview today that Rise of the Tomb Raider, announced on Tuesday as an "exclusive" for the Xbox One in the holiday time period of 2015, will also be coming to the Xbox 360 and that the company's agreement with the game's publisher Square Enix "has a duration."

Speaking to Eurogamer, Spencer didn't state how long the exclusivity deal would last, saying:

"It's not because I'm trying to be a headfake on anybody. It's a deal between us and the partner. People ask me how much did we pay. There are certain things I'm just not going to talk about because it's a business deal between us and then. Obviously the deal does have a duration. I didn't buy the IP in perpetuity."

That would certainly seem to confirm that at some point, perhaps in 2016, Rise of the Tomb Raider will show up on other platforms like the PlayStation 4 or the PC. What do you think of this deal to bring the game first to Xbox consoles?

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Microsoft: Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One exclusive 'has a duration', coming to Xbox 360 as well


Well that's good news. To me, I think exclusives are darn right silly. Spread the love, its a benefit to the game developers, and its a benefit to the consumers too! The only party that gains advantage from exclusives is the company of the system it's for, because some fanboys will actually buy a whole new system just to play a certain game. Well normal people like I don't have that kind of dough to be spreading around on video games!

Exactly. Unless the game is a 1st party title or is technically limited to one specific system, then I say release it on all viable platforms. Let's be honest, how many people will actually buy an Xbox One for Tomb Raider? It's definitely no system seller.

I don't know anyone who has bought a system solely for a single game, besides the halo series. I understand the need for exclusives. It sets one console apart from the other, such as the Uncharted series for Playstation, and Halo for Xbox, but the difference with those is that they have ALWAYS been exclusives. They were developed for one console only, and optimized on it so it can be as good as possible. But I really dont like this "purchasing the right to have exclusivity" for a certain amount of time just to hold it out of reach for other consumers, when they are going to release versions for other consoles later.

Those games are exclusives because they are published by proprietary game studios (e.g. Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios). So Sony has always owned the rights to Uncharted just as Microsoft has owned the rights to Halo (hence why they can use the name "Cortana" for its digital assistant on WP).

I personally bought a PS2 a while back because I liked Naughty Dog's games and the Final Fantasy series, which were both exclusive to the Playstation brand up until recently when FFXIII was ported. It's interesting to see this because Square Enix made much of its success producing games for the Playstation brand (and right now more people own PS4s than XB1s), and they haven't made much profit as of late. I imagine Microsoft is looking for popular titles that could possibly boost console sales. Considering that the reboot of the Tomb Raider series has been a resounding success, they are (literally) betting money that this title will help them, even if it is only a temporary exclusive.

Actually i think that this kind of "exclusive" game suck even for xbox than PS4, maybe there is some peoples hardcore enough to buy a console only for a game who will come eventually for others consoles, but these peoples are a minority's !!! But not for me i can wait and play others games until it come out for PS4...

So Xbox Users will do the Betatesting for the rest of us? That's perfectly fine for me. I can wait a little longer for the more optimized and bug fixed PC version ;)

This "betatesting" joke doesn't make any sense, you know they will complete the game about 2 times and get bored of it before you even be able to play it ? 

And yet it will be the lower quality version at a higher price. Still prefer Alan Wake on Steam over the 360 version and it won't take that long with TR to come for Pc

It would be pretty funny if tomorrow he comes back and says, "Okay, now I just bought the IP, so it's forever." They should probably do that, actually, Gears of War style.

I look at this deal and think I am not going to buy an Xbox One for this game. I loved the others and am looking forward to it. However, I will not buy the console for one game. I still may get the console, just not so I can play this game. I don't think that MS expects tons of people to buy for one game. I think they look at this as being one of many to help draw people to the Xbox One. I do not know if it will work, I am sure it will get some people. At first I assumed MS knows what they are doing and of course it was a smart decision, but then I look at all the other boneheaded decisions they make and don't know. I am looking forward to this game and will get it when it comes to a console I have at the time.  

You know there is more than this one game on Xbox One, right? It also does some other things too. No one in their right mind would buy an entire console to play one game (unless that game is Peggle 2, of course).

Big mistake in admitting it's limited time, now MS just wasted their money and didn't really affect the sales of the XBone.

Makes sense, keep exclusives time bases to ramp up sales for your platform (Xbox one or PS4) then open them up after time has elapsed. Except Halo and Gears lol. F PS4 : P
After my info got leaked Sony can kiss my @$$.

I once bought a music cd that was published by Sony, I had to try a few rippers to get the audio files visible on the PC. Turned out it also installed a rootkit onto my PC without my consent or any message. Haven't bought anything from Sony ever since, hope they burn.

It's a sad day for XBox One when a Microsoft executive has to explain why and for how long is a game exclusive.
Thanks inpart to a strongly biased media (wpcentral included).
Sony can do no wrong but as soon as Microsoft announces something awesome its doom and gloom time.
SMH in disgust.
And Microsoft needs to have some balls, stop backing down and "apologizing" everytime you announce something bold.

Successor to Demon's Soul, and Sony owns that IP. Not that I'm seeing anything wrong with what MS did (even if it wasn't limited time).

That's the problem.

I think this kind of exclusivity doesn't affect the sales.

What would be a boom is One Year of EA Sports game exclusives, one Call of Duty Multiplayer and etc.

Agreed. Timed exclusives only work for the small percentage of gamers who own mutliple consoles. Those people will simply get the game on which ever console it debuts on, but no one who owns one console is going to go out and buy a new console just so they can play a game sooner than the other console. You have to do it like Titanfall: announce that it will never come to PS4 ever. That's the only way it works. I question Microsoft's strategy in paying for exlusives that end up only being timed: Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Peggle 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and now, apparently, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This is not supposed to get people on the PS4 to jump over to the XBO. It is supposed to sway potential PS4 buyers or those on the fence to XBO. We are still less than a year into this generation so the opportuinity is huge. This was a good move by Microsoft and I'm glad it is timed because it's would pretty messed up of Edios to abandon the plaform that not only popularized their franchise, but is in fact more popular on PS than Xbox.

I think this kind of exlusive helps to affect peoples perception of what console a game belong to. e.g. People associate GTA with Playstation even though its on Xbox as well. People are also already starting to associate Destiny and Far Cry 4 with Playstation. After Sony's E3 presentation a lot of the games people were talking about for PS4 are also going to be on Xbox One, (although on PS4 they have to extra content), so it makes people want a PS4 over an Xbox.

Getting a timed exclusive might have no affect on people that own the other console. They will likely just wait. But it does mean that the TV adverts when it launches will have an Xbox in them. The articles leading up to the launch for the next year will all talk about it as an Xbox game and people will start to associate Xbox with Tomb Raider. 

Here's an idea.. Instead of throwing money at stupid timed exclusives maybe they could support more first party development instead. Microsoft doesn't understand that this is where Sony is eating their lunch.

Sony also has exclusive games but not recently because they don't have budget anymore. No new exclusive games or no new features with firmware updates. Sorry sony but you will loose the war within the next 12 months....

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I'm willing to wait if it comes to PS4!!!! I really supported them with the last game buying several copies including the special edition!!!! I would support them again. I don't want to have to buy another console just to play one game. PS4 has the exclusives I want!

Perhaps if you didn't buy "multiple copies" of the same game all the time you'd have enough money to buy an extra console.

You bought multiple copies of the same game to support a Triple-A developer? I don't think I've heard of anything that stupid in a while.

I'm glad the internet can finally stop crying. This hate for Xbox is funny because everyone loved 360. Now there is a bandwagon for Sony. The honest truth Sony wants to be Microsoft,they just dont have the capital to screw you over yet. I'm fortunate to have all three consoles. Yet both companies are guilty of using cryptic language for there games. Just enjoy your console of choice and stop being butt hurt. Let them fight each other so we can continue to get more for our money. Finally vote with your wallet dont buy. But when u have a business lets see if you wont sell out for the money.

Now, I get that people like to read things so they conform to their bias, but nowhere in Mr. Spencer's reply does it say that Rise of The Tomb Rider won't be a XB1 exclusive.

What he *did* say is that Microsoft didn't buy the Tomb Rider IP *forever*. That could mean that sometime in the future there could be another game in the Tomb Rider IP that won't be a XB1 exclusive, or anything else in between, including, but not limited to, RoTR coming to other platforms like the PS4.

But, again, he didn't actually say that RoTR will come to other platforms othar than the XB1.

Lets be clear, never in sony's jaded gaming history have they ever came out and publicly stated this like Microsoft just did. Nice Microsoft that was big of you.

Yey the Fanboys can stop crying now. :) Although there is absolutely, objectively NOTHING wrong if MS really did buy the game as an exclusive on their own console as an "exclusive".