Microsoft rumored to buy Yammer for $1B, could integrate with Windows Phone


The big rumor flying around today is that Microsoft is looking to buy Yammer (www.yammer.com) for a hefty $1 billion dollars making it one of the largest acquisitions by Microsoft of late (the other being Skype). 

For those who don't know, Yammer is a social messaging network built for enterprise. It may seem kind of niche but in this services area, Yammer is the top provider and we can see why Microsoft would want to acquire the company.

For one, between Skype, Lync, Messenger and GroupMe, Microsoft is gobbling up a lot of social media services and building quite an messaging empire. Combined with their close relationship with Facebook and LinkedIn and you can see how Redmond is angling against Google for both consumers and enterprise.

The Yammer deal is expected to be completed today or tomorrow and if so, we could see Microsoft integrating Yammer directly into Windows Phone in the near future. After all, they already have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Messenger in Windows Phone 7.5 and they're expected to add Skype and numerous other social networks to Windows Phone 8 "Apollo".

What's more, Windows Phone 8 focuses heavily on enterprise including Bitlocker encryption, secure boot and new Office 365 policies. Yammer and Windows Phone 8 seem like a perfect match, if you ask us.

You can pick up the official Yammer app in the Windows Phone Marketplace in the meantime.

Source: Bloomberg


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Microsoft rumored to buy Yammer for $1B, could integrate with Windows Phone


Everyone has an account there but no one actually uses it, it's like G+
Should have bought LinkedIn or just NOkia

If they buy Nokia, it'll just confirm rumors that Elop became CEO just so that Microsoft can acquire them, which he denied numerous times.

I know they did, but people will just assume it was an inside job to sell Nokia to Microsoft, which of course I don't believe.

So a multi biollion company should not buy Nokia because internet trolls will post negative comments? Is this real life?

That's the least of their worries if that happen. It could also discourage other OEMs from making Windows Phones since MS would have Nokia. I don't know the outcome of the Motorola buyout but that could be similar to what would happen to Nokia.
And every solution for a struggling company isn't getting sold to another.

Off course he will deny it... The question is... WHY NOKIA BOARDS TAP ELOPS SHOULDER???? THEY "NOKIA" already know that they are big trouble... Its not surprising to hear in the future Nokia/msft

If it was not for Microsoft nokia would be dead. Thanks for there awesome OS and not using stupid Symbian OS. Which is a useless OS

Nokia were in trouble long before they hired Elop. And they would have crushed and burned if it wasn't for his decision to restructure the company.

Hahaha bad move has if you don't even know or even use it. So be saying bad move. Maybe you should say bad move for investors for buying Facebook shares now that's a bad move hahaha

What language did you compose your message in? Looks like English but doesn't read like it. Anyhow, I've been in fortune 50 companies for the past few years, one of them has a very people centric culture and the yammer thing is a big blunder. Set outlook to direct all incoming yammer traffic to the bin. Same in my current org. And im very connected with my peers and their families on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Not sure what MS is planning but I can't imagine it taking off. As it is, we're swamped with work email and lync. I find it kind of ironic as I type on windows phone, the term lync is not in the native dictionary. How about integrating that first?

No, Yammer is a direct "rip-off" of Facebook, aimed at Companies.  The Yammer UI looks extremely close to that of Facebook.  Well, before Facebook changed to the Timeline look that is.  I used it, but most of the people in my company were using it in the wrong way, so I deleted my Yammer account.
Now, if MS were rumoured to be buying Jive, that would be completely different, and one I would rather see them acquire over Yammer.

1 Billion dollars , thats alot of money !!!

Personally, I hope who ever suggested that number said it with an evil laugh & put his pinky on his\her leps while saying it !!!

One Billion Dollars muahhhhaaahhuuaaa

This deal makes total sense, and would be a good move for Microsoft. The service seems to be used more by larger companies than smaller.

We use it at my large, multi-site employer. It has been a huge help both for sharing quick how-to information, as well as getting a feel for what is going on throughout the enterprise. Yammer's customers are Microsoft's big-ticket customers.

BTW, Yammer released their WP app last October.

It's an attempt by large old companies to attract and retain young employees by giving them consumer-oriented tools that the kids love. Old companies and the old people that run them are under constant pressure to seem youthful. Yammer is a result of that. It's also why aging billionaire executives do keynote speeches in jeans and tennis shoes. In other words, it's a big snow job to sucker young people.

Well reason why you don't use linked in because you are not a professional worker or maybe work for min wage. If you don't use LinkedIn that stop complaining

No, that simply isn't true. I've been a professional for 15 years and have no need nor desire to join LinkedIn either, despite numerous invites. It's like saying "Well if you don't want to join Facebook it's because you don't have any friends".

You are missing out then. LinkedIn has the best industry disussions I have seen in its Groups area. I am in the AEC industry and the discussions are awesome, mostly becuase people aren't hiding behind anonymous names, but post with their real name and have real data to back up their experience pertaining to the discussion.
I have also made some very solid industry connections through LinkedIn that have allowed me access to conferences and industry meetings that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. LinkedIn is nothing close to Facebook in terms of use, it is pure professionalism.

I wonder if they would let Yammer to continue to operate autonomously or if they'd integrate the tech into Lync (which would make sense).

Awesome yes I heard of this. People that don't know this because they don't even know what enterprise mean or maybe use it before. This is why if you say never heard of it than don't use it. For me smart move Microsoft

I'm curious what Yammer adds to SharePoint that Microsoft doesn't already have in the next release of Office/SharePoint 2013.  Imo, thats the best place to have deep "private/corporate" social capabilities.

Dude how's this a bad move yammer is popular within the enterprise community I think If Microsoft can combine all these message app into two awesome or even two awesomely great app would b awesome skype+group me+Facebook messenger ... And Lync+yammer+skype+Facebook messenger for enterprise world

Working for the worlds largest travel company means we need to tread carefully on social media so Yammer is a good way to highlight what's going on in different areas of our business without it going public. Means staff can keep personal successes separate from corporate wins.

I don't know about published user numbers, but we use it quite extensively at my job. Why? Because there is an official policy to NOT USE REPLY ALL or send SPAM mail.  Yammer is perfect to communicate when the companes soccer and volleyballs team play, when a team member is in the hospital sick or having a baby, etc.  Integration with WP7 would be neat, but the app that exists is already enough.  Owning the IP might be MS push into presenting an alternative solution for internal communication that perhaps sharepoint should have been able to do but couldn't due to licensing and complexity.  Definitely plays into the "enterprise solution" versus the competition where phones are phones but not prized as usable for work the way Blackberry used to be/ is.

Its certainly used in the corporate sector, I work for one of the 30 biggest companies in the UK, with operations across the world including India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, Eastern Europe and of course the UK, the biggest in the UK and Europe in two of the sectors it operates, second biggest in the world in one of those sectors, and it is an integral part of the business at "every" level of management. So whilst the mass general public may not have heard it, it's pretty fair yo say this would be a fantastic acquisition by Microsoft, in both a raw business sense, and to assist them gradually replace WinMo with WP devices geared towards competing with Blackberry and iOS in the corporate sector.

It's been confirmed they paid over a billion for it. Wow. What a rip off, plus it's not good to get Facebook worried before they break the partnership with Microsoft and go all in with that other company that makes that little toy phone with 1 round button.