Microsoft’s Surface tablet gets torn apart…carefully

Microsoft’s Surface tablet gets torn apart...carefully

Only just unleashed last week, Microsoft’s Surface tablet is the talk of the town. If you were curious to know what it’s like on the inside, then now’s your chance to do so without wiping out your warranty.

The guys over at ifixit have taken to their torx screw drivers, guitar picks and hairdryer to get to those tasty innards. Let’s check out their findings.

The most surprising thing about the teardown is just low little computer there is inside, the mainboard is very clean with the main CPU, memory neatly spaced and certainly not packed in. Of interest to myself was the inclusion of the Wolfson audio code chip for providing the audio which makes it more surprising to hear reports that sound is too soft on the Surface.

They liked that several components were modular allowing for easy changes but found the rest of the teardown quite tricky, the back panel being very difficult to get open to just access the device. Devices like the Surface are certainly not built to be user serviceable and are designed to be strong and solid and act as an appliance so none of this came as a shock.

I for one, will not be opening up my Surface device any time soon but I certainly enjoy looking at how these things are put together. It looks like MS has done a rather good job of building their first tablet and one can only hope that their coming Surface Pro devices are built to the same exacting standard.

Are the reports of soft sound correct or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ifixit


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Microsoft’s Surface tablet gets torn apart...carefully


The sound is definitely soft coming out of my surface. I was watching the Avengers and had to go into an empty room just to listen to it.

Yes the sound is definitely soft compared to my transformer prime or the iPad 2 even though it's stereo. But while using the headphones I couldn't go beyond 40-50 volume as that was loud (maybe It was the headphone i used (beats studio) in my case)

The maximum sound volume is definitely lower than I'd like, but at least it's stereo. It's not really an issue for me though, as I can't think of many situations where I'd need it to be loud. In places where I'd need it to be really loud, I'd prefer to wear headphones so as not to disturb everyone around me, or use external speakers to get really good surround sound.

+1, though it would be nice for travel situations e.g. Go round a friend's house and watch a movie or show off your music collection. And you're not always going to be carrying a spare set of speakers on you.

Does Surface RT support DNLA? I want to be able to play audio from it to speakers around the house.