Microsoft saving Windows Phone developers time by cross-submitting apps to new markets

Windows Phone Marketplace

If you're an extremely busy developer with little time available to submit your app(s) to emerging markets that are being added to the ecosystem, then Microsoft is ready to lend a hand. Developers (including our Jay Bennett) have or will be receiving an email from the software giant requesting permission to submit apps to the new markets with no effort required from the developer. From the email:

"We are reaching out to ask your permission to cross-submit each of your Windows Phone apps into the markets* identified below, which includes more than 25 new markets.  We realize that the process to cross-submit takes time out of your busy schedule, so we are requesting your permission to submit all of your applications on your behalf to save you time and effort.  This will provide an opportunity for your apps to get additional exposure in new markets which may lead to more downloads and more revenue for your app(s)."

Markets included in the cross-submission are Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela and will announce UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam. For paid apps, Microsoft will convert the base USD pricing set to local currencies.

Developers who receive the email have until April 27th to respond. It's good to know the team is looking at ways to aid the app building community whenever possible.

Thanks Scott and Dave for the tip!


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Microsoft saving Windows Phone developers time by cross-submitting apps to new markets


Not all apps are suitable for every market. Opt in works much better than opt out, something FB needs to learn, if they haven't yet

They should give an option to developers - something like "automatically add my app to the new markets when available".

When the MarketPlace expands to the new countries like Saudi Arabia , Will we be able to access the paid section & actually buy Apps like iOS ? or have access to the free Apps only like Android ?

This is a pretty big deal for me & I need to know !!!!

Yes. Just ensure that your initial live/hotmail account is originally set to your country and should match the country in your credit card...
Or if your account is a US one, and you don't have a US credit card, you can still download the free apps.

Thanks man

My Hotmail account is set to Saudi Arabia, while my Xbox Live account is set to the US !!!
I'll have to figure something out I guess

Why is Sweden not a part of this deal? We are still missing kindle here and Amazon doesn't seem to care! This kind of initiative could have gotten kindle onto my market.
To bad for amazon, I used to buy kindle books but have been forced to find other sources for my e-book reading...

I have had lengthy support calls on Phone and long agonizing support threads with amazon, including links to the simple steps publishers are required to do to fix this, only to leave me dissapointed. My trust in amazon is seriously dented, but I still hope to get kindle on my Titan some day.


 Microsoft is so cheap  it started to cheate poor  devs from india  


MS cheated the devs in india  by  telling it will offering wp7 phone for the devs how are able to publish 3 apps in app hub in a month


                  here is how they did it


It started in jan  around 20 devs were given lumia 800 and extended the offer for a month by seeing lumia 800 lot of people registered for app hub 99$ and submitted there apps in fed but there where not given the phone they where told to wait they will get the phone and also they extended the offer till 31 march (here is where MS showed its evil ness read till the end u will know how )

now lot of people registered for app hub in excepting nokia 800  in march also 

no ms put the winners names on the site (http://www.thinkdigit.com/contest/windows-app-challenge/announce.php)2 days back


 and few of the people how are declared wieners are not given phone saying there name does not match?

strange thing is how did it match while declaring then on the page but did not match only when u have to send the phone???


more over they sent 1th gen crap htc phone and   1gen  thc proto types some of then dont even have gps some dont even have imei numbers 

they new all the way if people know these are the phones which they are going to offer no one will be intersted in it so they they wanted delayed the sending of phone  and created the hipe  by sending few people lumia 800 so that every things they will get 800 

u can see the poor devs  crying in the comments in this page http://www.thinkdigit.com/contest/windows-app-challenge/


Enough talk already, why don't you just show us the apps that you have submitted so we can agree whether you deserve a Lumia 800 or a crappy phone. I'll be pretty pissed off at Microsoft too when I have to buy my own device to write apps when others can get a Lumia 800 free by submitting fart apps >:-(

Is that the entire list? What about the Marketplace for Malaysia? Since Thailand is getting the update, its only natural that we do too :)

I dunno, maybe becoz Malaysia is more "sensitive" than Thailand. You don't want to cause trouble to the developers by accidently cross-submitting their games with diamond rings, submarines etc. ;-)

What's that worth for, if people in those markets are unable to buy applications.. Like me. Mwrketplace is officially open in Croatia, and I can't buy anything because xbox/zune has been locked to US, and i can't change it. And my liveID is Croatian! I mean, WTF..