Microsoft seeks marketing and promotion feedback on UserVoice

UserVoice Marketing Feedback

While Microsoft already has a feedback website dedicated to Windows Phone owners providing suggestions on features in the OS, what was missing was an official location to allow users to voice their apparent frustration when it comes to marketing and promoting the mobile platform. We've all had issues with the lack of 'umph!', until Nokia came on board and blew everyone away with tripling marketing expenditure when their family of Windows Phones were announced at Nokia World 2011 in London.

We've now come across a UserVoice page set up by the Windows Phone team that allows users to submit suggestions on how the software giant could improve marketing, and vote on other submissions.

"Just like with your suggestions on features to add to future versions of the product, we'd like your suggestions on how we can spread the word about Windows Phone itself via advertising campaigns, community or social media involvement and other types of promotions. Creativity highly encouraged, let us know what your ideas are!"

Be sure to head on over to UserVoice and input your ideas (or ensure that your favourite suggestions get bumped up by voting). We know a good number of our readers have some thoughts on how Microsoft can improve in this area.

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Microsoft seeks marketing and promotion feedback on UserVoice


They need to start by letting employees in cellphone stores know that Windows Phone is cool. Most of the time they don't even know they have a windows phone, and when you tell them they are sure you're talking about Windows Mobile and you should get an Android. When I was looking for a Windows Phone this happened all the time. I was the one teaching the employees about the phone they had in stock even though I never used it before.

Completely agree. When I got my trophy nobody knew what it was and its still the same 6 months later. I think it's a free phone now which is crazy. I read somewhere that at&t would be "pushing" wp more now but all of the carriers need to get on board.

Well before you spend millions of $$$$ in advertising... Make sure you have phones available in all mobile carriers here in the USA.
Vzw,sprint are key for windowsphone success...

Add Swype to WP7. I loved it when I had Android and it would be nice to have it back. Also paying incentives to AT&T, etc, will help a lot as phone carriers are deliberately straying people away from Windows Phone 7 and it is frustrating to see.

Yes Swype was great. It even existed on WinMo.
I also miss Kinoma Play and CoreCodec that allowed me to watch any movie (whatever the format, Flv, AVI, etc) without the need to convert, sync via Zune, etc
And no need to mention Google Maps and YouTube of course... :(

Microsoft almost always fails at marketing. I love their products, but I can't believe how bad they are at marketing them. I can't see this changing any time soon.

By the way, there's an app out there for the Windows Phone Uservoice page, but I can't log in because it doesn't recognize my email/password (I log in from the PC just fine).  Is that a problem for anyone else?

There are people paid to do the marketing job.
I am not 100% sure it's customers' role.
Once again, the problem withWP7 is not the marketing. The problem is the strategy and philosophy. All the former WinMo fanbase left and mostly joined Android since MS decided to mimic the iPhone and its locked down OS.
WP7 has some advantages: the UI is cool, the live tiles is a nice idea...
But the lack of flexibility, the lack of storage, the lack of SD card slot, the lack of CODEC , the lack of file format supported, the lack of file explorer and the numerous design inconsistencies (I could it be that when I write an email I can only attach a picture and not any Office document???) definitely killed wp7.

Be persuasive using psychology: Promote Windows Phone by pointing out consumer frustrations with competitor products

You can read my suggestion here: http://uservoice.com/a/p0uAW
(please vote for it if you agree with the idea)

My suggestion revolves around employing a psychology technique (which is essentially observational, pointing out what's bad with the competitive products) in order to communicate what is great about the product you are advertising.