Microsoft showcases Xbox One design, subtly hints at upcoming Halo 5 game

Microsoft has released the above video on its official Xbox YouTube channel showing off the console in all its glory. As well as the look and feel of next-gen gaming, Microsoft also included a teaser for Halo 5, the upcoming title in the super-popular series of first-person shooter video games. Of course, this all makes sense as E3 is just around the corner, with Microsoft filling in June 9th.

Hint: take a closer look at around the 0:48 marker. Are you looking forward to next-gen slayer matches? Let us know in the comments what you'd like from Halo 5.

Source: YouTube; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Microsoft showcases Xbox One design, subtly hints at upcoming Halo 5 game


This. There is zero chance they would remake Haven (map from Halo 4) and put it in Halo 5. And I truly hope they don't have Infinity Slayer in the game.

exactly. some person at the media/advertising firm just threw it in as it is a known property of the company. people want to make this some sort of hidden code, secret message, clever ad....when in fact nobody will care on monday.

I cannot wait for Halo 5 although I would hope that it was a little more like Reach and not 4. The physics in forge were terrible on 4. I could go on forever really

I've been playing Halo since I was 9 years old! That was 10 years ago. I'm so excited for Halo 5... Or anything related to Halo.

It is a big boxy oversized unnatractive...square MSFT. It did not need a music video. A lego block has more inspired design than the xb1.

and this has been said by the idiot who doesn't even have one.. so why are you talking about? you probably haven't even seen it in person, pathetic person in comment section.
I wonder if you even watched the video... I mean, I don't expect someone like you to even do that, but go straight to comment :).
if only xbox one could kill idiots like you... it would be a better console

...and this is what happens when moderators can't keep people like you from fouling every conversation you participate on.

I actually think it looks nice. Its nice its "square" as I have my Steel Series controller box sitting on top of it :)

Allmy kit is black, and it blend in perfectly with my Sky Box and my Yamaha Amp. Besides the fact I don't think its that important. The thing is essentially silent, the X Box glow up logo is cute and its slot loader looks very refined.  I don't want green, or wacky shapes. Its nice as it is.

You're absolutely right. What were they thinking trying to blend it in with the rest of my boxy entertainment system setup? How am I supposed to show it off to the inlaws or at the park?
Its a console, not a pet, genius. While I think it has a really classy design, it doesn't have to have an inspired design to be functional.

well I don't know how many pets have a music video but apparently MSFT dissagrees with your every statement. they are quite proud of their "design"...which basically was made by somebody with a ruler LOL.

Thats cool, feel free to completely ignore my main point. I can't say I expected any better, judging by past posts. And MS disagrees with my statements? I said I liked the design and it blended in with my entertainment system. You aren't making any sense man.

your point is that it is just a functional box. yet MSFT hypes its design as the second coming of the lord of consoles. as you suggest, it is just a brick which blends in perfectly with other bricks, designed by brick heads :)

Please don't assume and don't put words in my mouth. For the 3rd time, I like the design and think it's classy. If you actually read about the design process, a lot of thought went into the design to give it a metro look. Just because it blends in does not mean it doesn't look good. Every company hypes their products, thats how marketing works. You may disagree with it, but it's completely subjective; just as I agree with MS. See how that works?

They must have made this video a while back, or at least recorded some parts quite a while ago... The friends feed has been moved to the right now. List of friends is now front and center

I hope that it will be released for PC. Still I highly doubt that this will ever happen since the last Halo game that came to Windows was Halo 2

HaloWaypoint has commented

“The Xbox One dashboard images shown in the recently released “Xbox One Design Show” video, were placeholder and not indicative of future game content. As previously stated, your next ‘Halo’ journey will begin in 2014, and we’ll have more detail to share at E3 in June.”

Ya, halo 2 anniversary. As much as I hate to admit it, I highly doubt halo 5 will come out this year.

I wouldn't say terrible. My one gripe is the direction map making is going on halo. It started with reach. Just really lame map design with nothing in them. I miss the old maps with boxes and more item laying around. Everything is clean and locked into the map.

Cool, but we need more games for WP and Windows tablets. Halo wars is just begging to be released for tablets. 

I didn't see any halo references at all here and i saw the video 3 times, and if you are refering to the gamer pic that resembles mjiolnir armor its Just a gamer pic...