Microsoft shows why you should leave your laptop for the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today unveiled the new Surface Pro 3, the latest Windows 8 tablet from the tech giant. Microsoft today presented the new hardware at its New York event and released a video to show off next-gen computing in a smaller, thinner and more comfortable form factor.

Be sure to stay tuned to our feeds for more details on the new Microsoft tablet, as well as some hands-on footage. Are you stoked for its release tomorrow?

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Microsoft shows why you should leave your laptop for the Surface Pro 3


So this actually comes out tomorrow? I recall it being mentioned last article but just want to confirm that for a fact.

I would definitely ditch both my laptops and my Surface Pro 2 for that.

lol I was about to fire up eBay and get everything out of here today... but June 20th is actually awesome as well. I was worried that Microsoft would think it's too soon since SPro 2 is barely half a year old and go back to the old days (when they announced the original Surface Pro that we didn't see 'til an entire freaking year later).

Available for pre-order begining tomorrow for sure (not sure whether it will be in stores tomorrow or not). Anyway, I was looking forward to either Surface Mini or end up buying Dell Venue 8 Pro/ Lenovo Miix 2 but this new slick Surface Pro 3 is making me rethink that decision. This is the full windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 2 capabilities in hardware that looks slicker than iPad Retina/ Macbook Air! Well done Microsoft - I did not know you had hardware engineering chops to pull this off but I am believer now!

Likewise. I was sure they'd announce a Surface 3 here, but I came for the Surface Mini.

What I didn't expect was that the Surface Pro 3 would BLOW MY FREAKING MIND.

...announcing a Surface Mini may have been a smart move though. The non-professional instagram/facebook/candy crush crowd wanted a Surface that's small, tiny and mobilized for their media consumption.

Why they don't release an RT-based Surface Mini is a huge mystery to me.  RT needs all the help it can get, and right now it's restricted to Surface RT variants and Nokia 2520.  It badly needs a new form factor.  I already have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, but for the right price I would have got one for better battery life, etc.

I wonder if the Surface Pro 3 will have the Skype and OneDrive bonuses the Surface 2 had?  Did the Pro 2 get them?

Yes. Should I sell my RT and replace both it and my laptop for this?? Seems tempting. Or should I see if the Mini comes out, and buy that and a new laptop?

Options, options, options :D.... I think you shuold just get this since (as they pointed out in the event)... 96% of iPad users also have a laptop... but what's the point of having 2 devices when u can save money and have one powerhouse that acts as both? :D

Because I wanted a bigger screened laptop for reasons, and the Mini looks intriguing. But if Microsoft stores are having a trade-in for the old RT, then count me in!

Out of all the 3 Surface Pro launch videos, this one is the best.  Truly stunning and impactful video.  Can't wait to buy one tomorrow. :D

I haven't seen the other surface videos yet, but I hope this isn't the best. Yes, it is cool for us current surface owners, but this is a terrible commerical for those not already in the club. Ugh, at least it is better than the break dancing one. 

It claims to be smaller and thinner... That must count for something. I personally can't leave my laptop for this.

Well I use mine for graphic design and mainly DJing. Adobe PhotoShop alone uses a lot of processing power. I have a SSD drive for my OS and important programs. A second 10k rpm 750 GB HDD for all my media. Half of that is nothing but music that I've been collecting since I was about 15 years old. (I'm 30 now) But I really like my 19" screen on it. It plays BluRays too. What about you, would you trade what you have for one of these?

Lots of interesting details remaining. Does the pen still have the awkward connector (it doesn't appear to). They seem to have given up on touch keyboards (the first gen sure didn't work).

I liked the Touch Keyboards. However, it was awkward and often failed to register keypresses. I've typed essays and other stuff on there though, because it was a heck of a lot of fun to use. The Type Covers, now that they're in different colors, totally makes the Touch Cover pointless. So, good call.

Oh, I forgot about that! :( Yes, true. I will never own one, it's just too expensive for me. However, it's just an amazing product!

Yes, I'm sure some will say the price is good, and thats ok, but at this price I still don't understand what differentiates it from a 12-13" ultrabook with a touch screen that one can get for $700 or so?

I think the different new modes with the kickstand are a very good argument for it (except in comparison with the Yoga, of course, what is similar). Another thing is that it is also a full tablet. It can do everything, like Panos said.
But yes, Ultrabook with touchscreen is a better deal, at least for me!

The versatility of the Pro 3 beats an ultrabook for me.  Better for me when I'm on the road and alternating between using it on my lap and holding it in my hands.  And I'm more than fine with an i3, so plan to wait for that version.  

Please tell me specific examples of those great 700$ ultrabooks with highDPI IPS display, active digitizer touch screen with included pen, about or less than 1Kg (2.2lbs), 9 hours productivity battery life, dual 5 mp cameras, and a high quality metal enclosure.

Take your time.

I wait... :-)

Tell her that Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista was free and not to worry her pretty little head.

Perhaps. I use a MacBook pro, and right now I just want throw it in the air. Actually I've wanted to do that for the last 2 years. I just need it to develop IOS apps :(

I agree buddy, just got a MBP to start iOS developement and I hate that damn thing.  Looks pretty but I'm way more comfortable with Windows 8.

I want to like it but I am not going to use it for a quarter of the professional things they showed. I want a surface mini which I hope comes out someday for media consumption

I have waited and waited for over an year, still wouldn't launch in India finally had to settle in with envy series. If they release now and the deal is good I just might sell it, but its microsofts' decision now.

They did everything right with this product... great specs, great price... ahead of the game.   LOVE IT!  

Well, maybe not that "ahead of the game" thing...most OEMs have already done this. ASUS did it "last year".

I'm typing right now on an ASUS T300LA that I bought last November, a full laptop replacement in tablet form. Full Windows not RT, available with core i3, i5 or i7, keyboard "included", not an extra price. Many bloggers called this "...what the Surface Pro should have been...".


Here is a review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNAlYXuyeBg


HP also had one available at Christmas, didn't you see all those TV ads back then??  Dell has also done it (months ago), not to mention Acer.  I was one of the probably many who constantly berated MSFT about doing this ASAP.  I tweeted many of the brass at MSFT constantly about this, now they've done it. Good for them, I like it.

Yes, I was also waiting to MS to do this kind of machine.

About what you said, can you really compare a 1.7 Kg device (Asus with keyboard) with one of 1 kg (SP3 with keyboard)?. Also, the Asus has no pen digitizer and the screen resolution is 50% lower. At least it has more storage. Seems to be a good device, really, but the SP3 is a step further, IMO.

Certainly, I agree about the comparison but at the time (last year) Asus and HP were the only game in town for this class of device (Dell didn't do it until 2014)...and between the two I certainly would rather have an Asus.  As far as the weight goes it's really not that bad especially since it replaced my laptop (it's far lighter than my old laptop) and its mostly for in home use for me. Although, I do still get ample use in it's tablet form, even with the extra weight.  Its been a great machine for me.

 MSFT, of course, did right by looking at the competition's specs and one-upping them, it's a great machine (just 6 months too late for me...sigh). 

Lighter, thinner, and a new kickstand with varying angles? This is what I was originally hoping for when the surface came out. Fantastic. Microsoft has outdone themselves.

On the one hand I love the new thinness/weight. On the other hand I am not sure I would want a larger device.

I just got my SP2 two months ago. To justify getting this I would have to sell my Pro2 for a good price.

"Levitation not icluded" I just died hahahaha.

About the device, I think that there's only one word that comes to my mind and it's "WANT". <3

1 USB port?  Seriously Microsoft?  Still just one USB port?   Pros need to plug in more than one thing at a time.   How am I supposed to copy from a memory card reader to an external HDD? 

of course... who wants a thin and nice device... lets fill it with million usb connectors... ehemm you know when you can just use a usb hub.
oh clueless people, always complaining about the most stupid things

USB hub, docking station, copy in 2 steps...

And I know nobody mentioned it, but try to copy ANYTHING  with an iPad.


I'm in love.. Already started saving for it, only 400€ now but I'm getting there!!

Honestly, I have no idea how I'm gonna get 800€ more for the i5 + 256gb variant.. Like really, no idea. Didn't get a summer job sadly so that's not an option either.

And thus this ad proves that Microsoft's marketing is way better than Nokia's. Hopefully such beautiful ads will be seen for Windows Phones as well now that Microsoft is in charge. I really really hated the Lumia 630 ad that is currently being aired on television in India.

This competes directly against the Lenovo Yoga 2 and I think the Lenovo has a better keyboard and mouse pad. Same screen, same processor and options and better accessories.

Not sure how this will stack up against a laptop.

I have the Yoga 2 Pro. The screen sucks. Worst color reproductions I've ever seen, and the higher resolution is absolute overkill on the tiny 13" screen.

I will find a way to slip this one by my wife. Don't know how yet, but where there is a will, there is a easy. This thing is awesome. Surface Pro 3!!!!

If I needed a new laptop, I would be all over this.  But I don't, so I was looking forward to a mini. 

I'll still tell others about this, as I know it'll fit some of their needs quite well.  Especially professionals.

With only 8GB of ram on the top end model, there is no way I would leave my gaming laptop that I use mostly for video editing in Adobe CC for this. I need dedicated 2GB+ Nvidia gfx, a separate SSD and HDD (or two SSDs) and at least 16GB of memory to edit in RT... Now, if I just used an off the shelf laptop for everyday use, I'd definately look at the Surface Pro 3.. But for my Pro work.. I need a pro performer and this don't quite make the cut.

12" is too small as a laptop replacement. Even an 13" is cutting it close - personally I find that the absolute minimum to work on for longer times. If you look at a MacBook Air, which has a 13" screen, for me this is already quite small.

So missed opportunity this. This isn't a laptop/tablet replacement - it's none of the 2.

I was personally looking into the HP Spectre 13 x2, which is 13" hybrid. I think that's a better laptop/tablet replacement.


Of course 12 & 13" is large for a tablet, but to use it on your lap for a while it should be fine.

In college, back in the day, I had the perfect laptop with WinXP on it. That thing is still a beast today. It was compact and ran buttery smooth. It was a 12" Dell. I got it for around $1200. This was the days before Netbooks. It was perfect to lug around campus. 12" screen is plenty big for productivity is my point. 13" might be too weird to use as a portable tablet. Even 12" maybe too big for a tablet, but considering the bridge in capabilities of this device, it's a winner.

I'll stick with my 13.3" yoga 2 pro, which in itself is still just a tad on the small side. Seriously make a 15" yoga that folds completely (they have one that doesn't fold all the way) and I'd prefer that. Granted I still use my desktops (yes thats plural) for everything anyway.

Nice commercial.  I am not sure this would be enough to replace my 15" laptop but I will keep this in mind.

I paid $1000 for my laptop which has a spec far in excess of the top end surface, the two devices must be for different markets (tablet = casual browsing/social communication to me) as otherwise the surface is just crushed by a laptop.  Looking at my cheap laptop, 17" screen, 8GB ram, 512Gb SSD, I7, blu ray drive and a mid range ATI 7670 graphics card.  Its too big to fit in my pocket so needs a bag just like this device.

But even then I wouldn't want to use a laptop longterm, a small screen encourages bad posture, my 27" screen at home encourages me to sit back from the screen, much better :)