Microsoft shows off Twitter integration in Mango

Here's an interesting new video from Microsoft detailing the changes in Mango, specifically related to Twitter integration (as well as Facebook and LinkedIn). We know that there is a final or near final build of the Mango OS going around, namely 7710, which is probably the same version we reported on last week in regards to Twitter usage.

In the video, Stuart Bottom, Program Manager at the Communications Group on Windows Phone, goes over how Twitter will work, notifications, the "Me Tile" and more will all come together in the update. Finally we get to see how Twitter will look (very similar to the Facebook feed) as well as those ever important notifications.

What's really convenient is being able to see when someone has replied to a Tweet or posted on your Facebook wall, right on your Me tile, which should result in more efficient use of your time. In addition, filtering of those feeds to quickly find and see what you want is also a pretty brilliant idea.

By the looks of things lately, only a few more weeks till Mango starts rolling out. We couldn't be more excited. Check out the rest of Microsoft's tour videos of other features on their YouTube channel.

Source: YouTube (WindowsPhone); via LiveSide


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Microsoft shows off Twitter integration in Mango


WOW! This is so cool! Windows Phone 7 keeps getting better! I really can't wait for the update. Is there any given date (or something like that)? Because 'Coming this fall' is not very specific..

What I would like to know is will you be able to turn the Twitter integration off? I am a huge WP7 fan and am anxiously waiting for new handsets so I can upgrade from Android but I absolutely despise what Twitter is so can you turn it off or uninstall/delete it completely?

You can skip adding Twitter account and it will not appear anywhere (except in the "Settings" app where you can add/remove social services at will).

This video doesn't actually show any of the Twitter integration. It shows the notification system and generally stuff that is currently available in the Mango Developer build but nothing specific to Twitter.

Is not the whole point of this phone to make things generic and not needing special apps?For that purpose this video shows all you need to know (and I personllay just like it a lot). If this is not enough for your twitter needs, there are always third party options.

I think you misunderstood me - I'm a big fan of the platform and the integration - and we've been waiting to see how the Twitter integration will work. Yes, presumably like Facebook, but we still haven't seen it. So the title of this post seems to suggest this video shows that - but it doesn't, that's all.

Just like @Binhex said, this didn't show anything about actual Twitter. It just shows how you'll be able to keep up with your notifications. What does the actual integrated twitter app look like. What all it can do. Retweet, retweet with comment, photos, videos, URL shrink? FAIL title.

eh did you guys watch the same video as me? you can see tweets in the feed, you can see how to filter for just twitter, you post a tweet the same way as you currently post to FB and Windows Live. The only bit not currently clear is how you reply or retweet but I suspect a Long press will be the way to do this.

The question is.. will it have the option to say 'reply all' or 'quote retweet'? Much essential features for twitter.

My question, that wasn't answered in the video, are they going to attempt to merge your twitter contacts in your peoples hub, or will they be left off that list.

Looks great, very excited for the Mango rollout.Another excellent feature being added to WP7.Glorious days are ahead.