Microsoft SkyDrive App rolling out to the Marketplace [Updated with Link]

The Microsoft SkyDrive app has been launched. SkyDrive was recently opened up to developers to use with their application (e.g. Handyscan) and now you can access and manage your SkyDrive from a stand alone application.

The SkyDrive App allows you to browse your entire SkyDrive files and share them. Just tap and hold on a particular file and folder and pop-up menu appears. Here you can choose to send a link that will let others view the file/folder or view and edit the file/folder. You can also organize, delete, and create new folders from within the application.

Microsoft Skydrive App

Microsoft just rolled out the SkyDrive App so it may take a few hours before it becomes available in all Countries/Regions. If SkyDrive is available in your area, let us know what you think in the comments. Once we get a Marketplace link for the SkyDrive App, we'll update the post.

Oh and not to leave our friends who use the iPhone behind, Microsoft has also released a version of the SkyDrive App for iOS.  Should the need arise, you can find the iPhone version here.

source: windowsteamblog  Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

UPDATE: Here's the Windows Phone Marketplace Link for the SkyDrive App.  If you don't see it, the app is still rolling out to the various markets so check back later. 

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Microsoft SkyDrive App rolling out to the Marketplace [Updated with Link]


Photosynth.  Been out for several months on iOS, closing in on a year maybe?  Was supposed to be a Mango App.  Nothing so far.  Come on MS.

Its probably ro;\lling out by regions and its just not out where you and I are! Do you believe or assume that there is something sinister or biased about that fact?

the iOS version is available before wp7 (at least in uk).
I suppose with the recent MS Windows phone restructuring going on then Joe Befiore will be out of work soon (he can't go round saying how WP has better features than iOs as MS are removing what should be expected as exclusive).
MS may as well release Gears of War 3 for PS3

Are these apps developed by interns? They aren't even Metro (sure, they use a pivot and Segoe, but don't have transitions, use archaic icons, like the folder, don't use oficcial controls, like the loader, etc.), and that goes for most Microsoft apps in the Marketplace.

Sweet, can't wait to get this, at least I hope I can and that it's not limited to specific countries/regions like the damn Xbox Live Companion app is.

Its already available for iPhone and android if Microsoft releases all this windows phone exclusive they better make it way better on wp7 then android or ios

So they released it for iPhone also! Is there something wrong or unusual about that ?  Maybe they want to get business for skydrive instead of iCloud!

all this "exclusivity" talk is driving me nuts. WP7 does not need exclusive apps to win consumers. It's the other way around; it needs MORE quality big-name apps to rival the competition.  That's what we've been saying for a year or more and it hasn't changed. These recent offerings to the competition doesn't make a difference to the average consumer because their purchasing decisions are not driven by "exclusive Microsoft apps". 

well that's the spin (theory), and it would be hard to validate if people migrate over to WP7 primarily due to exposure to the latest M$ apps.  But I think M$ is making them available simply to keep their products (Xbox and Skydrive) on par or ahead of the competition in order to keep the M$ platform relevant (big picture).  We should be more concerned with M$ not fixing the bug issues in the OS and not pushing developers to update NoDo-era apps.  Now I know why...they've been quite busy completing these projects. 

I think it's clear now that MS have no hope on WP7. They will keep it alive in the same way they did with the 1st Xbox in its last 16 months ultil the next release.

If thats your opinion you are entitled to it but IMHO I believe that you are wrong!  Nokia is doing great things with their advertising and WP is not a repeat of Plam and HP and webos.   

Am I the only one who doesn't get the point behind this app? We have it baked-in with the office hub....?

I wish they spend time fixing the bugs in the OS itself (problematic keyboard...live twitter tiles not updating...etc) instead of this stuff (and wasting time making it for other OSes as well).

No, you do not. In the office app you can only access document files the phone recgonizes. With this app, you can do any file.
Also, if you Live Mesh to sync folder from your computer to your SkyDrive, you could not previously access them on your phone.

precisely, I don't get it the anxiety over offering an MSN app to other platforms. M$ should rather be focused on fixing some of the more basic stuff right now!

True about the bug fixes but this app works great and I appreciate the features. I felt the same way but would rather have this app then to wait on another update for the office hub. Ms please fix the keyboard...

Still rolling out for WP7 according to that blog post.
And I think the point is, getting to all your files without having to use the mobile IE.  I haven't used this app yet but that's what I want.  Pic/Video upload management, share using various methods, etc.  Will have to wait and see.

So if I had an iPhone I could download it right now but since I have Microsofts own competing product I have to wait? That really offends me. Way to go Microsoft, putting the competition above your own loyal followers. Couldn't they just wait an extra day or two to release the iPhone version? Unbelievable! 

They released it on both platforms at the same time, but it takes WP Marketplace a little longer to update across all regions. Just wait a few hours, geez.

Sky Drive is not a WP7 product. It is part of MS. For it to succeed above iCloud and Amazon Cloud and Google. It needs to be accessible to EVERYONE. Not just WP7 users.

well said again. As I've been saying WP7 doesn't need exclusive apps to survive. It's needs all of the other apps available in the competition and are not buggy. Exclusive content really works effectively if you're competing on similar playing field, which WP7 is currently not yet.  And these recent offerings of Skydrive and Xbox are simply an extension of the Microsoft ecosystem, not necessarily WP7.  People need a more compelling reason to consider WP7 than just exclusive apps especially when the non-exclusive apps are still seemingly elusive.

Is iCloud available for WP7 or Android? Why don't they need "other" users. They don't need shit, one thing for sure, there are more Windows users out there than Amazon Cloud and iCloud users. 

Thank goodness someone gets this - imagine where Apple would be today if they had limited iTunes to Apple computers only!  I don't think they would have succeeded as rapidly as they have.  Not that I'm expecting WP7 to be the next iPhone but MSFT can't even hope to reach anything greater if they limit innovation to WP7 devices. 

You guys bug me to tears. I must say that since WP7 has come out MS have done very little wrong. And when they have done anything they've nailed it. I prefer that they take all the time that they need and only put out stuff that is useful and complete (sort of like Apple before Siri). If making the app for another platform sucks apple or android users into the MS platform and eventually means that they'll want a WP7 then doesn't that mean it's better for our platform in the long run? Titan rules. WP7 all the way.

Perhaps we'll be lucky and just get this in a Tango update. The less apps I need the better.
Titan does rule :)

The titan WiFi sucks. ATT data is slow and expensive and the inability to use WiFi(works but painfully slow)pisses me off. The titan is wonderful beyond that..

exclusive or not doesn't really matter!
release it on ios before wp matters! wth!?!
where is the android version?

Guess their realing it in alphabetical order excluding Android & their own platform?? Guess I'll tweet the question to Joe B.

fact is my vvm still doesnt work correctly U.S doesnt get the 7740 update..... i got a firmware update which i thank htc for but no 7740 but yet ms feels compelled to work on other apps for others mobile os' instead of fixing the things that are still wrong with windows phone including the sms error and the disappearing keyboard  vvm errors they "feel" its needed to keep ios and android users happy? that instead of fixing needed functionality on their own products i mean man if that isnt upsetting than what is....

They have a team approach  some work on 7740 which is a carrier rollout update as opposed to a MS rollout.  Others work on skype or skydrive or other mobile apps or os upgrades  they are all on different schedules and timetables or rollouts.  Does it upset or bother you to the point of leaving to go to ios or android?  Or do you want a totally perfect os day before yesterday a year or so after it's first release?  I understand you are not happy and I am not totally satisfied with where we are with WP  but cut MS some slack and ease of  the instant gratification expectations a bit. Please

no they dont upset me enough to leave but it is quite frustrating that theres part of the team that works on other os's but we kinda get forgot i am using a 1st gen phone and it feels like their like w/e at this point

im actualy ok with the release of ios version, sky drive needs all the user it can get... other apps not so much though

If anyone has ever been in a real world development team, and I'm not just talking about a small simple app development team, but a large one, enterprise level, then you would know that teams gets segregated to work on individual parts of the whole.
People, this is a OS you are complaining about. I guarantee it is a lot larger than products most of you have ever designed or worked on. I've designed and worked on n-tier enterprise apps that incorporate .NET, XML, HTML, Webservices, .NET Remoting, etc., and I would be still be in awe at some of the things they are doing.
Try not to think of it or feel like Microsoft as a whole is trying to screw with you by releasing cool apps instead of fixing bugs, or releasing what you thought should be a phone 7 exclusive to iphone and/or droid.
Microsoft has the core phone os team, the people hub team, the xbox live team, etc. as well as other teams that have been tasked with building apps. The teams that were given the tasks of building apps are most likely under a different direction that we think they are, clearly, as they are releasing apps on multiple os's.
With that in mind, if you were the vp over the phone division, and had multiple director level management below who in turn have multiple management level heads under them, how would you go about giving direction on the next items to work on.
Keyboard bug
Skype integration
Skype app to be released before the full integration can be accomplished
xbox companion
LTE functionality
silverlight and xna integration (Obviously given to us in Mango)
Zune Bug
SMS reboot bug
View images in the twitter feed in the people hub
Google+ integration into the people hub
Obviously, I don't know everything that they are working on, but you get the point. Each director level would have to prioritize what they believe is the most essential unless otherwise specifically being told, and pass that down to their management teams to work on. there is still a lot of red tape to get through as well before something can get out to the general population.
And in regards to (supposedly) phone 7 exclusive apps, you have to think of it in regards to monetization. Once I buy a phone 7 from ATT or Sprint, Microsoft got their license fee. a onetime fee. good for them. However, if an iphone user gets the limited xbox app and can show a friend how cool the xbox live service is, and that friend goes out and buys an xbox and then signs up for a reoccurring xbox live membership fee, what would microsoft have more. it's driving people to the xbox live services. Perhaps that iphone user will never leave their iphone because they have spent hundreds of dollars on apps already (my relative who won’t change from his iphone but gets mad at me because I get Gamerscore from my phone and he thinks I should stop). Microsoft can still get money from them by driving them to the xbox live service, even if they can't actually get achievements on their iphone because it is not the phone 7. And who knows, maybe all these limited xbox apps on their iphone will show those pesky iphone users who are too good to even look at a windows phone 7 what greatness there is over here. it’s like a trial app. most people will want more.

Thanks for the information and background  Maybe that will back off the instant gratification expectations a bit!

Its actually a good thing apps such as Skydrive and One Note are being ported over alot of average users don't even know what those apps are and now MS can advertise to try Skydrive on your iPhone or Windows Phone but no Android :)
Think about it this way MS released their top tier apps only on iOS except for Halo Waypoint thats probably because Android has alot Xbox gamers which they can leech cash off also Kinectimals you have to consider this can run on a iPOD touch which alot of kids have.
The way I see it MS is reaching the general audience by MS apps only available on iOS and WP now they want more consumers to get accostomed to these apps if they were exclusive only us WP users will be able to use them therefore the apps wont grow the way MS wants them to.
Now think about this when users decide to upgrade their iPhone and they get accustomed to the sweet MS applications they have a choice buy a new iPhone 5 for 199$ or buy the Nokia Lumia or other Windows Phone for a cheaper price. I really think they are aiming for iPhone upgraders to move to WP instead. Samething goes for Blackberrys and Android users.
IMO its time to port Zune Pass over next its better to build up a better Zune ecosystem if its just stuck to WP the library and the support will not grow.
As long as MS integrated all of their services nicely on WP without needing seperate applications they will be fine. Most people buy WP because of the simplicity and the slick UI not because of dediciated MS applications I mean its sweet but people get hooked on the UI itself. Look at all the positive reviews they talk about the UI then the application support.

Someone please explain why the HECK is MS releasing MS apps for Apple the same company suing everyone for everything. If you have an iPhone and want our great experience with WP7 then buy a WP7 sheesh. Does Apple release some of their apps to MS?

I think that might be the point.  MS is taking the high road by offering out its software to other platforms.  Which is basically to say "Your move, Apple." ;)
Don't forget that MS is a software company and they want to make money like anyone else.  Cutting off that potential source of money would be silly.  Ya know, Steve Jobs would make his software exclusive just because he could.  So, I applaud MS but I want to know where my frackin' Photosynth app is! :)

Thanks for appluding the skydrive team for their work  if you want to move immediately past that and get back to where's my________?  Thats another MS team can you pause more than a millisecond before your back in instant gratification yesterday mode?

To all those complaining about Microsoft releasing apps (OneNote, the XBL app, and now Skydrive) for other platforms too and, worse, spending time writing them, consider this. Microsoft is a BIG company, really big (half again as many employees as Apple). Windows Phone is just one small part of the whole. These other divisions all have their own employees and leadership. Incidentally, this is why the company seems to be at odds with itself sometimes.
I can almost guarantee you that the people who made these apps do not work for the phone division. Skydrive would have been written by guys working under online services, OneNote by guys working in Office, etc. It is in their interest to get as many people using their product as possible to help the company make as much money as possible. If that involves releasing apps for the dominant platforms to get people using their product then so be it. It is really in OUR best interest too, considering the beating Microsoft's phone and online services divisions are taking. The more successful divisions, Windows, Office, and Gaming, are supporting our wonderful platform by keeping the company profitable. If MS started losing money every quarter how long do you think our platform would last?
There's also another important way to look at it. As other have pointed out, WP just doesn't have enough marketshare for exclusive apps to be a very big draw. People aren't going to say "I have to switch to WP7 for that killer app." What they WILL say is "I'm can't switch to WP7 because they don't have this app I use." By making the apps available on other platforms then MS can say to those users, "Come on over, we have that app you love to use too and it's even better."

When you open a document it opens a window in IE first, and when you go back to IE the window is still there. Sloppy.

 The app is just runs over top of Skydrive Live website. It is much better than using the mobile Skydrive website though. And yea then you have to close IE-that needs to be fixed...

OMG, you people are so clueless.
Apple was never Microsoft's archnemesis. MS always admired and supported Apple hardware. They have released software for the Mac since the dawn of personal computing. And bailed Apple out when it was on the edge of bankrupcy, when Jobs went AWOL for a while.
Now when Jobs is gone and the lame-old uninspired iOS product line is dying too, taking a beating from the android cancer, they need help more than ever.

It's Google with their open source crap that's the real enemy of companies selling solid proprietary software and hardware, and MS allies with Apple in this war.



It's here in AR for me   downloaded a fw minutes ago.  I think its a big step for the ecosystem   Its not integrated into the od  but its at least a step or teo closer to that than yesterday for the average user.  Its progress.

Well, I do like how I can put my music on SkyDrive and natively play it through this app! Problem is no multi tasking. Once you exit the app music stops. Also you cannot go next track by using arrows. You have to go back to the main track list. Ughhhh
But I am so putting music in my SkyDrive. It works. Specially for people who eat up all their local 16GB storage fast.

Just use the office hub like you did before this app and ie9 has multitasking. That's where you'll end up anyway.., directed to the web interface.

MS is great and I think the OS wp7 is making good progress. Yes I have complaints and sometimes can't understand WHY MS does certain things. I'm glad WP7 exist because I hate iPhones and Android.. Thanks Microsoft!!

Well at least they leave out android... and its kinda a good move for microsoft as like they are putting apps onto a popular OS so people will know and stuff and they could start putting adverts on the iOS apps that advertise windows phone etc etc
Plus i bet microsoft could get sued or something for only developing apps for their own platform like the whole IE thing..

I still cant open the Excel files ....Word, pdf photos ok but i tryid from Both work and Home Pc office 2010 application.
The WP& mobile can open these only through the Office phone application but with the knows issued that if you change the file then only the office reset will give a solution , now the skydrive app the same
so i/m a lot of dissapointed with microsfot on that and its an application
not mentined for playing you should be able to work with it its a major application to buy a windows phone otherwise why to use office , we can buy a Mac and an Iphone.