Microsoft slashes Windows Phone Dev Center registration price to just $19

Microsoft WP Dev Center Offer

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Microsoft has indeed slashed the price of its annual Windows Phone Dev Center subscription, which is now available for just $19. The subscription enables developers (or those who are looking to start developing) to access to a personal dashboard, some handy tools and the ability to submit and publish apps and games to the Windows Phone Store. Sweet!

So what exactly do you get for the $19? Check this out:

  • Get free development tools, including a phone emulator to test your app
  • Explore code samples and all the information in our developer library
  • Read tips about selling your app
  • Review our policy guidelines and certification requirements
  • See tips and guidelines for creating apps that reflect the beauty of our design concepts
  • Create apps with trial options
  • Enable in-app purchasing, so customers can buy things within your app
  • Test your app with a real phone
  • Submit free and paid apps to the Store
  • Distribute your app around the world and set country/region-specific price tiers
  • Watch your progress and manage your apps in a personalized dashboard
  • Ask questions, share advice, or talk with other Windows Phone developer

The promotion is only available from today until August 27th in countries where Dev Center registration is available. So head on over and join the Windows Phone Dev Center today and take advantage of the promotional offer!

Thanks, Kim, for the tip!


Reader comments

Microsoft slashes Windows Phone Dev Center registration price to just $19


I am going to register, to. Currently I'm a college student(and my funds at, sadly, the same has most students ie I'm poor right now :P) so I haven't been able to get this or apples, but I can go a week with out pizza for some good SDK's so I'm going to get it when it is cheap). 

I'm a college student to and I have one question: is there any advantage in a payed developer account compared to a Dreamspark account? I think I can get a Dreamspark account (most college students can) but if there are any advantages in this one I don't mind to pay 19€ for it...

If you are just learning you can skip the registration until you have an app you want to publish. You can develop in the emulator for free.

Hey, Little Caesars pizza's are pretty good.  Not Domino's, but still, I wouldn't call them bad by any means.

They taste okay, but they are "bad" as in they use the cheapest ingredients known to man, which have a slew of disgusting additives.  I pay $19 for a quality local 20" pizza on occasion.

Gotcha, the catch for me is it's one of the few pizza's I can eat without my stomach revolting.  I much prefer Domino's, but my stomach doesn't like all the awesome spices.

Sorry... I'm from New Jersey and therefore it is my obligation to inform you that NONE of those things are "pizza".

I don't really care where you're from. It's still pizza. Yeah, it's not good pizza, but it is pizza.

It will help the number of apps but it will reduce the quality. I am against it as a user and as a developer I do pay the $100 fee to publish an app that does not make any money

Just finished renewing and yes if you go and pay the $19 it adds a year to what ever you have left. So I now have 18 months.

How did you access the renewal page? I would like to renew mine, but it doesn't expire for another 6 months or so. There isn't an option (that I can see) in the dashboard.

I'd like to know that as well. When I go to the subscriptions in my account it says "The annual Windows Phone Dev Center subscription is 20$. It will automatically renew after one year." But my account still has several months to go.
Just wondering if this is only for new subscriptions or can we somehow renew as well?

If you read what the OP said, "it will add a year to whatever you have left". That seems pretty clear to me.

And if you log into your developer Dashboard (if you are a developer), there isn't a way to renew if you aren't about to expire within the month. The question is not "if" it will add, but how do you accomplish this as it's not obvious from the account management interface.
After upgrading my CPU/MB to be able to run the emulator and then upgrading to Win 8, it would be nice to catch a break on the developer account subscription fee for once. I've paid $100 for the past couple years.

Same here... but, your limited to 3 apps to side load with dreamspark and this will give you a limit of 10 apps...

I guess they have to do this so devs aren't so pissed about the lack of a mention regarding updates to the platform at BUILD.
I understood the reason the 7.5->8 transition took so long, but MS is behind in features and APIs. They have to iterate faster if they want to catch up to the other platforms.

Does this give you a dev unlocked phone? And will that finally allow me to run a screen capture app on WP7.8?

This is awesome. I was thinking about quitting as my app earnings are $0 and $99/year is just too much money. Now $19 is a really good deal.

This is a good deal, I don't code, been wanting to learn. This is too good to pass up. Buying before this deal is over.

Is this a full dev ? People can use this to unlock their phone to side load apps...
Is this the same exact thing as a dev was paying $99 per year ?

If someone wanted to Unlock their phone for at least a year and be able to sideload 10 apps, $20 for the year is a pretty dam good deal for the entertainment even if your not doing dev work....

Of course it does, this is a dev account you get, just at a lower price, just like last Build.

This obviously isn't good news for Microsoft. They're desperate for apps. But devs aren't going to make apps when there's many times for customers on iOS and Android. To get apps Microsoft needs to get customers and to get customers Microsoft needs to get apps, and to get apps they needs to get customer and to get customers they need to get apps. Basically, windows phone is screwed...

Could not disagree more. Microsoft still holds the keys to the kingdom so any app Submitted still has to be approved. And look at the trends....MS and WP is catching on and growing. At expense of Android and Apple.

Well Sir, everyone is growing. Wp(little), Android, even Apple.If everyone is growing then who is loosing???????
Sadly , It is Nokia. In high end it is nokia symbian lost to samsung, in low end nokia feature phones loosing to cheap chinese android.

Well, I don't know you are right or not, but when I look at app store seems you are right. I have a question, Why it was $100 at the first place? Wp has already small user base and not much apps.Thnk god, Someone at MS comes to their senses.

So does this allow one to unlock there own phone and side load an app they developed before publishing app on store?

Now they just need to make the Windows Phone 8 SDK available on Windows 7. I dislike not being able to develop stuff for my phone because I'm not using the latest Microsoft OS.

Totally agree with YOLOsaurus - it's so idiotic mandating Windows 8 for developers. For iOS I can buy the cheapest Apple Mini on eBay I can find; for Android I can use any PC or Mac from the last ten years. Only for the tiny market segment that Windows Phone has do I need an expensive upgrade.

If I can get "A complete idiots guide to coding for WP8" I'll be sound as a pound. Does signing up as a dev get you any priority when it comes to OS updates?

Let me know when you get your hands on one of these guides, have been thinking for developing something for my L920 and with $19 annual subscription, why not ;)

Hey it also covers renewals, wasnt going to renew as i now have a wp8 but currently refuse to install win8 but for £15 why not, v happy bunny