Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Orlando draws a crowd

Microsoft Store

While the Windows Phone spotlight is still burning brightly at Nokia World, Microsoft's latest Store Grand Opening is drawing a bit of attention as well.

This morning hundreds of Microsoft customers lined up for the Grand Opening celebration at the Millennia Mall in Orlando, Florida. The Store opened this morning to the cheers of many with complimentary tickets to a Pitbull concert being handed out to 1,600 customers. The first one hundred received tickets to the after-concert party as well.

There were plenty of door prizes given out by Microsoft Store employees and based on the video footage captured by Windows Phone Central reader Tim Gissy with his Nokia Lumia 928, it looked like everyone had a blast. Tim guesstimates the attendance was in the vicinity of 1,500 to 2,000 customers. Much to the dismay of the Apple Store that is one floor down.

We aren't sure if there are any more tickets to tonight's Pitbull concert but if you're in the Orlando area, swing by the mall and check out Microsoft's latest store.

Oh.. and for those in the Edmonton, Canada neighborhood remember that Microsoft Store's Grand Opening with Dierks Bentley is still slated for this Saturday, October 26th.  Maybe Birmingham will be next?

Thanks, Tim, for the footage!


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Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Orlando draws a crowd


Sounds like MS has finally retired Flo-Rida "Good Feeling" for their store opening song and switched to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us". Anyone noticed in the video of Steve Ballmer retirement speech that the video board in the arena had "Can't Hold Us" on the digital displays. And of course they used the song early in the year on the Outlook commercials. So I wonder if that's the company theme song now.

My wife and I were at the release party in Oakbrook Il. last night and you played a series of 5 games for a chance to win tickets for Pitbull. Needless to say we didn't win but we did get autographs and pics with Chris Chelios. SWEET!

Millennia Mall in Orlando is a high end mall filled with higher end chains as well as unique stores where the rich and famous shop.  They've had an MS store at the lower end "Florida Mall" in Orlando for a while.  Nice to see them expand to where the N1020 people shop :)

It's a figure of speech.  But actually, they do.  At least this mall.  Its the kind of place you go and buy a $3000 pair of shoes.  The mall is actually in two halves with a shared attrium in the middle.   All the over the top stores are on one side.  But even the regular side a notch up from typical malls.  It's small and not your typical mall.   I suspect the MS store is on the regular side. 

I can't imagine you've lived in Central Florida very long to believe all the BS you just posted.  You are delusional.  
The only thing that keeps Mall at Millenia (and Florida Mall) open are the gobs of tourists.  You probably think its cool to party at Citywalk too.  

Sometimes i wonder if its possible to make a comment on this site without someone needing to attack the other person.   Is that possible?   Is any comment harmless and less theatening than something like what I wrote?    Hell, it wasn't even directly about WP.  Just a light heartd comment about MS getting another store in Orlando that's in a better mall than the first one.
By the way, EVERY store in Orlando is full of tourists from South America and Europe.  it's a dollar exchange thing mostly.  If you live here then be thankful.  They pave roads with those sales taxes! :)
Oh wait, I'm sure some angry person is going to attack me on the idea that the shopping tourists in Orlando are mostly foreigners....  Commence firing!

By the way, I've lived in Orlando since 1989.

While this is amazing. How many were there just for the tickets? Wish i had a full blown store near me though. Last i known it was just a kiosk.

They gotta do anything to get people to see their wares. All you see in the news is apple this and google that.

I would have sold the tickets, not into Pitbuill anyways.
That's great that the store is open, but they had to pull that stunt which is pathetic.
Then again, I hardly see much action in "The Galleria" here in Houston in the Microsoft Store.

Umm, drawing in people with a promotion is not a "stunt", at least not in the negative way you portray it. It brings more people, attention, and excitement to the opening. Man, Prozac should do some more ads in tech forums, so many downers out there.

So, if they open the store just by itself will gather a crowd?
Of course that many users like Pitbull, so that's their only reason. I won't be surprised if the store stays a customer Ghost Town after that. I would go for the Nokia Lumia phones but that's my main reason for going, I find it insulting that customers are being lured for tickets to a concert.

The store in St. Louis had Ne-Yo for the opening. Then, there weren't AS MANY people coming. They hired a coordinator to organize events and now the store has lots of traffic. From the interactive XBox walls, to the fact that you can have a free birthday party there, with Kinect gaming. They seem to have lots of traffic buying lots of merch.

Even with events like those you've specified, we hardly see any action in the Windows Store, but the Apple store is almost always packed, no events or anything in the like. Darn hipsters. XD
I can't wait for Nokia to release a quad-core variant of a regular phone, my 810 is a little bulky but I love the screen size, so thinner but quad-core or faster dual-core (1.9 GHz or better.) I will visit the Microsoft Store repetitively asking, "Is it here yet?" after any word from WPCentral about the phones.

Your welcome, I was is shock seeing the crowds, my ear are still ringing! I wouldn't be surprised if this store is soon number 1 in sales. This mall gets tons of foreign tourists that love buying electronics at a discount to prices in their country.

I'm on business travel and stopped in. It's still packed, people dancing with MS employees using Kinect. Crazy.

If Microsoft was smart they would sign Nicki Minaj quickly to promote the WP8 phone ( since the official Instagram app was just added), since her fans are rabbit and she has 17+ million Twitter followers. I'm sure she could convert a few million over their way.

Good show Microsoft.  Pay no attention to people that feel so superior that they have to announce their dislike of the artist that is chosen.  There is NO SUCH THING as a universally loved artist, so people need to get over themselves.  Pitbull is PERFECT for this opening as he is a Florida celeb. Period.  He also sells MILLIONS.  It is the masses that Microsoft is appealing to and not the nerdy elite who parade around comment sections on websites, as if they are the exlusive experts on what is acceptable and cool.

I really like the Microsoft store here in Los Angeles at the Westfield Century Plaza.  They are nice showcases and have people who know what they're talking about.  

Un Do Tres Quat... You know you want me... you know I want cha.
You know they want WP Phones ese?
(What does "ese" mean?)

that'd be awesome if the Microsoft Store was above the Apple Store and Apple fanboys and hipsters could hear the footsteps and thumping music above their heads...

store opening....
no lines? "FREE TIX!!!"
not staying long enough for photo-op after "FREE TIX!!!"
make them play 3 games to 'qualify' for the "FREE TIX!!!"
(marketing brainstormed this one pretty thoroughly)