The Microsoft Store is opening in Farmington, CT tomorrow; be there to celebrate!

I like Microsoft Stores, as it’s the only place I’ll buy my tablets, PCs and laptops. The one big problem for many are Store locations, there aren’t enough of ‘em. Luckily, that is changing as Microsoft is opening more this year.

Tomorrow, it’s Connecticut’s turn.

Connecticut already has one in Danbury, but now a second main store is opening in West Hartford. That location is more ideal for many in the state, as it is closer to, well everything. The new Microsoft Store will be in Westfarms, located at 211 Westfarms Mall, Farmington.

The event kicks off tomorrow, March 1 at 11 AM, with ceremonies starting at 10:30 AM. For those waiting in line, you can win tickets to see Florida Georgia Line performing at the XFINITY Theatre on March 2.

Later, at 6:30 PM, Larry Hryb will be present for his ‘Major Nelson Community Event’. There you can get some hands on time with “Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare” and attend the special Q&A with Titanfall Community Manager Abbie Heppe. Plus Hryb will be giving away an Xbox One console.

I’ve seen the Huntington, NY store opening, and it was indeed a good time, so if you’re in Connecticut, stop on by to check out all the goods. From Xbox gams, to PCs, to the Surface, Microsoft Stores are a lot of fun.

Are you attending tomorrow? Tweet us out some photos and we’ll see about a re-Tweet!

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Anthony C. and Marc O., for the tips!


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The Microsoft Store is opening in Farmington, CT tomorrow; be there to celebrate!


I was told that they will have full inventory on day one. Also they said they will be clearing out first generation surface rt for as little as $199.

Daniel - Marc O here...appreciate the nod and glad to be part of the community.  Iphone 5 to Lumia 1020 convert and couldnt be happier...looking forward to the grand opening and...the return of the Whalers (?!?!?...maybe :) )  Hey if MS can pull off an upset in the mobile industry there is hope for us dreamers.....

Daniel, u coming? I will be there for sure!
It's my son's birthday tomorrow and that's where he wants to be!

Mine as well.

I'll never forget going to a Whalers game, and seeing some guy in the stands get hit in the face with a puck.

Same here, but why Farmington of all places? There are much better places to open a big store like this. Farmington is not one of them

Wow that giant pic of a windows phone with Xbox live tile is a joke. Its getting to the point that that can just about be considered false advertisement. Careful Microsoft.

Everyone needs to go to a WP store or a opening once in their life it's really awesome I went to the one in Delaware hopefully one day we'll get one in Maryland

Who else besides Apple has as many stores as Microsoft? I don't think Google has anything outside of Best Buy stores.

No, I really thought you were claiming 50 billion Apple stores in the world. My comment was just bringing what I thought to be an interesting fact.

I was at the Danbury opening.  They gave away t-shirts and some other nicknacks.  Including Young the Giant and..... crap I forgot the name of the other band.... tickets to the concert later that day outside the mall.  The entire thing was hosted by Microsoft.  It was a good time

i'm signed in just to comment on the quote " 'When god gives you lemons...you find a new god.' "


The closest Microsoft is 2 hours away. Seriously, even a kiosk in the Morgantown Mall, WV would be nice. The best I've got is a best buy with a windows section.

I'm not expecting a huge turnout (save those who really want the concert tickets), but I'll be there hanging out. Hope to see some of you guys there.

Reeeaaally need one in Boise. This isn't the little market it may have once been. It's a vibrant, highly connected town, and though there are Microsoft offices downtown, a public retail presence would be nice. There's already 3 Mac Life stores >_>

Aventura Mall, apple store is the second busiest store in the world......Microsoft is opening a full store there soon they now have a  kiosk in the mall.....hoping its soon.....sony also has a store there

Happy to see M$ opening a store in Farmington!!! Thanks Dan for the heads up!!! Will def be there tomorrow after work!!!

I was thinking to write a protest as why MS is no opening a store in Bulgaria, but then I saw there is no store in India! LOL this is the fastest growing IT market next China. MICROSOFT should really consider franchising.

When I picked up my 1520 back in December, from this store, while it was a kiosk, the guys seemed pretty excited about the products. I spoke to the store manager Rick G. as well. I asked a staff member how long they had been in their current location, which was a nice kiosk all decked out in Microsoft gear, in the middle of the lower level.He said they'd been there years. In don't go to the West Farms mall much so I didn't know. Danbury was my destination when going to a MS store. But anyway when I brought up location, thier moving upstairs from thier lower level placed kiosk that I guess gets a lot of foot traffic because its highly visible, I think I recall some hesitance from staff about the new location. The Danbury store for instance has to contend with Apple which is directly across from you, visible as you come in.The MS store, not as well positioned. I hope whatever excitement the West Farm team generates today lasts. There's a fundamental difference between Apple and MS stores in my experience. During one of my recent visits to Danbury the MS store was nice enough, people nice and engaging to an extent. It wasn't very busy so about 3 staff were having a Skype conversation using the Xbox setup, with the staff of another store. Just for ha has I went to check out the Apple store and it was BUSTLING. Staff seemed genuinely EXCITED about engaging the customers and about being there in general. Customers and staff were all over the place, voices, music etc. The MS store doesn't "feel" exciting. I don't get the same vibe that the staff is really exciting about being there or engaging customers. Maybe its because they are inherently less busy than the Apple store and are accustomed to a more laid back experience. Or maybe its the result of the company culture. Or it may be just the Danbury store. At any rate, the people are nice enough, the Apple experience however, does reflect to me how some folks who may be wavering, and not dedicated to MS products like myself, may walk out of the MS store and into the Apple store and be convinced to eat the fruit.

What an EPIC win for CT, i work in this mall (Westfarms Mall) and today has been CRAZY busy, like almost black friday crazy in front of the new Microsoft Store. Im so proud to see the customers walking arouind the mall with colorful Microsoft bags rather than those dull Apple ones...

I am lucky in the Toronto area. I am smack dab in the middle between 2 MS stores. 10mins to get to either. I was at the new one in Square One the other night which is just around the corner from the Apple store.

Both stores were reasonably busy, but the MS store had a crowd out front as they have an XBOX One just outside the door and folks were dancing with the game. It was really cool to watch. There were no dancy happy people in front of the Apple store.



I ended up stopping by the store earlier today, it was crazy busy, the msft store and the mall in general. I picked up a Surface RT while I was there, couldn't help myself. They had tons of RT's available. Great to see so many people excited about Microsoft's products.