Check out the massive lines for the Microsoft Store grand opening in Connecticut

Westfarms Mall Microsoft STore

Microsoft Stores are awesome. They’re the only place people like Daniel buy electronics these days. At least when it comes to laptops, tablets and desktops. Customer service is great and they’re just a fun place to hang with the latest tech running Microsoft’s software. Unfortunately there aren’t as many Microsoft Stores out in the wild just yet.  You’ll find nearly 60 of them in the United States, a few in Canada and one in Puerto Rico.

Today you can add one more to the tally for the US. Westfarms Mall in Farmington, Connecticut just opened to the public today. There we’re probably a few of you there today and for that we’re mad jealous. Windows Phone Central reader Atif A. went to the opening and shared some videos and photos of the event. Feel free to live vicariously through them.

Atif shot the lines of the grand opening using his Nokia Lumia 1020. 

Opening Line

Microsoft Store Line

More of the line

Microsoft Store Opening CT

See those massive lines? Pretty impressive and congrats to Microsoft on what appears to be a good launch of a new store. 

If you’re near Farmington, CT you might want to go check out the opening. It’s still going on right now and Major Nelson will be there at 6:30pm EST for some giveaways and Xbox One related promos.

Did anyone else go? Still there? Share your experience below!

Thanks for the photos Atif! 


Reader comments

Check out the massive lines for the Microsoft Store grand opening in Connecticut


You should change the cover image - looked like you were being sarcastic. The front of the store is deserted. 

Easy to put the guy down for his comment, but if you can get past feeling personally attacked, he kind of has a point.

That's a harsh knee-jerk reaction to a valid comment.  I thought exactly the same thing while perusing my aggregate reader.  I read the articles that interest me, but the title with the picture posted seemed very sarcastic.

No I agree, at first I thought u were making a joke because the pic looked empty. But upon reading I got it. Still throws you off to start with

i don't know. i immediately realized that sign is the front of the mall and not the location of the microsoft store.

Hmm, way to rock the snark there, Daniel, and with little if any provocation. I'll get back to that...

But as many others have already posted, it appeared to us - for just an ever-so-brief moment, mind you - that the first photo showing no people anywhere was intended to be sarcastic. But then, we scrolled down past that first "pretty picture" and voila, lots of people.

BTW, I checked out the Farmington, CT store's grand opening page and noticed the store is extending a generous offer for fans of the Country artists Florida & Georgia Line:

The first 200 people in line for the Microsoft opening on Saturday, March 1st, will receive two complimentary premier viewing tickets for the Florida Georgia Line performance on Sunday, March 2nd. One ticket grants the recipient admission to both the performance and the meet and greet with Florida Georgia Line before the show. The second ticket grants another person admission to the concert only. The next 2,000 people in line, at minimum, will receive two premier viewing tickets to the Florida Georgia Line performance.

I noticed on F&GL's website that they don't have any upcoming tour dates anywhere remotely near Connecticut, so it's a clever idea to get their fans in the CT area to show up in droves at the store. It's literally their ONLY opportunity to see this band anytime soon.

Whether F&GL's fans (or anyone else in the Farmington area) give a hoot about the Microsoft Store and a Windows phone or Microsoft's 2nd attempt at the Surface instead of an iPhone, Samsung or iPad remains to be seen, to say the very least.

I guess the proof in the pudding will be what kind of draw this store has six months from now, Daniel. But I suspect your unusually defensive reply to the other commenter was triggered by many reports we have all seen of various deserted Microsoft Stores, while nearby Apple Stores buzz with non-stop activity.

Perhaps this store will fare better than the one that was in Times Square.

It seems you're feeling a bit defensive to post such a long screed to an article about a store opening. A few points you apparently don't know: special concerts are a common opening day event at Microsoft Stores; promotional events are designed to bring crowds and create buzz; Microsoft's store to date have done very well in sales per square foot although Apple Stores (with far higher product margins) are the king; I'd love to see one of these internet deserted MS/busy Apple store pics that wasn't done by an Apple fanboy or faked; and, if you've been to an Apple Store (which I am guessing you have), you know that there is a fixed group of people in each store who are there mostly just to be there, sort of to worship or just be near all those cool Apple employees; the Microsoft Times Square store was a temporary holiday store.

I was thinking the exact same thing. When I first hit this article in Feedly, I thought it was Ars Technica or some other iShill site mocking a poor turnout. Glad to see that wasn't the case.

Im with you on that. I was like...."I dont see anyone. Where are all the people. *scrolls down* Oh, there they are."

I thought the exact same thing at first. My heart sank and I couldn't believe wpcentral was getting in on the MS bashing.

Then I read the article and I was very relieved that it was just a poor cover picture choice.

I guess logic doesn't come naturally to many, it has the name if the mall right smack dab in front of your eyes, it is obvious that it is not the front of the Microsoft store.

Yes, so obvious with all of the Microsoft branding on all of the windows. Maybe logic would tell you that with many malls in the US, you have access directly to the store from the outside, and there can still be the mall's branding at the entrance. Not all malls are indoor only, in fact, the majority of all new malls built in the US in the last ten years are outdoor malls (no inside walking from store to store). In northern states, a double set of doors to get into a store are common (as shown in the photo). For those who have not been to this particular mall, it is an easy assumption to make with the experiences they have with malls in there area.

except that there isn't a microsoft store sign that is outside every microsoft store and i have never seen a store that has double doors as their entrance at any mall i have ever been to. for me, ot was obvious that this a fromt entrance to the mall. you can see a store to the right of the fromt entrance and it has the type of doors you usually see at a mall store.

Microsoft does not seem to give a fuck about Europe, you can see that simply by looking at Bing in EU and their other services, like the OneDrive 100gb free promos being US only.

This is not the way to beat Google. I was hoping a new CEO would not be so US centric and would aknowledge existence of other countries as well.


It's not just about stores; how about the 100gb OneDrive offer? or Bing Rewards or.....countless other US only crap.

I guess some people just like to defend any crap even if it's right in front of them.

BTW where the hell did I mention stores in my comment? I was pointing to the overall MS stance towards their services in other markets.



But you did openly attack the new CEO, who has been in office for roughly what, 10 days?  Sorry he hasn't rolled out the red carpet to the EU in TEN DAYS.  Asshole.

But from what I've heard the bulk of Microsoft success and growth in adoption rate has been in Europe, as are the fastest released new phones...at least Nokias. Supposedly the problem there is actually the carriers. Oh well, so just like the States then...

Well, I would certaibly like to see an MS store im my Country. I don't care where exactly as its a small country. A small, fruit company infested country, unfortunately...

You are welcome. We did have fun. This is where my son wanted to be on his birthday. :)You are welcome. We did have fun. This is where my son wanted to be on his birthday. :)

Are you from Connecticut as well, Daniel?

Fingers crossed a Microsoft Store opens somewhere in Southwestern CT. Danbury and Farmington got some love, but that's well over an hour North of me. Milford and Trumbull malls would be great. I can dream! :)

Doesn't seem likely. There are now three stores within 45-60 minutes of Milford: West Hartford, Danbury and White Plains.

Sony needs to innovate. Record breaking sales for MSFT last Quarter. I am sorry for Sony.

Last time I stepped foot in a Sony store, everything was priced at MSRP and the only people stupid enough to pay those prices were foreign tourists.

Until recently, I didn't even know Sony had own stores. Apple is the only mobile tech company that has own stores in my country. Sigh.

We need one Microsoft store here in the southbay of California I hate driving to Santa Monica cause of traffic and u have to paid for parking wtf

I know how you feel. I live the in San Fernando Valley just thinking about the traffic just made me just stay home.

The SF bay area is pretty good with the stores. I frequent the Corte Madera store often..

Hope more come along your way.

Where are you talking about? The South Bay to me means San Jose and there is one there (Santa Clara, technically speaking).

Funny you're complaining about having to pay for parking LOL. I tend to celebrate when I don't have to pay for parking cause that's an exception ;-)

Yeah, I too thought it was sarcasm too lol. But watching the video really shows the queues.


So when is Microsoft Stores coming to the UK?

Same here, we need one pronto... I hope the rumours about ms turning those Nokia care points as mini ms stores is true lol.

My Nokia Care Point has already rebranded. Its now a Samesung Service Centre.
They still do Nokia but mainly Samesung.
Another Care Point I tried to use, stopped being a care point (still a phone shop with such branding) and didn't tell Nokia, what a way to waste 70 miles (South West is piss poor for any kind of services, never mind technology stores). I went drinking instead with student mates.

Oh really? In that case how about we simply stop buying MS products here in Europe? Would that please you sir? :/

I'm American. Please don't make embarassing comments like that. The US is the litigation capital of the known universe...and probably even beyond. Btw...it is we who made Tort a four letter word! 

Around the time of the original Surface launch there was a pop up kiosk style store in the Southpoint Mall in Durham.

Now I am glad that I did not get the chance to go. That crowd is incredible. I will just check it out tomorrow.

Thats what I want to know.  That line was either getting something free, or paid for.  I like Microsoft, but I see no reason for a line like that in front of a store.

In fact: "which will be hosted by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, the director of programming for Xbox."

That, I'm sure, is a huge draw.

I thought it was a live performance from Macklemore & Lewis that was happening in the video but now that you say it was Larry, it all makes sense.

Zero in Idaho state... 65% of the whole population lives within 25 minutes of downtown Boise... They need one here bad!!!

They're probably not profitable. I've only been to the Microsoft Store once and it was just my girlfriend and me and maybe two other dudes in there. The employee:customer ratio must've been 10:1. Nice store, though. I'd definitely shop there again.

Same thing here in San Diego, big nice store but almost always empty. I can't see any way that they have enough business to even cover the rent. The Apple store a few doors (and one floor) away is constantly packed. I think this is why they've gone to kiosks in a lot of locations (roughly half of their stores are really just kiosks now).

It depends on the day and time. Here in Edmonton Alberta yesterday the crowds at MS Store and Apple store were about the same. Although admittedly the Apple store does get busier at times.

Because of the huge turnout, the had to let them into the store in groups.
And there was a separate line for buying Surfaces. A huge line, I might add.

I'm genuinely impressed. Apparently all of the Microsoft haters on the internet don't represent everyone.

I went this afternoon and it was still very packed. Interestingly I did notice the Apple Store down the way was noticeably less so...much better vibe at the MS store. Good to see the competition and will be back there soon.

Nice. But I like Apple some what. Just because their competition pushes MSFT to their best ability. I thank Apple for that.

I agree, I just hate how religious Apple fans typically are. It's really annoying how close-minded some Apple fans can be. Like seriously, the Catholic Church is more open to the idea of gay marriage than some Apple fans are to switching to anything non-Apple... :/

That's very true but at the same time it is very difficult to move anyone from their comfort zone. I was hesitant to switch to Windows 8 after 7 years using Windows Vista. The only reason I made the switch was because desk top was available. Desk top keeps me in my natural habitat, ;-). But with patience many Apple users will switch to WP8 and W8 if the learning curve is not to steep.

There was a Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa went to an Apple Store. Lisa said, "Wowwwww.... It looks so... sterile..." I loved it. Apple Stores have as much personality as a Coors Lite can.

After your comment I had to look it up on YouTube. That made me laugh. Of course they called it a "Mapple" store selling mypods and myphones.

Just left, was there for about 2 hours. It was packed the whole time, and they were selling Surface RT's like crazy!!

I was there and while there were a thousand or so in line, a lot of them were getting free tickets for the concert they're sponsoring Sunday. The reality is a couple of hours later, Microsoft staffers were walking around the mall handing out the tickets to anyone who wanted them. They were also selling Surface RT's for $199 in a one-day opening day deal. I bought one and they were moving quite briskly. The store was packed through 3pm with buyers and browsers. 

I heard the same from a buddy that lives in CT and was there today, Surface RTs were moving like hotcakes. He got a original Surface RT, keyboard, 2 year warranty, case and screen protector for $300. Sounds like a great deal, but I still love my Surface 2.

Edit: this was in response to Bono's comment.

Exactly what I was seeing, I have two RT's almost bought a third for my son.. But he'll be getting mine and I'll be getting a Surface 2

They must also display windows phone devices from Samsung,Nokia ,huawie, Sony, etc in every Microsoft store across the country

I thought you were being sarcastic at first.. I was about to get a little disappointed.. Then I keep looking and... Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!! Amazing!! Go Microsoft!!! Middle finger to you Apple!!

The new Microsoft Store that opened in MISSISSAUGA, CANADA opened a few weeks ago in Square One Mall and has been packed EVERY DAY since it opened :-).... It makes me happy to see it packed everyday, and now the Apple Store nearby usually has less people.

That's surprising. I was in Toronto last Summer (I forget if I was at Eaton or Yorkdale) and saw it and it was completely dead. MS need to do a better job of where they're making these stores though. None exist in Europe while Toronto has 2 and now Mississauga which is right next to it.

Does Microsoft own the Nokia retail stores as part of the acquisition? How are those Nokia retail stores if you've been to one?

Alright.. if we're whipping out stores and comparing them I want to play. 

Southern California... we have.. like 5 of them :p 

Not even close! The mall was in "emergency" mode, as I was told by a cop (not mall security). Nobody was allowed to stand. Security and police were forcing everyone to move, if you were not in a line or did not have a Microsoft pass.

No...the people on this line will leave with new receipts for new products. Not new receipts for the same products they bought last year.


Need one near Brandon Florida hehe. I feel special and a part of something since I bought my first Windows Phone It's only the 521 from MetroPCS, but still. I'll fiddle around with this for a while then check out some of the better ones. I got the 521 for only $50 new.

I was in Farmington today too visiting relatives haha I wanted to go so badly but considering I'm 15 and cannot drive there was no way. though, really surprised at Connecticut. Most people I know in my home state are Apple Fanatics

I met Major Nelson and got a few shirts signed. He is such a laid back man, and the Titanfall Q&A was really informative. Microsoft really knows how to throw a party!

i pronounce this dude as the new face of "Not bad"  Lets retire obama.. use him  ^^  *last photo above the WPC logo**

Still waiting on Dallas, TX to get a full line store. We have two specialty stores in the Dallas area but it's disappointing to see the other major Texas cities with full line stores but for some reason we can't get a full line store here. We have plenty of Apple stores in Dallas for Microsoft to open near if that's still their strategy.


I was there. It was amazing! Got to take a picture with Major Nelson, check out some cool gadgets, we all did a Skype chat with a member of Respawn, and got some cool looking Titanfall t-shirts. It was just awesome!

MSFT should open a store in capital cities around the world soon, there isn't a store outside the US, Canada and Puerto Rico...

I'm living in Finland and of course there are no MS store here and the apple store are retail store that sell only apple stuff. In the big electronics markets we have the area MS so I really don't get a point of a MS (and for an apple store) because personally I would go there few times in a year.. I'm not buying new phone, tablet or microsoft software many time a year..

Probably we will get in Helsinki a MS store since we have here THE Nokia store and after the acquisition there would not be much to sell from Nokia..

I stopped by the store around 11:30 and it was still pretty busy. I picked up a Surface RT to play around with. They were selling a ton of them. Nice to see people getting excited for Microsoft's products. 

You don't have to pay anybody. You can have giveaways to draw crowds. A few store openings had free concerts.

I wish they would feature more gaming oriented machines, too. I understand why they don't, but I like going to the MS store. Might as well make it one stop. :)

That's so awesome!  I'm glad to see them getting the kind of public reaction that Apple stores have long enjoyed on their opening days!  Besides, the Microsoft stores look way cooler than the Apple stores do, and I say that as a former Apple employee!