Microsoft sues Samsung for violating Android licensing agreement

Microsoft sues Samsung for violating Android licensing agreement

After having struck a deal with Microsoft to license patents that Android may have violated from Windows Phone, it looks like Samsung may not be holding its end of the bargain, resulting in the wrath of Microsoft. In a blog post, the Windows Phone OS-maker has announced that it will sue Samsung for not paying royalties for using patents that Microsoft owns in its Android-based Galaxy phones and tablets.

"As you may have seen, on Friday Microsoft filed legal action against Samsung in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York," Microsoft stated, highlighting its intentions. "Today's legal action is simply to enforce our contract with Samsung."

Microsoft notes that Samsung had been complying with the IP licensing agreement until late last year when sales of its Android line quadrupled since the agreement started. Microsoft states that Samsung had made its second year royalty payments late and the Android-maker has not paid interest on that late payment. Additionally, Samsung has been threatening to breach payments again.

"After becoming the leading player in the worldwide smartphone market, Samsung decided late last year to stop complying with its agreement with Microsoft," Microsoft said.

Microsoft speculates that Samsung is using Microsoft's acquisition of the Nokia devices and services division as a reason to not pay licensing fees, a move that is deemed "meritless."

There were similarly rumored bad blood between Samsung and Google after Google announced its acquisition of rival Motorola Mobility. Motorola is now being sold off to Lenovo, freeing up Google from competing in the hardware space with Samsung.

Do you think Samsung is wrong here?

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Microsoft sues Samsung for violating Android licensing agreement



If Samsung pushed their Windows tablets more than all the advertising they do for their Android products and if they made more Windows Phones, maybe Microsoft wouldn't have done this.
I'm confident Microsoft will win.
@Chuong: "Sasmung"in the fifth paragraph.

Well he's right, in the time it takes for a battery to go bad, it'll be time to get a new one anyways, especially with all the latest talk about expanding how long the batteries of tomorrow will last (from having two batteries in a device to just plainly having better management). ;)

Is better if the battery die on a Lumia because u can easy remplace it, but in a Samsung, you know, you can have explosive results LOL

Easily replace the battery on a Lumia 920!!?! Not nearly as easy as remove the back of the phone, remove defective battery, replace with same part, replace back cover, charge, ????, profit!!!!

Man, I've seen videos on doing that and for being such big phones, those NOKIAS seem very difficult to fix anything on.

I think you got mixed some things :)

Let's put it this way:

You and me go to some place, you cary your Nokia (non-removable battery) fully charged. I cary my ATIV S, fully charged but i do bring a spare battery fully charged too.

Your battery dies, your phone dies

My battery dies, I took the back cover, swap the spare battery, my phone still works.

So, you were talking about Nokia's battery? :)))

I certainly see where you're coming from but my NL1520 gets more than an entire day with one charge, honestly 24+ hours unless I'm using navigation (Nokia drive turn by turn navigation with voice) they also were selling these aesthetically pleasing on the go micro USB charging packs a while back which I think were about the same price as a new battery. But I can see how that would compare if I wouldn't have one of those packs.

We were talking about Lumia 920, read before you jump. :)))

Like it or not, removable battery is always a better choice than non-removable one. :) 

Well since i have already jumped i might as well ask, were you comparing the NL920 with a samsung windows phone or the s5?

The Nokia Lumia 920 came out in November of 2012 which means its been almost two years since its release while the s5 came out this year, the comparison isn't really fair. From my understanding you were comparing it for the fact that it does not have a removable battery which the NL1520 also doesn't have. Also with the new Cyan/8.1 update there seems to be a rapid charging update as well which means to recharge your phone with a power pack shouldn't take as long as you're trying to make it seem. Not having a removable battery doesnt seem to be problem if it means they can mold the Li-ion battery to make your phone thinner and better looking.

If you feel that you really need the removable battery option then by all means go ahead and have it, I however do not see it as a flaw in design in any way.

and again you didn't read and yet you jumped again. I was talking (or comparing) with the Samsung ATIV S, which also came in december 2012 :)

But ok, have your way :)

then buy a powebank with high MAH. it is better than removable battery replacing with spare battery you need to open the back cover just to replace it is risky in public areas what if while you replace your battery and suddenly you drop your phone, but if you use powerbank just plug it in and use your lumia920

Same goes for the powerbank too in public areas. What if you DROP the powerbank while wanting to plug in? :)))) c'mon guys, are we seriously disqus this? :)

B Diddy its all about preference carrying around battery packs OR extra batteries is only for hardcore users, for the average user this isn't a real problem (they just plug in to their strategically laid out charger array ;), home-car-office) but I can appreciate what your point is about removable batteries. I myself did a little jig when the 1520 came with that huge battery that last me ALL Day without having to juice up.Prior to that I had chargers everywhere for my 920

But u might get an epileptic seizure while holding your Nokia. And if that happens, it might fall and break. Or if it doesn't break, u might get struck by lightning, causing the unremovable Nokia battery to melt. 

Best way not to break your unremovable Nokia battery is by. Well, not getting a Nokia. You are welcome. 

No i have a knob. Ask your mom. Regards, someone that might be your dad.

Seriously tho, is this the level people are communicating on, on this website nowadays..? Maybe u should try something like the Disney forums Fndlumia, they might suit your current level of mental development.

Mega Amp Hours! Wow! That much power can even keep a house powered for several days! Those must be expensive and heavy! (sorry couldn't resist.)

I used to think of it that way before I got my 925. Now I see it like this. If I send a phone with removable battery in for repair, I ger a new phone but same dead battery. If I send the 925 in, new phone and new battery. It's a win. The 925 last pretty much all day unless you're using navigation or 6tag. I've solved that by plugging the wall charger into my car and leaving it there and just keeping the wireless plate in the house.

Not always. Like the iPhone battery is non-removable

but can be easy removed by the 2 screws near the power connector on the down side. pick of the glass or aluminium back plate and your almost done. I hope the newer Lumias with the nice metal aluminium frame edge get the same idea.

yeah, true, but how that differs from a fully charged spare battery? With power banks, you still have to charge your phone (time is precious), on the other side, when you have already fully chraged spare battery, you just swap the battery and you are good to go fully charged :)

@Boris, You could also buy a 3rd party spare with the same physical size with like 1.5x the power or a bigger one with a different back cover for over twice the power. Having a user replaceable battery has its benefits. Samsung owners have no complaints in that regard.

You could also buy a power pack and use it with your current and future phones. With spare batteries you will have to buy new ones when you buy a new phone. Just don't drain your phone fully before plugging in the power pack, then you will not have to wait for charging. I use a NL620 with replaceable battery, just never used that option in favoure of a power pack. No need to open it up or to restart it, all time wasted.

I have the 1520 it last longer then any phone I ever tried, I even save a pic where it last 4 days, and get this the 1520 cannot be open, I like phones like this where I do not have to carry a battery like back in the days

my Lumia 520 with wifi turned off, no cell service, lowest brightness, and battery saver, can last up to 25 days on a full charge. ANY phone can last a long time, it entirely depends on how much you use it, and what features you use or avoid. 

Agreed. I've owned 1 phone with a non removable battery. Hated it. Never again.

Posted via WP Central App from my Galaxy S4 Mini with an LED CrackLight ;-)

I have battery packs for that, from TYLT. I have one that can charge 2.5 phones and one that can charge one phone and also doubles as my walljack adapter that I plug the USB cord into.

What if i have a portable charger?? :) i have two of them for example? Your second battery dies and i can recharge my phone but you cannot :)

What if I have 3 spare baterries? :) LOL

It's all about "What if..." and which scenario the user preffer. I don't carry poratble charger, simply cuz i don't need one. I have a spare battery, but that's just that, Spare Battery, which i mostly not use it :)

Extra batteries don't come cheap. You can get a portable charger for almost the same cost. So in you story, while you switch off the phone and replace the battery, I simply plug in my portable charger and am good to go

Any one worried about not having enough battery capacity just needs to buy a USB battery pack. You mess about replacing battery and resetting phone, I would plug in the battery pack.

Well, you can remove the case, just have to remove few screws - T2, but if you do it at Nokia Care, they will professionally do it. So if the battery has a problem you can always replace it just like any other phone.

LOL, ofc u can change battery on any phone. 920 , 720 or any other unibody design phone. U don't need to buy new phone :D . 

Nokia batteries were crafted by the hammer of Thor and in the image of Michaelangelo's David. In other words they're really good and by the time one goes bad you couldn't POSSIBLY not be thinking about a new phone.

I consider removable battery a standard which allows me to swap out a drained or dead battery and/or if the device freezes for whatever reason. Anything less and I am compromising on my mobility and troubleshooting methods. It can be considered personal preference, but it at least in the long run I can renew the life of the device with a new battery.

You'll be thinking about it soon enough or the person who buys you phone will when he can't get more than a couple hours out of a charge

I had a 920. One of the worse battery life of a phone battery I ever had. I wish it had a removable battery. A spare would've been handy.

I charge my L920 after 2days & still have 15-20% left with Chatting,Youtube,Videos & other stuff.Btw I'm on DP.Lumia cyan will definitely increase battery life.

It is not so easy to say Cyan will improve battery life. In my case official Cyan and 8.1 on L925 nothing has happened. Battery is in the some situation like it was before. For comparison. with Black and WP 8  life of battery was app 3 days and 5 hrs. Now Cyan and WP 8.1 build 890  2 days and 5 hrs approximately. Many people thing Cyan will do everything but reality is sometimes different. 

Wp8.1 is really shit in terms of optimizations & Microsoft is just pushing updates which basically a step backwards foe eg:-Music,Video & the worst Games hub.Some leaks which were fake seemed nicer.This one is of Cortana http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QML1BVi_C8A & I'm unable to find a fake leak of Games hub on wp8.1 but is was just badass.Wp is just beta in the second update of wp8.1 i was getting great battery life everybody was getting it but now after 3-4 Dp updates battery life significant reduced hope all the BATTERY BUGS are solved in future updates.

You probably got a bad one. You should have taken it to a Nokia care.

Just a couplde of months ago I was in Denmark and took many photos and recorded videos the whole day, meaning the screen was on pretty much constantly. I had brought a power bank with me but I was lucky enough to pour shitloads of water on it before the travel so I wasn't able to use it. The battery lasted until I was getting back and on the bus I tried the power bank to see if it had dried and bam, I was lucky. I could charge it on the way back so I was able to listen to music and watch youtube.

I've had my Samsung for about 18 months, and I have reason to change the battery every day. Horse for courses :-)

Having a couple of spare batteries worth me and being able to change the batter means running out of power just isn't a consideration and i charge the others without plugging my phone.

Having said that, I'm not a fan of the Ativ at all.

I just don't get why Nokia puts removable bat. AND sdcard in the likes of my sons 620 (great little phone) and not their higher end phones. If they had sdcard and removable bat. I'd get a Lumia in a heartbeat and there'd be no reason for me to put up with the Ativ nastiness.

I guess that can be a problem in places where carriers don't act as the middleman, but I really don't have a problem with manufacturer support being non-existant as long as the phone is user-servicable. I void warranties.

I have an SE. If you're shopping, get the M8 when it rolls out unless a replaceable battery is an absolute must. SE is still on 8.0, there has been zero word on a firmware update for 8.1 and it needs it badly. Currently experiencing random touch screen lockups and it's 50/50 whether the phone reboots when you start up the camera. Activating the LED with flashlight app will reboot the phone.
It's about the same price as what the M8 will sell for yet, it is a plastic phone. The screen is not as good as the M8, SE is also stuck with BT 3.0 not 4. The SD slot will take a 128 GB card like the M8 but it's an SDHC slot. Slower read and write speeds than the SDXC on the M8.
The only thing the SE has on the M8 besides replaceable battery is that it's a lot lighter.

Cant figure out whats worse. Depriving users with a high end phone certains features, or screwing over entry level phone customers with 512 memory. I would seriously consider getting a Nokia phone as the next phone, but I can't shake the feeling Nokia is purposely screwing customers. The Nokia fanboyism is strong, so the sheep customers will keep on buying purposely crippled phones anyways i guess.

It is high-end, but it's too large for a lot of people and it's still THE ONLY one that has a card slot. I still cannot understand WHY they refuse to put slots in 900 and 1000 series.

Good. Unless Nokia releases a phone from 900 or 1000 series with an SD card Slot, my next WP will be Ativ, because 32 GB is way too little.

@ procen I was replying to Vinit Pratap Obviously... Thread is too long for replies to be "shrunken" even more... i get email notifications from people who don't reply to me as well.

And if you don't know what I mean, then just look at your own comment. It looks like you just replied to yourself right now...

@Sargon Aelther "Vinit Pratap" is replying to you and it went to me. That's why I said this replying issue WPCentral need to fix and I'm glad that you noticed it too. Sorry if I offended you!

The reason is because WP didn't support games and app installations in SD card , so your argument is invalid for all models except for the . Hopefully , all the next flagships by Nokia will have micro SD expansion

Oh and Apps and games are the ONLY things that people put on SD cards.....

They put sd cards in all the low-mid-range phones, but NOT on the high-end ones (except for 1520), JUST BECAUSE you were unable to install apps on SD card. Likely story.

Yeah hopefully next flagships will have them, but by looking at 930 I see no hope.

I have 128gb microsdxc in my 1520. I wouldn't sacrifice my phones aesthetics and slim style for a removable battery... If the matt stopped charging, I'd send it in for repair

And you can't have multiple batteries to swap out when one of them runs out... And again:
1520 is too large for a lot of people and it's still THE ONLY one that has a card slot. I still cannot understand WHY they refuse to put slots in 900 and 1000 series.

The lower end Nokia phones like 521 and 635 have SD card slots. I saw that as the biggest issue to but pretty much everything is on OneDrive so you really have no need for the SD card. I like being able to access files from phone, PC, and tablet from anywhere. With a SD card you need to physical insert into whatever device you're trying to use. God forbid that card came from a android device with malware. (speaking from experience)

Oh yes having an SD card slot is an issue, because that card somehow mind-tricks you into inserting a card there, even if you don't want to.

Also don't put malware on android from torented crap and it won't be on your sd card...

You wanna use your OneDrive ONLY? Fine go ahead. I like to store certain information locally and 32 GB is not enough for me. Oh but I forgot. Having options in High-End phones is "bad".

I never said it was a bad thing to have options. I only explained why "I" don't view it as a problem anymore. The SD cards didn't come from torrented devices. One belonged to my wife, and I noticed while moving files from her card to my computer. The other belonged to my mom while trying to help her with a malware problem on her laptop over the phone noticed the source of the problem tied to the files copied from her phone. As for OneDrive, you can always move files from your phone to an external hard drive but I have no need to. I used to keep everything on an external to keep my PC empty until it crashed one day with everything on it. If I had copies of those files on OneDrive, I would still have them. SD cards die and get damaged, hard drives het damaged, for me one drive is a life saver. Not to mention being able to access important files across devices. Some people may still need a SD card but so far I am surviving without it.

Only if you're driving in some rural area in the middle of nowhere. In that case you should be driving and not on the phone anyway. I have tmobile and even I have service or wifi pretty much everywhere in Orlando, California, and Chicago and every place in between except small parts of desert roads. For music during traveling I just keep music on the phone or do Nokia radio offline, here maps works no matter what. For movies if I'm ever in the passenger seat which is almost never, I copy something to the phone storage or just use the app on the phone to download a few movies or tv shows direct to the phone. I've been wanting an SD card for my surface 2 but have not been forced to have to use one yet.

Good point, but not everyone is in the us of a. In Europa, a rural area is really a rural area. ;) 

i've also stayed in hotels where the walls are so thick that i barely get cellphone reception (in Europe, we build buildings using bricks and stone, not a lot of wood like u do in America) and wifi is barely usable because of the many users. Nice having your data in the cloud, but without a descent connection it is all pointless.

Not every house I America is built with wood. In Chicago, homes are built with bricks. I see your point though. For a place like Europe, it may be necessary to need an SD card. You have no signal or wifi so it's your only option. I wasn't thinking of other countries. Also again, I have nothing against SD cards. Only explaining how I've got used to not needing one.

Ummm, when a high end Nokia phone comes with 32 GB of space....i have 2.5GB of music, a ton of apps (and I keep my phone clear of pictures every so often since they are auto uploaded to OneDrive), plus the OS and I still have 8+ GB of space left.

Exactly what I was trying to say. No need to have anything on the phone. Access any picture, one note, music file or anything else without it being on the phone. It still opens just as fast as if it were on the phone though. I keep a small amount of files in three folders on my 925. That's it.

My point is you don't *need* an external drive. If you can't adapt, that's not my fault or Nokia's, but don't expect companies to sink money into things that aren't necessary just because you can't give up your SD card that is needless.

No it's YOU who don't need an external drive. I do. And I'm sick of people telling others what they need and don't need. This is why I don't use crApple. If nobody needed external storage they wouldn't make it. I'll simply get Samsung Ativ for my next WP, unless Nokia releases a device from 900 or 1000 with a slot. Simple as that.

Some people probably still "need" a diskette drive to because they haven't learned to adapt to technology. I used to be in your shoes before I realized I could store everything in the cloud and still access it in real time. I have SD cards that I no longer use.(too many to hold all the things I needed them for( I still have a 3tb external drive, I still have blank cd's that I no longer use. They go bad eventually, and I've got cases of burned data cd's/dvd's that I just don't want to look through. External storage is not a bad thing. Some if us just learn to live without it. I keep an SD card in my Canon, because I actually need it there.

@Cornelius Hardy I'm getting tired of this thread. Again I keep hearing how people who need SD cards are too dumb to "learn" how to not need them....

Sounds exactly the same like all the anti-file-manager arguments a while ago:
I, John Doe, the self-proclaimed Emperor of the world, have no need for a file manager on my phone (because my god Steve Jobs told me so), therefore I decree that nobody else should have the OPTION to have a file manager. If they claim they need one then they shall be labelled fools, for not learning to do things exactly the way I do. Also every man should have the same haircut as me, or they will be executed.

Well now we do have a file manager and nobody's phone blew up when another person downloaded "files" app on their phone. Nobody would be forced into using an SD Card in case Nokia released 935 or 1030 with an SD card slot either.

It's an argument best left alone, I've found. To some people on the internet "I don't need..." means "No one needs.."

It's even funny that people equate you needing an sd card to you using a diskette, as if sd cards are now defunct technology just becuase some manufacturers are eliminating them from phones. Many people on the internet can't see beyond their needs and will argue you to death about why you shouldn't need it either. :)

Try using OneDrive to watch a movie or listen to music on an aeroplane, or when you have a crappy "G" signal, or no signal at all.

I'm sorry,"The Cloud" is just not a solution for lack of on-device storage.

In cases like that why not just move a movie or the music you need to your phone. I can have around 10 movies in flv format on my 925 at any one time. That's way more than enough movies for a flight. You obviously have enough space on the phone that you don't have to move everything to external devices. I'm not against SD cards people, I'm only saying I've learned to live without them.

I'm American too but I'd be lying to myself if I thought that way. America copies too. Half of the things you use are made someplace else. Why do you thing "made in the u.s" or "local grown" is such a huge thing here. As companies we want to prove to consumers that we can source everything we need right here in the U.S. Only problem is it's expensive to do so and we have to pass the cost along to the consumer. Some of us overcharge to overcharge because we're greedy like that.

They licensed the patents. SO, they have a right to use them. What they have to do is honor the contract they signed and pay for the patents.

The moment they don't pay on time, the beach clauses in the contract come into force. Count on it, Microsoft has them dead to rights. They wouldn't spend the money. And these aren't decorative design patents for rectangles with rounded corners. Microsoft's patents here are solid, technical inventions that before et al have validated.

It would be interesting to know how much posts business goes on been these two, as that relationship complicated things with Apple a good deal.

Did you read the article?? Samsung stopped paying the royalties that allowed them to use Microsoft patents for Android

Actually that's incorrect, they paid the royalties late and now owe interest on the royalties they paid which is the reason why Microsoft is suing them, you should have read the article a little better before commenting.

Actually, you get a license AND PAY for the license SO you get to use the patented features. Licensing is just one part of the whole process, paying is the other part. The way you have purposely expressed it makes it sound as if you just license and use them and then let the courts decide to force you to pay.

I would agree except the infringed patents actually relate to Android, you know that mobile OS by that search company!!!!

Please replace the phrase the 1520 is too large for most people with slightly ahead of its time. In 6-12 months in no one will be saying a 6" phone is too large. Yet people's hands will not be any bigger. Ergo, the 1520 is not too large for most people now, its just too much bigger than the tiny phones at the end of their life cycle. and the battery in my 1520 lasts about twice as long as any Samsung phone, so why would I need the hassle of a removable battery. The last Samsung I had (focus s) the back cover started falling off all the time after a year. I'll never buy a phone like that again.

Those that have money keep their money by not spending it. My guess is Samsung's lawyers told them not to pay these fees...They knew full well Microsoft would fire back but they obviously think they will win because they are the great and powerful Samsung!...Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I like Samsung tv's. I owned the commercial plasmas and never seen another brand come close to the quality and how long it lasts. Don't really care for galaxy's, note's, or tabs at all. I don't know if it's the device ir the android I can't stand though.

I don't think Panasonic has a commercial tv. I'm not talking normal house tv's although the regular Samsung tv's I've seen have been remarkably better than other brands. When I say commercial I'm talking $2,000+ tv's that can be left on 24/7. An image can be paused for long periods of time without damage. More connections available than the standard tv. My brother has a 50" Panasonic and it's nice but doesn't look as crisp as other Samsungs. Pioneer was actually my favorite brand before they stopped making them.

Who said commercial then? Only one brand that kept making beaytufull plasmas and refining the techniques used. With their plasma screens and neoplasma they were top notch. No competition, 

You won't see plasmas used commercially for 24/7 on solutions, cause plasmas use somewhat more power then ie led, and suffers from burn in with static pictures over time.

But this is all kind of offtopic, haha.

Most of the Android patents that MSFT hold were shown to be worthless and/or out of date (according to Mary Jo Foley, when the Chinese leaked them recently). It's high time MSFT stopped making money of Android; I hope this lawsuit gets thrown out.

Even if these patents are worthless and only worth $0.50/device, imagine how much money that is worth. Samsung agreed to pay $X per device so they better pay up, even if it's only pennies.

These patents are far from worthless, MSFT collects close to $2 billion per year from Google just off Android patent royalties and licensing. 2 billion dollars isn't that worthless...

Yes, and Android is making MS money, while WP is half-dead at the bottom of the usage charts.

Pathetic and sad. But then again, this is Microsoft.

Samsung new exactly which patents they were licensing. THey still signed the contract and have to abide by it. The chinese leak has nothing to do with this.

I'm making fun of "Pete the Penguin" with his remark. That's why I said my dog is smarter than a Penguin.

Question for anyone who understands the american law system. How is it decided which court (i.e. in which state etc) things like this will be filed?

Basically in w.e state it is filed. In this case the article mentions it will start at a district court, and the location happened to be southern New York district

They are not filing a patent infringement case. This is case to enforce a contract signed by samsung.