Microsoft Surface NYC Live Blog

We're here live in New York City for Microsoft's big Surface announcement. Microsoft is expected to announce some new members to the Surface family, including a Surface Mini and a larger, more robust Surface Pro 3. Will they have more? Will they have less? There's only one way to find out and that's by tuning into our live coverage of the event.

Doors open at 10 AM ET and the announcement will begin at 11 AM ET (15:00 GMT). Need to know your specific time? Head here for a full listing of your time zones.

Head past the break for our live blog, chat room and even the embed of the video (if not, you can watch it at Microsoft's News site here).



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Microsoft Surface NYC Live Blog


Yup. Totally agree with you. Works fine on my windows phone. Did you watch the whole thing? I was like Wow! Its not just an iPad killer but also a laptop killer!

Nope. I only streamed for about two minutes since I'm almost at my 3gb of high speed data limit(then it goes to 2g) which resets tomorrow. But it was flawless.

Well let's say Hi then to you all.
Alto I knew about the website I didn't sign up before.
Hope to hear some nice things about the Surface and figure out what mobile I'm going to buy.
I'm thinking about the Nokia 930 but are a bit wondering how it will go with apps.


Thx, well to be honest i have been 3 years without any mobile phone. Yes I know I missed a lot.

I think I will stick with the Nokia 930 indeed as it looks nice was just wondering how the app development is going now day's. Still see a lot of websites etc who do not offer any wp app.

I just bought a Galaxy S5 and my wife bought an Icon which is essentially a 930.  I like my Surface so I really wanted to give WP a try, but I really liked the features of the S5.  Some may be gimmicky but many are quite useful.

The Icon is very nice and WP is slick and more responsive than the S5, but WP and ecosystem just isn't all the way "there" yet.  Still a bit immature.  Although what is there, like Bing Weather and Here apps are really good from what I have seen.  Surprisingly, the S5 has been more stable so far despite me being more of a power user.  The Icon will suit most people just fine, but if you like complete customization and have a lot of specific apps you need it may leave you wanting.  The Nokia will almost certainly age more gracefully.  Put one through your typical use scenarios before you buy.  It's a great phone, you may love it or you may find it lacking, it all depends on personal preference.


Thx, it helps giving me a tought indeed. Most of the functions I think I use are Office and as navigator during my horse rides. Making photo's in good quality is more my thing during these rides. Maybe sometimes I will use Facebook or Whatsapp but I can do without. I will give it a tought and try it out when it comes in to store in France. The S5 is also something I look at but very expensif if I compare it to the Nokia 925 for example. With a basic contract it cost over €300,- more.


If I were buying outright for that price difference I'd probably go with the 925.  I'm on contract here in the US so the price difference wasn't much.

I picked up a 925 for $75 off contract (AT&T) a month ago.  I picked it up to upgrad to WP 8.1 and not upgrade my current phone, 920.  I wish it had more storage, but I like the phone for $75 for sure.

What isn't "there"from the ecosystem? I haven't found an app that I need that hasn't been available from the Windows Store, or a thrid party app that does the same thing.

Sob sob... That's the first thing which came up in my mind when I read the above comment... Lol

Windows Phone is way more stable than Android without a doubt. Every app that I need is absolutely there. It has most apps that any normal user uses. I'm speaking from my experiences.

I hope it's not RT.  I like a lot of things about RT, but after more than a year I am fed up with IE 10/11 on my Surface.  Since they refuse the open up the APIs to other browsers I am done with RT, with the price and performance of full windows tablets now RT doesn't make a whole lot of sense anyway.

I thnk it was a ComputerWorld "story" that is getting requoted.  Usually, the bigger sites would jump on that, but The Verge, Engadget, WPC, etc. have not squashed the Mini announcement which also usually means they are under an NDA embargo to post anything about the Mini (a common requirement for test units and invites to these press conferences). Weeks of conjecture from the bigger outlets followed by silence...

But hey, I could be wrong...

There wasn't! And I think that's for the best. Yesterday I was thinking it would be a mistake to show everything in one press event. Details would get lost. Devices would be covered better if they are announced months apart!

Put the 41 MP Pureview on a Surface phone and I will fly over to Microsoft Headquarters to pick it up. :D

That would be interesting indeed.  Still, SurfacePhone or not, that they are continuing the Surface line is a demonstration of their commitment to the platform.  This should be encouraging given the doom-and-gloom people seem to be reading somewhere??? (I had a coworker TELL ME that Surface was being cancelled. I simply replied that he was insane).  The recent report link published on WPC indicating Surface as top tablet did surprise me, though.  Not because it isn't a great product, I do quite love mine, but because of the misinformation out there.

Compared to WP it's underdeveloped and not as well thought out. It shouldn't strive to be Windows, it should strive to be its own thing to fit its hardware and software best.

Yea just a statement with no justification, sounds about right. Look I can do it too, iOS and Android sux

I'm a big RT fan... on a tablet that is only used for "tablety" things, it's nearly perfect.

I like RT, but they need to work on performance enhancements... Maybe build an x86/64 emulator on it to run desktop Windows apps. But only available through the Windows Store and not online.

I really hope the Surface Pro 3 is a Windows 8 tablet in a Surface 3 form factor. No vents, less than 2 pounds, long battery life...

Sounds like it actually worked on you. I use my RT tablet every day and love it. RT is a tablet is stop comparing it to pro that's just stupid and anyone with any knowledge of mobile should know that

If IE10/11 was decent I'd agree with you.  But it sucks.  Pretty much unusable on the original Surface RT without Privacy lists enabled.  RT needs another browser option before I'll consider it again.

Not on the original Surface RT.  It has some strong design points, I'll give it that, but in real world use it's horribly slow and flakey.  On a newer device it may be OK, but I wouldn't trust Microsoft to keep it that way through the life of the device.

What exactly about a surface pro makes it NOT a tablet? Isn't it almost the same form factor as the rt surface? Touchscreen, portable, 10"?

Surface Pro has a full x86/64 processor. Something that the iPad and 99% of Android tablets don't. Surface Pro can natively run full Windows desktop apps. The iPad and 100% of Android-only tablets can not.

RT is a tablet competing with iPad's and androids. That's why they don't have legacy apps either. Its powerful enough to use for school and everyday use. I don't understand how you people cannot comprehend this.

Well yea, but people make it sound like RT is useless when it has a detachable keyboard. Great for note taking really.

okay, this is the last chance for microsoft to keep me as a ustomer xD But only if they'll announce a smartwatch. Another reason to #switch to android is the US-only thing ._.

I will never understand why anyone would want a smartwatch... the very definition of gimmick in my eyes. I suppose there are limited, specific applications where it would make sense... but day to day life is not one of them.

I want one, but not the current crop.  The MotoACTV is the type of smartwatch I lust for.  That was a real smart watch, a rival to the best sports watches on the market, it just wasn't developed to it's full potential before the plug got pulled.

I love how all of the press/media are using MacBook Pro's at a Surface event, because the Surface makes a horrible lap experience. Irony aside, I'm still excited for the announcement!

Didn't look square to me!
Nevermind, I don't know what I was looking at before. Now what I see is quite squarish.

what was the movie played while they introduced onenote with movie :D and yeah it lagged so much so couldnt see all

Thank you WPCentral for the Livestreaming! I enjoyed the fact that they didn't entertain any useless 8" device which I think will remain religated to the RT class.

Surface Team, thank you so much! Its such a wonderful device and definitely very personal I've ever seen in my life until now...well from my windows phone actually. Anyway great job guys. Gonna wait for it to ship to Singapore :)

I wanted a mini. :( But 800 starting for the big one is not a bad thing. I already have a nice MacbookPro though. Was kinda looking forward to a more portable tablet with the digitizer. 

I was planning on buying a new ultrabook touch to replace my old laptop... but now I will consider the surface pro 3.  I already have the surface RT, but I wanted 12-13" screen so this surface might be my next device.

Hey Daniel you tweeted that your camera rocks in which I would agree. What camera was Mark shooting with?