Microsoft Surface Tablets shipping October 26th? Pricing still speculative

Microsoft Surface shipping October 26th?

Microsoft has, in a round about way of doing things, may have unintentionally announced that the Surface tables will become available on October 26th. In a filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, Microsoft states:

"The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices."

According to the original announcement from June, this would be the WindowsRT version of the Surface with the Surface Pro making it to market about 90 days after the WindowsRT hits.

Pricing was not mentioned in the SEC filing but in a separate statement to WinSupersite, Microsoft comments that,

"Suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC."

This leaves the initial pricing point wide open and could range from what? $500ish on up?  A 32gb iPad is running $599 and a middle of the road Ultrabook taps out around $750.  If that pricing range holds true, the original speculation that pricing could start as low as $399 might be on the low side.

Pricing aside, if the October 26th release holds true, October is shaping up to be a big month for Microsoft. Hopefully the pricing guessing game won't last much longer with Microsoft making an official announcement on pricing that will pleasantly surprise everyone.

Source: winsupersite


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Microsoft Surface Tablets shipping October 26th? Pricing still speculative


What more specs do you want? And the official site of surface you have all the specs that matter. Only if you want to know which color the circuitboard has :) joke.

But wouldn't it be more expensive to put the second digitizer in the RT, especially if they want pricing to stay competitive?

I have feeling they don't want to share price points so consumers don't get the wrong idea. 3 months in tech time is years and ARM tabs could drop price. I bet Apple is waiting for a price so they can match it accordingly. Microsoft knows fanboys are ready with their wallets but m$ bread and butter is business. If they can undercut Apple even by $50, that's something.

+1 It would be a big mistake to announce pricing now if by waiting 90 days they could cut it by $100. Its worth keeping us in the dark to create an even bigger wave later by making it 20%-40% cheaper than the iPad. I'm giving MS props here, they usually bungle things like this.

I think the look of the Visio units are great, but theverge had a review up of the two different models and the main complaint on one of the units was having to press the keys really hard to register input and the touchpad responsiveness. I forget which unit, but you should checkout the video review

Well I always check the computers in person and there's no flaws I checks the notebook out this past Thursday and very impressed but not to big on price tag

Too bad I'll have to wait until January for Surface Pro. In the meantime I'll pick up a 7" RT tablet.

He didn't specify Surface 7" RT tablet. Any of the other manufacturers could release a 7" RT tablet.

Im going to buy the RT, now that i not in school i dont need a full laptop like device. The RT will replace my kindle fire and my desktop. It'll make life much easier and it looks amazing overall. Red keyboard for me. :D

750$ is not much if you look at the specs, you get a "ultrabook" with windows 8. All the specs that i saw earlier are are good and for the price its fair. Hope it comes to europe soon.

+1 to that. ive got the A500 and baby brother A100. i want the Surface badly, im typing ths on my A500, and even overclocked to 1.5Ghz its still laggy... i need a smooth device, a responsive device because though these are great, they are handycapped by the OS. no matter cyanogenmod, jellybean, or whatever they come up with next (turdsammich? j/k) its still a laggy machine. wish i could flash W8 Release on this puppy... guess i have 2 wait for MS. just hope they dont fail me and bring them out at an insane price or my wife wont let me get 1. jejeje

Married men are heads of household. As such, I delegate what my wife does with the money: I trust her to make sound purchasing decisions. But when I make an executive decision to purchase something, I consider the impact on my family before making the decision to buy: most of the time.

Marriage is not 50/50. My wife is not a child; hence, I treat her with respect and the dignity she deserves. But, I do not share my role as head of household. I'm the "decider".

Don't forget that "Selling" and "Shipping" are two totally different things. Having said that I'll take 3 or 4 depending on the price.

Thats correct fpostrow, but all manufacturers only account for the shipping numbers when quarterly reports are released. I just hope Microsoft don't over charge for the Surface RT version.

a price at 399-449.00 would undercut competitors for the RT. Would like the pro, keyboard included for 599.00 :D I would purchase at that price right away. I hope they do not price them much more than what their partners price theirs

Oh boy. Gotta sit patiently waiting for the pro. I live in Indonesia, i dont think they'll ship here either....do they?

Are you sure, can you provide a source.
I thought the RT version didn't support stylus input.
I hope you're right.

That's pretty much what I think. I work with a full fledged pc, for like 10 hours a day, I want a different kind of device for my ludic activities. RT for me as well.

I will be foregoing my debt payment plan to purchase at least two Surface RT tablets sight unseen; cyan and red, or orange.