Microsoft teams up with Avanade to bring enterprise solutions to Windows Phone

Avanade, business solutions and managed services provider, has sealed a new partnership with Microsoft to develop and release enterprise solutions and services for Windows Phone. The strategic relationship, announced today, will see Avanade collaborate with Microsoft to develop said applications to enhance business productivity and increase the rate of adoption throughout the sector.

Avanade executive vice president, Ian Jordan, has said that the two companies will also be working closely with Accenture, and as additional investment into the platform, Avanade is building "Windows Phone Centers of Excellence" in the United States, Europe, China and India, which will bring foster innovations that address the specific needs of enterprises, mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

"Microsoft’s strength in consumer, enterprise solutions and cloud services positions it well to create a compelling mobile offering to empower a new generation of consumers and organisations. Today’s announcement will stimulate innovation in mobility, leading to new services and solutions to create greater value for mobile customers."

Avanade will also be enabling unique business productivity functionality by integrating Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and Lync into the mobile platform. Paul Bryan, senior director of the Windows Phone division at Microsoft, goes onto talk about businesses requesting a new wave of mobile solutions to meet the increasing expectations of both employees and consumers.

All in all, interesting stuff. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft tackles business and the working sector with Windows Phone (and Windows 8).

Source: iTWire; Thanks, Jason F., for the tip!


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Microsoft teams up with Avanade to bring enterprise solutions to Windows Phone


So my first thought, is that I'm excited I may actually be able to use my phone for my work email... (they require device encryption) That was immediately followed by, "but I'll probably have to buy an app like the Android users do..."And finally, "Why can't MS just put this functionality right in the build where it belongs??"Seriously - we already saw that Lync support was coming, and MS has boasted on the SharePoint integration many times. Now they need a 3rd party partner to make the MS technologies work with the other MS technologies??

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, so it's not like they're turning to the competition here ...

If your work place allows Android access to Exchange, find out who has them and go see which Android devices they have. There are a whole lotta Android phones that do NOT have device-level encryption.Likewise with earlier iPhone models.Windows Phone does have what is almost device-level encryption in that it takes advantage of the security features in SD cards. If the card is removed and put into another device it is unreadable. Put the card in another Windows Phone and it is reformatted. After explaining this (with sources in hand ready to hand over) to my IT department, I was given corporate email access.

I never thought of it that way, that explains why the "odd" behavior they chose for the SD cards... may be I should suggest this to our IT team :P

The Android users have to buy the Touchdown app to connect to Exchange. I don't know how deep the encryption runs with that method, but it's established enough that Android and iOS have joined BlackBerry and WM6.5 as supported platforms. From this announcement, I'm hoping at the very least, WP7 will get a "Touchdown" style app to satisfy the enterprise exchange servers...I did try to bring up the points you mentioned, and was happily surprised to find that they already knew them, but weren't willing to make an exception.

I didn't read this article the same way you did. It is pretty common practice for 3rd party vendors to take Microsoft offerings and build solutions catered to specific business needs. Well seperate apps will likley come out of this relationship, I think there will be plenty of functionality built directly into the platform as well when it makes sense.Microsoft doesn't always have the closest view of how companies use their products in real world solutions. It only makes sense for them to partner with an Avande or like company to make sure you understand your customer's needs. I applaud the relationship, which tells me Microsft is still serious about making Windows Phone enterprise friendly.

Good points - despite my skepticism above, I'm still cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to sync my phone someday.

I think this is good news for the platform. I know Microsoft is touting this phone as People Oriented, but I still think they should be touting it as a business phone as well. With Blackberry on the decline, it seems to me this is an open door to pick up marketshare which will eventualy translate into greater consumer marketshare, just through mindshare gained by it's use in the business world. The faster this can be done the better.

Okay...so I read the above after posting it and I have to apologize. that is a whole lot of somethingSHARE for one sentence. Sorry.

I hope that this news also means we are getting closer to getting VPN so that we can actually connect to our enterprises.