Microsoft teases Windows Phone 7.8 on Lumia 900 reminding us it's still relevant

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph is shown in Microsoft's latest video giving the new 7.8 Start screen a brief tour. The video was part of Microsoft's new 7.5/7.8 page which just covers some basic features that we already know about.

Call it damage control or Redmond genuinely being excited for the update, but the video featuring the Lumia 900 seems designed specifically to remind us that Nokia's flagship phone is alive and well. 

Nothing new is revealed in the video that we haven't seen already but with the recent faux-rumor that Microsoft would be building it's own phone (and then their denial at Information Week), Nokia needs as much positive spin as they can get. There is little doubt that the "no Windows Phone 8 for current phones" is hurting the Finnish quite hard, as their stock has dropped to a 16-year low, hovering at $2.16 a share.

Between Nokia's commitment to continually deploy new software (like this weekend's Play To and Camera Extras) plus the 7.8 update, we're not feeling too bad about the 900's status but clearly it has divided the community

The question though is how soon is this 7.8 update coming? Obviously it's still in testing though it doesn't look too far off either. Here's to hoping for end of the summer, at the latest.


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Microsoft teases Windows Phone 7.8 on Lumia 900 reminding us it's still relevant


Microsoft needed almost one full year to fix three little bugs and to present us now two major new features: 1. changing the size of tiles and 2. to change the color. What?
I wonder what the internal version number will be.
Version 7.1 is presented as "Windows Phone 7.5", maybe the "Windows Phone 7.8" will be Version 7.2. The regular Windows 7 is version 6.1 and Windows 8 is version 6.2. Who's brain evolved such things?
Microsoft work hard, please. I like my HTC Trophy but it is almost two years old and nothing huge has changed during this time on the OS side. I really don't want to switch to Android or Apple.

I feel you there as I am also running the trophy. But they have added a lot more than just a few simple fixes. Personally Mango made my phone the perfect podcast phone because it's so simple and baked into the system. But more is always better :)

Microsoft 1st need to add the file manager to the windows phone, it is the basic need of any mobile storage, but till now on file manager and also the bluetooth is useless, then color and size is the optional customization features for the wp to attract the eye and fingers only.i think ms is doing nothing just promoting his brand only

I really hope 7.8 brings the podcast marketplace feature to the UK + other markets. It's crazy that this is still only for the US.

I think for users it's of high importance that Microsoft is able to change how and when third party WP apps are developed.
As a WP user it's extremely annoying that most WP apps are coming much later to the market than iOS and Android apps.
For example: the local (Germany) railway company developed a mobile ticket app, which let you buy ticket via your smartphone. But they only offer iOS, Android and Blackberry apps.
Samsung offers a TV remote control app for iOS and Android, but not yet for WP
It seems to me that almost every company is developing first apps for iOS and than for Android and much later for WP. If it stays this way, WP and Microsoft will have a hard time to gain marketshare and make their product more popular.

That's why MS changed the kernel AND added native development to WP8. Much easier for developers to reuse some their work like they do when they develop iPhone and Android apps simultaneously. Window 8 developers can also reuse assets to create WP8 specific versions.
The barrier of completely starting over from scratch to port an app was too much for most devs these changes in WP8 should ease the pain.

MS kept the Windows 7 and now Windows 8 version numbers at 6.x because of driver and app compatibiltiy.  Lots of drivers and apps check the version number before they try to install.  Had Windows 7 been 7.0 instead of 6.1 they'd have issue with Vista drivers installing on 7, which do install and do run fine.   The same thing with Windows 8. 
As for Windos Phone 7.8 and 8, I don't know.  7.8 could be 7.11 because it's just minor changes.   We do know that WP8 though is 8.0, it's shown up as such on websites and other places.  That's how we found out about the support for new screen resolutions early on.

No, the version numbers are what they are because the programmers have stuck to REAL version numbers instead of stupid year or other names, like 2000 and XP. Windows 2000 was the major upgrade from Windows NT 4.0, so it is version number 5. XP was a minor upgrade, so 5.2, and Vista was a major upgrade, 6.0, and Windows 7 a minor upgrade, along with Windows 8. I'm just thankful the marketing guys have not brainwashed the programmers

@lippidp - The Trophy IS almost 2 years old!  It was a launch device by HTC in October 2010, first released in Europe (as the HTC Trophy); yes, it finally came to Verizon last May/June, but the device was produced and released in 2010.

Peoples perceptions are sure different because to me Mango seemed like a massive update that really made the OS.

I go to the Microsoft Store to check out handsets and think the Trophy is pretty hot! HTC makes some good handsets and just WISH they made it available on other carriers, I hate that kind of exclusivity! What you want for your phones to be transformers?! Robots in disguise they ain't...duh! =P

Really to you nothing changed with mango really, all the new features you didn't see it ,you sound like you don't know how to used the phone , plus who care about the 7.8 update ,I had like 5 different android phones never had and update now I have a lumia 900 once wp8 comes out I get a new phone I did it with android so if I do it with WP at least I know the phone will or and is no a beta test phone .

I am very excited for this update. Although I don't totally believe the excuse that older phones won't totally utilize WP8 so it's not worth doing a full update, I am very excited for more custom tiles and making my phone truly my own. Bring it on!!!

It is true however that some key core technology in WP8 can't be supported on the current WP7.x hardware.  First off is the hardware security and things like secure boot which WP8 uses.  So there's a question on if WP8 will even boot on 7.x hardware without that bit, the OS might just not load at all.   
The other thing is DirectX 11 GPU support, current hardware don't have any of that either, and DX11 is the base for all the hardware acceleration that will be coming with WP8 etc.  It's a key part of the OS.

i think it's of high importance for Nokia that Microsoft shows as soon as possible what new feature are coming to WP7.8. It's obvious that a lot of people will wait for WP8 and that's not a good thing for Nokia.

Not really. People are still buying iPhones even though iOS6 just got announced and people were still buying gingerbread phones when ICS got announces. Yes people are still buying brand new  iPhone 4 headsets on budget carriers.
Thing is most people aren't paying that close attention to this stuff as we are. We forget that. Not me mention the huge subset of people globally who haven't even gotten thier FIRST smartphone yet. They don't know the upgrade/update paths for any of this stuff. They just now that there feature phone sucks and that a smartphone is an improvement.
WP is a good phone right now and a good choice for many people. It may not be the most bleeding edge thing for power users but power users are already in the smartphone market, they have done their homework, and they already made their decision.
If people are buying phones for what they COULD be and not WHAT THEY ARE right now (meaning their needs are not being meet today), then they are buying the wrong phone. Buy a phone that meets your need TODAY not tomorrow.
When people buy a car, they buy enough car for what they need/can afford without the expectations that the car company is going to slap a new engine in it or a new sound system for free years later. This entitlement culture in consumer electronics is getting our of hand...

The name "7.8" was chosen on purpose as "Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8" as a linking version.

So yeah, they could have easily called it 7.6 but they chose 7.8 on purpose for a reason. Not saying it's right but it's kind of witty?

if it would be only the new start screen, than I would be very disapointed! I hope Microsoft ist feeding us with all the functionality for WP8 that is usable on the old devices.

There is more than start screen changes. They haven't said what else is included in 7.8. You might be surprised at what else there is. Mango really enhanced my hd7. Had a guy who swore by iPhone tell me that my phone was incredibly faster than what he was used to with Apple.

Wrong. Read the official MS website and the tweet to see what's coming: startscreen, ability to run old apps, some new apps exclusively for the Lumia. That's it with WP7.8.

So far. As they've announced, that's it. No one ever said they were the only things coming. It's months away still, who knows what they haven't fine-tuned yet and haven't announced.

I wonder if the current legacy handsets will struggle when they decide to have tons of small live tiles all trying to rotate etc

I don't expect Windows Phone 8 for current devices no more. But they call these things smartphones, so I still pray that they get some other important features like proper skype integration and bluetooth transfer into the WP7 plattform. 
While acceptable for first generation users it is not acceptable for second generation users to be left behind in such a way. 

the big problem is the kernel. As far as I understand it, the current CE kernel is not able to handle skype like it must be handled.
But all the other little upgrades like for example a zoomable calendar, and better API integration are a must.
By the way, I don't think that there is a huge difference between first and second gen devices

My Windows Mobile Phone 6 ran CE kernel, and it had full multitasking that would have worked fine with Skype. MS removed full multitalsing from CE with WP 7, and now won't put it back in 7.8? Lame.

You only get left behind because you don't study...if only you did your homework! Just think of what you can achieve with a little effort, please take your education seriously and don't do drugs. =)

Even though I'm buying a Windows Phone 8 device when they come out...
I still think that what they are doing to the people who bought lumia phones is bullshit...

definitely very annoying for current users, BUT
there were not many choices for Microsoft and the current marketshare isn't that big that you must stay with an old and out of date OS.
Better start again from scratch and make a good OS even better, than make concession that you will regret a few months later.

Let's play a logic game.  I don't have a windows phone and I want to buy one right now.  What are my choices?  Whether or not it's an older launch device like the Samsung Focus or a brand new Lumia 900, the choices are the same.  No WP8.  So should I not buy a Windows Phone then even if I want one?  Some say don't buy a Lumia get an older phone and then wait.  Well what's the point of that, the older phone will also not get WP8 so what have you really accomplished other than using an older less nice device?  You guys think it would actually be better to get an Android or iPhone instead?  Well then the entire WP8 argument is irrelevant, congratulations!
If you want a Windows Phone right now then GET a Windows Phone right now.  Even if you wait and get a WP8 device guess what?  Better devices are going to come out after that!  You're still screwed!  Everyone just buy what you can afford and cater to whatever patience level you have.  Do a contract or don't, you really don't save any money in the long run you either pay now or pay later.  But don't blame other people for your choices or regret, technology always moves on.

in my opinion the big question will be, are you able to wait a couple of month more or not?
if not, buy a new wp7 device right now, if you can wait, than better wait, because you will get a phone that should be much longer upgradable than the current devices.
as most customers have a budget, I feel like there will be a substantial amount of people who will delay their purchase.

I couldn't wait...when T Mobile starting messing with the data to get customers on board to their 4G lineup, I had to go from HD7 to Lumia 710. I wish I coulda had a 900 (bigger is a little nicer =P)

...and now, if they DO release something similar before WP8 then I just might get that..? Little things that have nothing to do with software,well maybe...disappearing keyboard broke this reply =/

I bought a computer with agp 8x many years ago. Within a year PCI express was the dominant format for video cards and I could hardly find a new one I could use. Pie in my face! But was I angry at hp? Nope.

They way I see it, people should buy new technology only if they like what it can already do at the time of purchase. Never buy something based on the promise of future upgrades and features. Then you should be satisfied with what you already have and not be disappointed by some assumed upgrade path or features that never materialized.

@TofuDelight, Completely agree with you. When I bought my Lumia 800, it was a couple of weeks after they released mango. So I knew exactly what the phone would be capable of. Based on that I bought the phone. I didn't buy it because of Apollo or any promise of future major updates (oh and let's clarify something for the geeks who get pissed for no reasons. MS never promised any major updates... Let's not forget that). All I was certain of was that Nokia would fix most of the small issues as they arise (which they're doing).

I also have to say that only geeks (techies) really care about these updates. I know people who have iPhones and Androids and they don't even know that phones OS can be updated.

The only power that techies have is word of mouth. They can influence other people's buying behavior.

I somewhat agree with you. Maybe users don't care about upgrades, but they will be care about that new app or cool game jimmy is playing on his wp8 that's not available on his lumia he bought about 6 months ago. Of course not all developers will target wp8 but some bigger companies will want to future proof themselves and have employees learning and using the latest APIs and languages. They may not waste resources porting to wp7 going forward.

I don't know about that. I usually trust the companies I buy from. If I bought a 360 at launch to play Halo 3 and it got pushed back as a launch title for the 720, I would be a little upset. One big reason I got the Lumia was for Nokia Drive. Now all handsets get offline maps...a big damn! The problem is definitely the Osbourne Effect. I know a few people that would have gotten Lumias now but instead are getting the Galaxy S3. Nothing was promised though so it is ok.

Nice to finally see the new Start Screen with some order and symetry.
Now give us more colors to choose from and I will be happy, the few colors we have now is kind of a joke.
I want Yellow.

Whan I had WM 6 and 6.5 I constantly flashed my HTC Touch HD. Im not going to start doing that again, im so tired of the tinkering.
I have a new phone with an OS from freakin 2010,soon 2012, and I cant choose from more than 10 colors (where only 2-3 of them is actually usable). Come on!!!

I am not upset that I bought the Lumia 900 and won't be getting the full WP8. The reason is I got this phone for a steal. I paid $99 but then had the $100 credit applied by Nokia even though I didn't have any data issues. Plus, I was able to get in on Nokia's surveys and scored myself a $50 Amazon gift card. Due to a billing issue my upgrade fee was waved also. I know that last part was just luck but this IS a really good phone. Now, WP7 power users, like me, will lament not getting WP8 right away but can't forget how much phone we did get for almost nothing. On that same note, when the WP8s come out the Lumia's price should drop to almost nothing. That can be a big boost to Windows Phone if AT&T markets it to average joes who would like to have a smartphone. The ease of use and new start screen SHOULD bring new non-tech savvy folks (who can care less about the latest and greatest) into the fold. As long as the phones are marketed to them at a low price.

I find myself wondering how much planning went into this smartphone OS . I mean, here comes WP8, which really only amounts to what, the third or fourth version of the mobile OS? And now all of a sudden they decided to rework the entire OS from the ground up? It almost smells like an act of desperation, or maybe the change in strategy is evidence of a LACK of strategy when they released Windows Phone. Windows Phone should have been built with the new kernel from the get go, but clearly, when they decided to release this OS, they didn't have a long term game plan for how they would support this OS. Just my opinion......

They could not create the OS with NT kernel 2 years ago, because the NT kernel has only supported ARM architecture since 2011.

I agree in some parts. Microsoft was cought napping in terms of their mobile strategy. Too long they thought that Smartphones and Tablets will not be the future of computing. The market showed them how wrong they were.
When they finally realized that there were on a wrong strategy a lot of time was needed to change strategy and to develop an OS that was and is able to compete with Apple and Google.
WP7 was some kind of a concession to this lack of strategy. I think they were completely aware of the fact that it needed a complete overhaul after two years. But I also think that it wasn't possible to wait another two years till the kernel for Win8 and WinRT were finished.
What now is in the pipeline shows that Microsoft learned from former mistakes. The new OS should be able to play an important role in the mobile computing market.
And let's not forget! For Microsoft this new strategy is extremely important. Mobile Computing will be the future, if they are not able to gain substantial market share with WinRT and Win8 they will suffer heavily, as desktop pcs and notebooks will not play the same role in their business in the future as they played in the past.

Totally agree. Lets also try to not forget what they almost trotted out there as Windows MOBILE 7. They literally started from scratch with WP7 (except for CE backend).

Clearly you speak from experience because you launched tour own smartphone with much greater success...which one was it? Oh, that's right...you didn't! #stfu =P

........did I say I was speaking from experience? You must have missed the part where I stated that it was simply my opinion. Maybe it was you that released an OS and that's where your need to respond stems from??? (MEEGO MAYBE?) either way......you can eat a dick, if you're not chewing on one already. :)

They should tell is something proper and stop this....we know it already coz the announced it. They should tell us something new like app support and stop pissing us off!

I am not that thrilled tbh. Sure, 7.8 is fine and all, but other than TPM, why not allow us to update the damn phones? W8 uses less resources and it's 'buttery smooth', no? The same shared core should translate to better hardware support, blah blah blah. I am just feeling a bit miffed that Redmond's record for dumping small userbases is just so unbroken it is not funny.  And Nokia's part in all these is all downside till WP8 hits.
Still, as a L900 user who genuinely likes how smooth his phone is over the Androids, I can't complain too much. Still, come on, give us more love over at Mangoland.

Windows 8 uses less resources than Windows 7 - but still much more than Windows Phone 7 (which is based on Windows CE - the lightest OS Microsoft has).

I wonder if it will honestly stop people from trying...in the official parlance, this is the way things are. In reality, has any tried to keep hacking the HD2 from back when? Have at thee whining babies and just break your phones to do what you want if you can't shut up about it, sheesh! =[

It's not about shutting up or whining, it's merely a matter of my opinion that MS should have not caused the divide in the first place. Clearly your opinion differs.
And MS have given up on many small userbases before. Zune, Media Center, WM and now WP. I am frankly not surprised at the move, but it isn't a nice feeling.

I expect the 7.8 update will bring over some new features as well. For me a file manager and BT file transfer would make this a dream come true OS!

There won't be traditional file manager in WP8, and probably won't be BT file transfer in WP7.8 (as this will require driver changes).

My question is shouldn't 7.8 bring more features as well such as screenshots as an example. If I understand correctly the update will not come because of kernel and current hardware capabilities but simple software updates should be included as well otherwise the new start screen would have been a bust as well no?

Indeed. Stuff like disable screen rotation, toggles for BT, Data etc and more theme colors should come to WP 7.8.

Just checked 3 phones in my family. 2 original focuses and a focus s. Not only don't they care about the update, the never even update the apps. Focus s had 12 updates pending. They just like the phone. The focus s and my titan cost me 2 cents total for crying out loud.

Very disingenuous to say it's ok to buy a WP now when simple things like backup are missing when waiting a few months will bring such features and more. No need to be a blind fanboy to a piece of tech over giving a person sound advice. A WP8 device is a better investment and will be better value for money, pure and simple.

7.8 is not particularly impressive but I guess they have no choice considering the time and effort needed but I wonder how some are still dreaming more features will be included when Microsoft themselves are saying this is it?

I must agree with latempete most of us got this phone at a steal. we got the 100.00 credit and the phone was 99.00 to for upgrade and some got the 50.00 from Nokia survey (like myself). So we didnt pay anything for the phone and when WP8 phones come out we could possibly just buy outright since we didnt spend any money to get the Lumia 900. Yes I know we would shell out a little more to buy it outright, but on the brightside we will be able to use our upgrade next time they release a new phone (basically we would have about 7 or 8 months under our belt which means we would only have to wait about 9 months for upgrade eleigibility since ATT is 18 month wait for upgrade. I will be buying the next LUMIA WP8 phone outright.

Holy Smokes! I can actually customize the size of my tiles in 7.8?? My head just asploded =O #canandroiddothat? #caniphonedothat? #WindowsPhoneRules!

That.... Is all the update does? I imagine its no small feat to "change the size and color of the tiles" but... What about the other stuff like deleting multiple threads in messaging.... A better media hub... And uhhhhh...

Can't think of anything else. I love my phone but was hoping for more surprises.

How about the ability for a Google Latitude-type service running in the background?  IM services that work as good as Facebook Chat?  The ability to stream baseball games in the background (among other things)?  taking a screenshot?  proper multitasking?
I'm not going to be able to experience any of the above on my Lumia 900 :(

Sullivan confirmed that MS could have ported WP8 to current devices. But MS chose not to do so because 'there was very little benefit'. In other words: the Lumia sales must have been REALLY bad.

I've heard some rumors about the launch, none of them good.  AT&T brass expected 40% of all smartphones sold to be Lumias, AT&T sales reps hated the phones and had to replace them multiple times (just like the rest of us) but were forced to use them.  Apparently there were lots of returns.
Just rumors, of course.

At this point buying a WP7 device isn't much different than buying iPhone 4S.  You could buy the 4S today and be happy, but you also know there will be something better in October, just like you could buy a Lumia and be happy, but you know WP8 will be out in October.
Yes -- the 4S will get iOS 6.  However, we all know it won't get all the new features that will be available with the iPhone 5.  Just look at Siri -- it is a web service and could run easily on the iPhone 4 if Apple wanted it, however they restricted it to the iPhone 4S.

Yes, the 4S might not get all the new iOS6 features, but the apps in the store will be compatible. That's the most important feature.

You are right on point there! They did it to force people to buy a new phone. This is how manufactures and cell carriers make money. Come on guys lets be reasonable here, if companies made all devices eligible to receive the latest OS update, how would they continue to make money to progress technology, cellular backbones, etc? I know that I tend to take care of my phone, so if I was able to get full features of the latest upgrade/OS rewrite, I would not be upgrading my phone at all because I'm happy with the design and many people would follow that same model unless of course you're one of those people that just has to have the latest device which would make the entire 7.8 - 8.0 update argument obsolete.
In short, software companies will continue to progress their technologies used in OS's, manufacturers will continue to change phone designs to entice users to purchase new ones, and if you're not willing to dish out cash to get the latest and greatest (full featured), you will be stuck in the past using antiquated OS's and hardware like the people who are complaining about Windows 8  new metro design (which I love and this is very fluid and fast). Static icons and start menus are 30+ years old, it's time for change. Every software company will eventually have to rewrite the code to something new and exciting at some point and animated wallpapers on phones is only going to go so far....I'm talking about you ICS! MS has done and is continuing to do the integration thing on cellular and look at what everyone else is begining to do, including the infamous iphone; they have no where else to go! The media is deliberately trying to smother WP7-8 to allow Android and Apple to stay on top; in my opinion, many developers are doing the same thing....They're supposed to be technologist, so if newer coding methodology comes out, they should embrace it to keep technology moving forward instead of crying and snubbing and OS by making apps for primarily two platforms (Android & Apple)!

Somewhere I heard something about Google+ integration being added for the new update (so as to match the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration already in place). Anybody know if this is going to happen? I hope so!

It disappoint me that our phones are not capable with windows 8 but the one thing that piss me off the most is there's 100,000 apps in the marketplace and their all bs except for a couple i just wish more talented developers will hop on windows os too. And I dont mind paying for good games on my phone but its frustrates me when I could on my android device and download games like istunt2 or angry birds for free when on windows its 3.98

I think the major developers have joined the evil empire to this point, and as Google once put it, "Android, Apple, and Developers are in bed together" in an attempt to kill WP7. Maybe MS should file a suit against them for damages and loss of wages so to speak. By not providing the same apps on windows phone as other platforms, they are in a sense causing MS to lose money because they're spending more than their making. If WP7 had all of the same apps as other platforms, more people would be willing to try it. If WP7 had the same popular apps, the playing field would be leveled and if WP7 Fails, then at least is would have failed honestly, but as it stands, I see it as a smear campaign (Mud Slinging) like in politics!

WP is not going to fail because of some perceived "smear" campaign. As it stands right now, most people I know know nothing about WP. Some probably dont even know its an option. I blame MS for doing a shoddy job of advertising the OS. That, more than anything, will be the reason if the OS fails

So you've taken the "Blame Microsoft Approach"? Well every afternoon when I watch a television show, during commercials, I don't see many commercials where Android or Apple advertise their product directly; the majority of their advertisement (90% at least) is done by the Cellular carriers: ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. What I will say is that MS should take things into their own hands which I believe they're begining to realize with the introduction of the Surface. I don't really see how manufacturers are so upset when the majority of them have designed products cheaply using low spec parts thereby making Apples designs stand out more in a crouded market, on displays in stores, etc. While many will not agree, I think MS should only deal with partners who are willing to put out products with cutting edge design. I keep hearing how MS charges too much for lisencing, but how much do you think these partners have made off  MS software over the past 30yrs?  If they're upset, its because their cashcow is finally coming to their senses and saying, " We're not going to stand for our software  being put out on inferior hardware" thereby increase the chases of customers buying Apple products over ours due to visual appeal. I also think MS should somehow limit or exclude manufacturers from putting bloatware on there system software. These people aren't making money off of their bloatware, as I unistall it immediately and purchase what I need ( Adobe photoshop, Arc GIS, etc.)

I can't speak for Android as I have never owned one and dont really pay attention to their ads. As for Apple, the majority of their commercials I've seen over the years have been strictly Apple. Two hands using whatever device is showcased, with either a voice over explaining the feature or some fun Diddy playing in the background that you could probably download thereafter on iTunes. WhereTF is that from MS? And yes, I am taking the "Blame MS" approach. It's their OS. Folks tout the simplicity and uniformity of the OS. What is preventing MS from running a commercial about the OS and only the OS? Taking the device makers out of the equation, you aren't being disingenuous about the experience you're getting. Whether its HTC, Samsung or Nokia, you are still getting FB and Twitter integration. You are still getting live tiles.

What really gets me is that they announced an update before the other announced update has even hit phones. Still waiting for tango, and already announced 7.8.

What about the rest of us that don't have Lumia's?  I understand Lumia's are most of the marketshare, but this site is supposed to be about Windows Phone, not exclusively Nokia phones.  After all these latest articles about 7.8, it's starting to sound like only Nokia owners are going to receive it.  Is this true?

during the Phone Summit, they showed with the new UI the "Message using Large Tile" with messages being displayed themselves when in large. 
I am hoping that we get this at least has well has part of 7.8 Start Screen. Those type of features should be part of UI update. To me it would not make sense to have these resizeable tiles themselves if they are only going to display how things currently are.

I bought me and my wife HTC surrounds on bogo in Dec 2010 and we have enjoyed the wp7 experience since. My wife now owns a Lumia900 and loves it she really doesn't care about the update much at all. I am waiting for wp8 devices but the truth is I'm in no real hurry at all to upgrade. I f im lucky someone someone will get me a new phone for Christmas but that's wishful thinking. I look forward to 7.8 update for current phones and really making the start screen a bit more personal. I am still enjoying wp7.5 it does everything i want it to do so just like a couple of people said earlier enjoy what you have now.

Frankly, all this talk up about Lumia and the WP8 is moot if they don't sell and Nokia goes under. Sure, those of us who basically got the phone for free (me included) can and will update when it comes out but how do u persuade new folks to purchase a phone that is now considered by the mainstream tech media as obsolete. This colloquy about kernels and what not....who the fck cares except techies? Average Joe reads this, and I'm betting even money that he/she will say no thanks. Problem is, as Nokia falls, the WP system will be hurt BADLY. Microsoft has done a great job with the operating system but they have bunglefucked this upgrade. Their PR department should be shitcanned.

Companies, specifically Rogers here in Canada, are in fact impeding the sales of Lumia by not allowing any features Nokia is bringing forward. Canada has not received any of Nokia's updates, some of the software is missing, such as Camera Extras and they are delaying any Nokia/MS updates from being pushed out. Nokia needs to release this phone from the 'cage' Rogers has it in. We need an open phone that people can hack, update, have fun with so it can compete with the open source alternative. Software restrictions based on Carriers preference?? How is Microsoft or Nokia gonna get off the ground with these A-holes blocking the plan?

You know , that's what kills me, a majority of us got out phones for dirt cheap, Lumias were practically free and even full bore pricing was easily 100-200 cheaper than any other high end phone...the 7.5 crowd upon launch received huge deals like my Focus S and the Titan were a penny around Thanksgiving and the 710 has gone from 99-free as well. So if you got a phone this cheap, why are you complaining about not getting the full on upgrade when if you bought an android for the same amount, you'd still be running froyo! At least we are still getting support and im happy about that...i love my phone now so I could care less about its future potential. Im sure xda will find a way and you techies can do what you wish with your phones but ill be proudly rocking 7.8 til my next upgrade :)

I think Microsoft is doing a great job. people knew what they were getting when they bought their phone, and new apps and updates gives us something we didn't have before. Love my l900 Nokia phone :-)

Microsoft's rat Elop destroyed Nokia succesfully. This whole windows phone 8 update fiasco is bizarre. I would have bought a dumb phone or android if i knew before that my lumia 900 will not see a decent feature upgrate for next two years. No wonder why Nokia and MS are doing so bad because people are sick and tired of thier BS. Now once the Nokia stocks are worth pennys Microsoft is going to play savior game and buy it. I have always purchased MS products and phone (even windows 6.5) and waited long to buy Nokia Lumia and now I am disgusted with MS and Nokia.

Dude Nokia ain't going no where...this is why they partnered with MSFT.. They will be bought by MSFT.. That I can see happening

I used to be a huge iPhone 4 junky! I helped create and design a theme for the iPhones and iPods called os7 revive which looked really close to windows phone 7.5 mango. But the more we tried to make the theme more and more like wp7 UI. The more I wanted to see what it was like to own a windows phone 7 so I went out and bought a Samsung focus. And I went on xda developers and learned to flash custom roms like I jailbroke every idevice I owned. And im rockin the hottest samsung focus right now. I have a complete hot red theme with the UI completey black and white no grey except the keyboard keys. And I have straight talk as my carrier allowing me unlimited talk text and data for $45 a month and my mms works. But I want to see this 7.8 UI on my focus bc im not ready to just go and get another device. And you guys can say the 7.8 is going to be for every Gen windows phone but how would yous know if they never said or mentioned older devices! Only 3. My point is I went from an iPhone 4 to a windows phone based off the UI and smoothes that I get on my first Gen focus and literally caught my eye when I was such a iPhone junkie and to see MS just bail out on windows phone 7 and the lumia 900 which was going to be my next device really pisses me off. Now I might just go back to ios and get the iPhone 5. Since now I see most of the games I loved to play on my iPhone 4 wont ever come out for windows phone 7. For all that I might as well get locked in a 2 year contract with an iPhone 5 at least I know I got all the games and apps and every developer supports it.

People are dumb enough to ignore wp8.. If they still believe the androids,and the iPhone is the best,they have to think twice...in order for MSFT to be successful with wp8 they have to have all major carriers in the USA, internationally nokia/HTC will take care of that,not to mentioned huwaei.
Sprint will is hesitant to joined in because all the company's guts has been sold to apple... We won't be surprised if you hear apple is buying sprint..

IPhones are the best! I can say that bc I have owned them all but what draws me to windows phones is the UI and panoramic view and the integrated apps. My only complaint of windows phones is they dont have the developer support that ios and android has. And the 100,000 market place apps probably 65,000 of them are bullshit apps. I just wish windows phones had the same developer support as ios and android then id say MS is on top.

Dude this things takes time, there are still apps that are not on android that are in Apple... The support is there,but the priority is with apple then Android.. But if I'm a developer I will create for wp7/8 why?? Because is less crowded,more opportunity to make money.... MSFT really fucked it up, they had the marketplace longer than anyone out there but didn't really give a shit.

Listen! Im not clowning windows phones. I actually love my old ass Samsung focus. But I have a focus an iPhone 4 and an HTC 3d phone. But I love the windows phones UI better the ios and android. I just dont like that games I like on my ios probably ever see the market place. I told my girl after seeing the wp8 presentation that I will most likely get it in October if thats when it really will be released but fact is who knows what iPhone 5 and its ios6 have to hold when it comes out?! And thats why im sticking with my iPhone 4 and Samsung focus and not jumping into any 2 year contracts that will be soon be considered a legacy after a few months or will probably be dropped by MS.

Apple has nothing to offer rather than the SCREEN!!!!
CALL it legacy or zombie... My lumia 900 has lte on it,apps are still coming... U think devs will stop developing apps for wp7.5/8?? That ain't gonna stop dude, majority of users are using LEGACY devices and that's where the money is.. And all mango apps will work for 8... So I don't see the logic of u telling me being stuck for 2 years and being abandoned!!!

The problem is that as I developer if I am starting a project today it's clear that if Windows Phone is going to have any future that future is WP8. Given that WP7 hasn't been all that lucrative for developers a perfectly reasonable strategy for developers would be to make the best possible WP8 (the future) app they can and not to worry about WP7 (the past) compatibility. If WP8 doesn't take off the platform is dead and if it does take off WP7 is dead.

Actually, I think the beat strategy for a developer is to make a app for windows 8, make the minor tweeks to run it on WP8, and (if it doesn't depend on dual-core processors, NFC, etc) take the extra steps to make it compatible with WP7.8 ..

Thank you for being an honest iphone user, because I too have owned/currently own iphone 4 along with my L900. I gave my wife the 4 while I'm in love with my L900. I agree we need more apps, but honestly, I never really play games on my cell; i use it more for calls, social, office suite, web, skydrive, and pictures. So while i hear may complaints about apps, just how do people really play games on their phones??? I playing on my Xbox console 2 times a week for hours (BlackOps, MW3). Heck even current iphone users I know don't play games that much (words with friends, draw it, and Family fued are the must have on WP7-8 to me). but I can live without them for now.

Yeah I dont play the games on my phone at all really either but having that option of games to play if im on break at work or bored somewhere is why I wish ios games were also supported on the windows market. Im a mw3 and black ops junkie too but my 360 got the red ring off death bc my sons were on it 3 nights in a row without turning it off. Im 34 years old and im a big game fan and I like to have visually stunning games on my phone if i ever want to play them. But thats me. When im not at work or out with my girl in my 528i bmw, I like to play online but haven't in a while bc of my 360s rrod.

I Wonder what windows phones would be like if Steve jobs never passed and worked with Microsoft!!?? ;-) wouldn't that be something!!

Hah funny! No I guess you didn't read it correctly. But if Steve jobs worked with windows phones keeping its UI and just making its os better but that was a joke.

If MS was smart, they would say that all phones are updated to Windows 8 but then limit the functionality like IOS does. That way the cry babies at WP Central wouldnt know.

Well im excited about windows phone 8...glad I waited it out with my hd7:)...I cant wait to see what new phones they come out with!

But I feel bad for those who just got new windows phones and now cant even be updated...that sucks:(..i would be pissed if that was me...not a good move microsoft:(

You know that saying, the sooner the better? well, in this case, the sooner this update comes the less it will include.
of course, Microsoft would probably want to release it close to the release of the WP8 devices that's when most wp7.5 users would really find out they don't get the update 

The reason I complain about the apps not available on windows phones mainly games in general is because Phones are going to put an end to mobile gaming handheld or at least slow it down when i brought my lumia I was aware of the lack of support by famous gaming developer but I like their os but at the rate phones progress I bet next year someone will shock the world with a 2.0 ghz quad core processors 2g ram and 12mp camera 32gb built in memory which is really unnecessary at least for the next couple of years for a phone but I believe phone now days are built for gaming and Nintendo should join Sony(Xperia play) and develop a device that can play their exclusive games im guessing Microsoft wouldn't allow it on their windows phones but that's another story im definitely buying a windows 8 phone. I think it's it got to big the Next BIG Thing

Kinda feel bad for nokia. I mean, the selling was just taking off with all those lumia and after the announcement it would be very hard to convince new user to a windows phone.

I just wonder when ......
It's not on XDA, so DFT does not have it. So no leaks yet....
I have seen a few videos for it now...and it looks like it's ready for release.

We know that some hardware dependent games aren't coming to WP7.8, but until we see relatively simple apps like the ones people use every day (Facebook, Twitter, etc) become "WP8 only" then lets stop with the widespread panic please.. This is honestly not going to be a big deal for the vast majority of smartphone users.. I mean, look at the number of people that still have gingerbread Android phones and are completely satisfied.. I had to constantly remind my girlfriend to update her iPhone to iOS5 back when the update came out because she simply didn't care about updating her phone because "it still works fine the way it is".. Fact: techies like us are in the vast minority.. A brand new Lumia 900 is perfectly fine for the majority of smartphone users and they won't care about WP8, kernels, or any of that stuff.. "So this Lumia 710 is easy to use and has all my Facebook and Twitter synced?.. I like the way the screen looks with those tiles.. it has Words with Friends too?.. Cool, I'll take one".. This is the reality.. Techies will suck it up and by new WP8 phones (myself included), everyone else won't care and will still enjoy what they have until they can upgrade their contract..

You are not trying to say people don't care about Lumias running WP7+ but will suddenly start caring when it runs WM8? Are you consoling yourselves guys by subjective aooroach to Nokia and Microsoft? As for rejoicing over the fact you/we were denied something... Why do some prefer to be left with fewer options? Nobody would HAVE TO upgrade their Lumias to WM8 (lite?)... Can't understand people who prefer it when others make decisions FOR them...

okay this all very intresting to read but would one specify to me what BIG special features i just have to die for. What is so great about WP8 that it's forcing me to just stop what ever im doing and upgrade my phone? i dont really know much that is why i ask. What new upgrades are so critical that make this a game changer? and last question um will everyone have the same apps? so if devs start making more and more apps for WP will there be some type of segregation, where only WP8 can use only those spicific apps? (excuse bad grammar and spelling)

I started using Nokia phones running on Symbian OS then to Nokia N9 then to Lumia 900.. I can say that I am happy with all of it but knowing Microsoft has neglected Windows Phone 7.8 Lumias with mediocre amount of apps in Marketplace and less functions than Windows Phone 8 as within Amber GDR3, has forced me to I buy a Samsung Note 2 and kept my N9 as a spare phone and Lumia for offline navigation purposes.

Elop sucks ass.