Microsoft teases Windows Phone CES 2013 news on Twitter. Sprint inbound?

Microsoft has teased those who follow the Windows Phone Twitter account by announcing that some exciting news will be revealed later today at CES. With so much being unveiled and displayed at the massive event, what could Microsoft be hinting at when it comes to Windows Phone?

We suspected that the team is referring to Huawei officially announcing the Ascend W1, which we've previously reported on numerous times. But the company has yet to hit the nail, so it could well be Samsung and the ATIV S or even Sprint.

Indeed, Sprint jumped in on the conversation to essentially confirm the news and coincidentally, Samsung is having their live event going on right now (don't worry, we're there). So is that the magic two-punch?  

And if not Samsung we should note we're hanging with Nokia at this moment, though they don't seem poised to launch anything today.

It's all getting underway at CES 2013 and Windows Phone Central is on the floor tracking employees down and using established torturing techniques to abstract information. We'll bring you all the latest from the show in our live blogs and on the main site.

Source: Twitter (@WindowsPhone)


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Microsoft teases Windows Phone CES 2013 news on Twitter. Sprint inbound?


I just found out what's in store for the future of all this smartphone technology.. It's not going to have much to do with these OS's everyone's using today.. They won't matter anymore and all that's going to matter is Hardware because you will be able to build your own devices OS. HTML 5 is going to change everything and our operating systems are going to be a thing of the past. The only thing that's going to matter is what's the best web browser, and which hardware you choose to run it on. Can you imagine that your whole OS will be a combination of HTML5 web apps? So basically your lock screen will be a web page, your camera app will be a web page.. Can you imagine the possibilities? Remember that I said this!

Still, somebody's got to package this and present this to consumers as a personal device. Not to be against your forward-thinking, but I think the future of smart devices is somewhat more...matured.

You're right! I'm sure the current players will have their packages of web apps available, but I wouldn't be surprised to se them focusing more on Hardware, and browsers, than OS's the way we view them today. Things are going to change big time!

You also have to understand what a HTML 5 web app is capable of. Until you understand that this will all sound crazy,, but its not,, it's the future.

Remember the article is about MS announcing something exciting at CES, and if you think MS will announce something around what you posted, yeah it's indeed crazy!

What are you talking about? Nobody said anything about MS announcing this a CES... Lol!!! What I'm talking about won't come around until the end of the decade silly.. But, it will come!

You're the silly one because you're trolling your crystal ball forecast in this article, which is about MS announcing something "exciting" at CES! And you're even sillier if you're talking of end of the decade time-frame because other things could develope in the interim.

You can't build your device on the web, because the web might not always be there. HTML-based operating system is the worst idea ever - proved by boot to gecko and chrome os.

I'm sure the first car didn't work that great either.. What about the first TV? How about the first mobile phone,, I bet it sucked pretty bad.. But, look at phones now.. If I would have told you about my L920 back in 85 you would have said "What's the WWW??"" LOL.

Lol.. Its inevitable! This is what all the engineers are pushing towards. We will have to accept change and move forward. This will be a much better and complete experience for everyone. Gone will be the days of not having instagram because the developer refuses to develop a app for your platform.. If your device has the HTML5 capabilities necessary then you can have it all. No more app war!

You are like 18 months late on breaking the "HTML5 will change everything" story and though it does bring some really powerful capabilities to client-side web dev, don't expect cross-browser nirvana just yet. Differentiation is key to pushing browser market share and that inevitably leads to inconsistent behavior and ultimately, like Java, "write once, test everywhere". And don't forget HTML is a markup language, not a programming language. It's only by massive amounts of effort in development of pretty incredible JavaScript libraries like jQuery and knockoutjs that web apps today can even approach the capabilities of thick clients of the 90's. God help us all when our OS is written in a dynamically typed language...

WWW only applications are the worst idea ever, there are many times when one doesn't have reliable access to the web, mainly when travelling.

They might get the Lumia 830 we saw leaked months ago. Or announce they plan on paying more attention to WP. Either way they need to hurry it up.

Instagram will save WP more than anything that can be announced. I know we have fhotoroom, but people just want Instagram. Freaken Jessica Alba, our Joan of Arc, goes back to iPhone just to use it. That right there tells you our OS is lacking.