Microsoft ups 'Smoked by Windows Phone' challenge prizes


Microsoft's ever increasingly famous marketing campaign, Smoked by Windows Phone, is really stepping up the game by improving the $100 prize for beating a Windows Phone with a competitor handset. The challenge, which originated at CES 2012 where Ben (the 'PC Guy') Rudolph began taking on smartphones from other platforms (the iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets), puts handsets against one another to see which is more efficient at common smartphone tasks.

Those who lose against the Windows Phone have to publicly announce their defeat, "I've been smoked by a Windows Phone", but for those who manage to best Microsoft's OS, they're handed $100. Things are heating up as Microsoft has raised the reward to $1,000. Yes, $1,000. But not in cash.

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Should you manage to beat a Windows Phone in the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge at the participating Microsoft Stores, you'll walk away with a Hunger Games Special Edition PC, valued at $1,000, to celebrate the release of the upcoming film. What if you lose? You can swap your smartphone for a Windows Phone (excluding the Lumia 800), right there, right then. It's a "win win" situation.

The challenge will close on March 29th, opening times are from 9am - 10pm. Be sure to read the official rules.

Source: Microsoft Store, via: Down Right Wireless; thanks SeNiLe911 for the tip!


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Microsoft ups 'Smoked by Windows Phone' challenge prizes


Borrow your spouses phone that isn't WP7; it wouldn't be lying because my wife's phone is in my and on my account. So in short, it belongs to me. May go to MS store tomorrow :-D

What in Darnation!? why cant there be a Microsoft store by where I live? is it so hard for Microsoft to build a store in NYC? apple has two microsoft, suck it up and build me a store so I can see if my Tilt2 is faster than a Windows Phone 7.5! and if it isnt exchange it for a new phone!

Oh, I remember my Tilt 2.  I loved it for the time I had it.  I would take an old iPhone 3G I have laying around just to get a phone if I there were a store here.  They should do the smoked by windows phone promotion at carrier stores.

They will probably feel sorry and not let you compete to save your embarrassment then give you a phone lol

This is great for improving the public's awareness, of course, I really wish early adopters could reap a few of these benefits, especially considering all of the hard work we have put in promoting the platform before it was even viable. Remember how hard it was to explain to people it's awesomeness pre-NoDo?

I am wondering if I could convince one of my friends who live around the area to walk in with their old unused phone and then lose and trade that phone in for a new windows phone and then ship it to me.

Just sent a text message to all my friends about the contest and 6 of them will go down and try. It looks like I won't be the only one with a window phone at our next get together thanks MS store.

It turns out that a Microsoft store is coming to CT, not too far from where I live. Hopefully they still have these contests after it opens.

Waitttt a second. Just reading the rules and it specifically says the black and magenta lumia 800 but does not mention the cyan one...hmmmmmmm
edit: here is the sentence copied and pasted from the rules This offer does not include the following Windows Phones: Nokia Lumia 800 Unlocked GSM Phone Entertainment Bundle - Magenta, CYF-00058 and Nokia Lumia 800 Unlocked GSM Phone Entertainment Bundle - Black, CYF-00059.

They don't have the cyan bundle or phone even available yet, so they can't give you something they don't have.

Stopped by my local Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa, CA.  Nice and easy.  Windows Phone totally smoked my Palm Pre.  lol.  They gave me in exchange, a brand new Samsung Focus S.  It's beautiful!

Did they give you a choice or just let you pick one? I'm buying a cheap old android off Craigslist tomorrow and going to lose a smoked by WP challenge lol

Since I'm on AT&T, they gave me a choice of the Samsung Focus S or the HTC Titan.  So basically, they'll switch you to a Windows Phone that is on the provider you currently have.  They just switched the SIM cards in front of me.  Not sure if you can ask for a phone that's not on your provider since they'll probably assume you'll sell it but who knows.

It's funny to see people going there just to "loose" and get a new Windows Phone. That marketing campaign seems to work. :-)

Took my old iPhone 3GS in to the Mall of America location this afternoon. They were all very cool about the whole thing, offering drinks when we were waiting for checkout, talking about whatever, it was great. They were giving away all they could, no limit as long as it was instock. Only the T-Mobile Radar was out of stock, aparently they want the FFC on it instead of the Lumia.
They would probably give you whichever phone you'd like, no one ever really checked what I had. I grabbed a Titan to see how the size works for me, and I've never had an HTC phone. The old Focus might start collecting dust, or get sold on CL if I dont want a backup...

So I lost. My poor 3 year old BlackBerry lol. Instead I received my choice of the TITAN or Focus S. I picked the S cause I've used the Titan before and wanted a shot at the S. My wife also got a L710 since they were out of Radars

My Galaxy Nexus smoked the Focus S I was against, I had to post to twitter/facebook and I did it faster :)
I like the computer I won, but there is a few gripes I have with it. It's being used as my "daily" computer for a few days, then I will probably forget about it and go back to my MacBook Pro...but I did play with the Lumia 900 few weeks ago and I will be picking up one on launch, the price is right at $450 and if I don't like it as much as I did few weeks back I don't mind paying $35 restocking fee.