Microsoft wants the Facebook Phone to run Windows in favour of Android?

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Microsoft has desires for the much-rumoured certified Facebook Phone to be built on Windows Phone foundations, according to sources familiar with company plans. The social network has been tied to Android when it came to their own device being discussed, much like what Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire. Of course we should take this with a massive truck load of salt, but it's an interesting topic of discussion.

Why would Microsoft want Facebook to use their mobile platform over Android? According to the source, Microsoft has already integrated services into Facebook, but the added traffic to Bing and other products could be huge with the size of the Facebook user base. The company is also deeply interested in penetrating the mobile market to offer a NFC-powered payment product for consumers with supported Windows Phones, something which the Lumia 610 features. They want to be the physical version of PayPal before Google advances with Wallet.

But the real question is: why would we want a Facebook phone at all? Instead of wasting time building its own devices, Facebook could simply enter into a deal with the big M to promote Windows Phone on the social networking domain as the dominant mobile Facebook experience - which it arguably is. With Microsoft's OS sporting deep Facebook integration (something other platforms do not feature) to create an immersive and convenient user experience, many would comment it makes sense for this to be taken into consideration.

Something for your guys to consider. Would you like to see a Facebook Phone running Windows? Or are handsets like the HTC Status the way forward for Facebook?

Source: BusinessInsider; via: Tom's Guide; thanks 3lackDeath for the tip!


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Microsoft wants the Facebook Phone to run Windows in favour of Android?


I already see Windows Phone as the "Facebook phone," but this would definitely help the platform. I can't imagine the look on tweenagers' faces when they're told, "Yeah, it isn't an iPhone."

Nowadays most of the young population carries an android phone, so the fact that the tables can change would be great!

Lol bullshit IV seen nothin' but iPhone 4 teens everywhere alot with the cases that look like gameboys none iv seen with android hardly any

Surely depends on where you live.
I live in Denmark and I'm 15. 18 out of 24 people in my class carries iPhones. One of the five remaining people have a HTC Wildfire but wants an iPhone, but she doesn't have enough money for one. 3 of them don't care about smartphones. Then there's me, who owns a Lumia 800 and my friend who owns a HTC Sensation.
1/3 if the iPhone users also happens to have iPads. They are absolutely fanatical about Apple. I have friends from other schools, where the circumstances are about the same.

Well google/android already got a thing going with g+ so it might not be a farfetched idea for ms amd fb to make a run for it :)

The Status was a joke, even if it did inspire many to get it because it was a "Facebook Phone", of sorts.
Windows Phone is essentially already a Facebook phone, as many have said. If FB were to team up with Windows Phone, the OEM (whoever that might end up being), and Facebook will make plenty of money off of it, and Windows Phone will get the users. I don't know why it shouldn't be tried. The UI wouldn't be much different, I'm sure, but it would be the marketing that would sell it.

just a few more features like groups, etc. integrated, windows phone is basically the facebook phone :D

Really need to clean up the fb app on windows phone. Runs slow & forever to load, but the native support is much faster. What's up with that?

Its because they are coded differently. but I have noticed that the iphone/android facebook app loads faster than windows phone but only because It doesn't load much just a couple icons while the windows phone app loads everything when you start the app and it looks better/less boring

Yeah that would be good, but for now, they should bring that Update to Facebook 2.5 that I believe everyone is waiting for....

Well, I don't much like Facebook or have an account there, but it would certainly be a huge boon for WP adoption.  And if got more people on WP, that would be a good thing, get some of the larger developers to get going on the platform.

I can't imagine why anyone would want a Facebook phone and the limitations implied when they have perfectly fine Facebook functionality on a not so limited phone on the platform of their choice.

It is also reminiscent of that AOL weenie era.

It would definitely help the platform. Whatever Google pays for it, Microsoft can pay more. Come on, Microsoft!

Facebook + Windows Phone advertising = Winning.
If Facebook would adopt the Windows Phone platform as the number one Facebook Phone, it would be a huge gain in Windows Phone marketshare as it so clearly lacks but deserves non the less.
There is no other mobile platform where Facebook is so brilliantly integrated, that the choice for Windows Phone is the most obvious one.

exactly, I don't even want the facebook app becasue WP7 already has everything integrated and those features work better

Im for it, if it increaseas wp awareness. Anything that makes the common consumer happy i believe can be a help its just more convenient

If anything, it sure seems like that is where Zucks and Co. are headed. I believe it was announced yesterday that Facebook will soon have its own app store. Couple that with the instagram purchase (it's own photo service) and saying they plan to acquire more services, maybe Facebook is positioning itself to be its own OS in the future.

Facebook just wants a phone where they can control the story.  That is all.  Windows Phone IS the facebook phone, but FB wants to have it be an ad serving platform because their weak business model depends on that.  Windows Phone can do everything they want...but really they need to be reasonable.  No one wants a phone where all it can do is Facebook....surely they are not so full of themselves to think that such a device would fly...the HTC Status proved such dedicated features suck.

I think it makes a lot of sense and just judging by how many describe the guy (cause I don't know him personally), Zuckerberg seems self assured enough that he could do something like this

Well then improve that damn facebook app, if you want to have a facebook phone. It just keeps lagging. I love WP7, but Iam still jealous when I see the facebook app on the iPhone or on Android!

Would be a great opportunity for WP but i think FB especially looking at how they develop things will go down the route of a totally FB owned OS. They are some kind of chaotic devs putting things out fast and this doesn't work on any of the current platforms on OS level. So what they need is a OS where they can push updates bypassing the carriers. My guess would be they go with WebOS.

I don't think Facebook should make a phone. They should work with MS to create more Facebook functionality, maybe a better FB app and put out social commercials using the best windows phones by existing manufacturers. This would increase awareness of wp7, increase sales, boost each ones stock market value, and balance the grip apple and android have in the cellular market giving MS more share. Its a win win if someone presents it this way to the Zuck.

Since MS has a part ownership (albeit a very small one at that), Facebook and MS should do what everyone else is saying; make Windows Phone THE Facebook phone.  And that would have to start with Facebook giving MS the coveted "non-3rd Part App right" for Windows Phone.  The Facebook app is cool and all, but I would love to see much more Facebook integration into Windows Phone (Groups, Searching Facebook, managing security/privacy, etc.)

Make Samsung or LG the OEM for this phone and all of a sudden they'll consider WP a platform worth investing in

Sammy already does...2 upcoming models announced recently, and they've also expressed a desire to "outdo" Nokia, which means they're going to BRING it.

I think it would be easier on Facebook to just promote Windows Phone. Easier then creating an entirely different device.

Would be good but I think they need to add more items into the integration like being able to like comments and basic things like that, especially with the fb app being as slow as it is :)