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Microsoft will broadcast the Surface event next week in New York

Microsoft has just announced that you’ll be able to watch a live stream of their Surface event next week in New York City. That event is expected to bring at least a Surface Mini running a Qualcomm chipset and a prominent focus on OneNote. In addition, Intel is expected to be on hand for a possible Surface Pro refresh or perhaps some other big announcement (Surface Pro 3?). Whatever the case, it’s sure to be exciting.

Can’t watch the stream? Want more coverage? Windows Phone Central will be in New York City live at the event, getting hands on and more info, so make sure you tune in next Tuesday 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET for all of the exciting news!

We’ll of course send out reminders and see about embedding the stream in our live blog of the event, so we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Source: Surface Blog


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Microsoft will broadcast the Surface event next week in New York


It's for sure a surface tablet running baitrail Intel replacing surface rt/2 making an affordable and usable surface tablet (hopefully with support for active digitizer). Hopefully they make a refresh of the surface pro where it's light and actually thin with qhd screen. And maybe they can make a real surprise and have in the pro 3 a broadwell (5th Gen) processor, now that would be a treat!

I look forward to the surface mini!!  Nice meeting you yesterday.  Very cool soccer jersey.  Do you have more to give away this weekend?

Wouldn't a Surface Pro 'refresh' be the Pro 3? Not sure why the article separates the two. Am I missing something?

If they're just updating the processor, no. They've done that in the past and it was not a new version. New version implies other hardware changes/upgrades, improved design, new chassis, etc. Look at computers that received Haswell, companies didn't re-launch them with a new name they just started saying '4th gen Core i5'

Not that there's anything wrong with the current line, but I would love to see something radical.

Will be interesting to see if any onenote improvements are brought to versions running on all Windows devices or will be confined to their own surface device.

think we can watch it via our Xbox One's? Daniel, do you have a link where we can watch this live stream?

I'm hoping they reveal a surface max. Give me a 12-13 inch surface pro with pen note-taking abilities and you can have my money.

I hope they launch the new models on June 3 and offer bonus at the MS store ($100 Xbox music for first 100 in line and such). 

And for the love of Crom, please do not let the official name be "Surface mini". I even prefer "Surface Note". 


I hope it comes with more one drive storage, because I'm well on my way to 1TB of free one drive thanks the vast amounts of MSFT gear I own.

I think we are going to see (2-3) new Surface products.  Theres the Surface Mini, running Windows RT.  I feel that MS is doing itself a disservice by not releasing an Atom processor Surface with no fan - either the Atom processor, or the i3 processor that supposedly does not need a fan.  My guess is that its going to resemble the Surface 2, slick industrial design, top notch build quality - a true do-it-all - no compromise device that is lighter and more portable than the Surface Pro, but more powerful than the Surface 2 - a tweener if you may.  Dock the bad-boy and bam - full desktop computer.  No dock - no problem.   

Trying to get my wife to get me a surface mini for fathers day or my bday.... not working out too well....

Does Microsoft still use their Live Events Player on Xbox and Windows Phone? I remember the only event I watch with that was the original intro to the 1st Gen Surface...

Surface 3 & Pro not till late Q4 With Windows 8.2 and Nvidia Tegra K1 "Logan", Intel 5th generation "Broadwell" ...not sure what ARMv7 Tegra in the Surface Mini? I hope there is a Surface Mini Pro with a Atom Z3770D would be awesome!