Microsoft will ship today's Xbox One update later this week

Xbox One

Major Nelson (Microsoft's Larry Hryb) took to Twitter today to announce that today's Xbox One update, which is set to introduce numerous new features, will be rolling out later this week. The reason for this delay is "the team is working on finalizing" said release, making sure everything is ready before the update is pushed out to Xbox One units.

Xbox One Update Major Nelson

The February update will bring controller battery status, better storage management and more. The Xbox team is listening to complaints and feedback provided by the community, implementing numerous fixes and adding new functionality in a batch of updates. We'll hopefully have more details soon on this month's update before the week is out.

Source: Twitter; thanks, Omar, for the tip!


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Microsoft will ship today's Xbox One update later this week


Hoping they add 3D blu ray support pretty quickly after this update to be honest. It's the only reason my PS3 is still underneath my TV. Sooner that the XB1 (or PS4 for that matter) adds 3D BR, the quicker I can remove that thing.

Shame about the delay though, but better that it's up to scratch.

It needs HDMI 1.4... which XB1 has.... but other than that, it needs software too. It was supposed to be coming "after launch". But, things seem to be moving slowly :(

I dont watch them often, but I have pretty much every Disney 3D blu ray, so I'd like to at least have the option to watch them.

Being sure everything's good before releasing it? Not something to apologise for. And what post-launch improvements have the competition done this quickly after launch?

This is a typical Microsoft thing. They always set a date and can never keep their word.. It gets annoying. If they set their date they should at least be able to make sure everything's good by the time it needs to be released. Plus this update is bringing stuff that should have been included in the Xbox from day one... Its kinda pathetic. Don't get me wrong I love my Xbox one but Microsoft really needs to step its game up

Get over it man at least they listen to what we want. I think they are the shit I just switched from playstation and loving Xbox

I know they listen. And honestly I love Microsoft and their products but it gets annoying. The did the same with wp8.1. Pushed it from march to April. So that's an extra month just to wait and see what they did. Same thing with the surface one. They made a huge update to help it run better then delayed that. I like Microsoft but it gets annoying over time.

The problem with that is that you read rumors and leaks. WP 8.1 has never even officially been announced, yet you say its been delayed. How does that make any sense?

They would have to hear what we want if they hadn't stripped these things from the 360 in the first place. Yes, the are fixing it but it shouldn't have needed fixing to begin with.

Its a patch. By forcing software out just to meet a date and then making it more buggy defeats the purpose of pushing a patch.

Much rather have a delay than buggy software. Just remember Apple maps (only using Apple to counter your MS dig ;) ).

How is it typical? I've seen more halts or point releases of PS3 firmware. The Vita has been, pretty good, though.

Because Microsoft always sets a date for something. Then goes and changes it last minutes. So it is typical Microsoft... Mind you im writing this with my 920. I have a Xbox one. I like Microsoft they just annoy me with crap like this

Its part of how their software engineering team works. If it were so easy they would deliver on time or ahead of schedule. I think the dates are there just to set a goal on a timeline for them, not to actually release that update. Its not per say 'consistent' but it helps in delivering a finished and polished products, otherwise you're dealing with similar situations that Apple dealt with their maps etc. And that puts Apple and their customers in a tight and uncomfortable spot. So enjoy the wait knowing you're going to get a 'hopefully' polished update :)

Xbox...Xbox...Xbox.....wanna work there one day. My favorite department in Microsoft....second is Windows Phone department :D

As much as I'd love it I don't think it's going to happen for the same reason the windows 8 music and video apps won't browse networked media -> Microsoft want you to consume digital content from them.

Ya, I read it a few times before I gave up and continued to read the article to make sense out of it.

Definitely weird. Todays' update is coming Friday. Seriously?! If it's Friday, it's not today. It would be cool, but it's still Tuesday.

Kinnect really needs to stop recognizing feet as hands. May a way to easily disable hand gestures so when you are watching a movie with your feet kicked up you dont inadvertantly sends commands to it.

I'll be glad when it'll run as smooth as my 360. I also can't believe my 360 has added about 3-5 new apps and not one new app for the one.

That is messed up, don't promise an exact date unless it is actually finished. That looks really bad.

I said this on a Xbox forum and all hell broke loose. Got called spoiled, umad bro, etc. Don't set a date then cancel on that date. Left at the altar...lol.

Yeah it's ridiculous. You don't make a big deal on how you are listening and care about your customers only to insult them when you can't deliver the changes on the date you promised. It looks bad and just ads fuel to the fire to the competition at a time when the Xbox one could need more positive PR.

The dedicated Xbox forums used to be better, I can no longer find anything I posted. I am not surprised at the reaction though. I'm disappointed too, but I will cope. Hope it is a hefty update with noticeable performance increases.

It was actually on gamefaqs. Alot of fanboyism towards Sony even on the Xbox board and people that don't understand my point.

I'm pretty sure that it was an internal date that got leaked. If an internal date never leaks, then no one ever knows that it was pushed back, and no one gets mad. MS can't do anything about that.

Nope, they made a huge issue about the changes and Marc Whitten himself posted the dates on his blog last week.

This does show however, that Microsoft immediatly sends out the update when it is finished, they announce a delay at the date it should be coming out.

Xbox one is the highest waste of money I have seen & i can say that because i won one & gave it away im happy with my 360

Yeah seriously. You gave the One away and then you post on how they are a waste of money. Lol could have easily sold it for retail price or more. I don't think the 4 million or so people that bought the One agree with you.

My goodness people....is it REALLY affecting your life that much if it's late?  I am pretty sure the sun will still come up tomorrow and maybe, just maybe the next day as well.....

Its just annoying. This huge company can't keep their word. Microsoft always does this. It gets annoying

It happens....a day or two is nothing.  When it comes to SW development (this is my profession), things happen, more often than not at the last minute that cause issues.  To get all worked up over it is kinda dumb......

If it's a year or two late, then I would complain....but an incremental update, eh....I have bigger things to worry about.

It is frustrating, concerning the Xbox One. Why on God's green earth you decide to take away features from the Xbox 360 that we've grown to love and become accustomed to??? It's really annoying, who actually made those decisions, it's really goofy.

Anyone with an Xbox One knows creating a party is a pain in the ASS! It was so simple and quick on the Xbox 360 but now it's broken on the Xbox One.

Not only that, but you CAN'T even send voice messages anymore!!! Why??? So damn annoying and a kick in the stomache to the customers.

Another gripe I have is I can't quickly message a gamer I just played. On the Xbox 360 I could hit the 'X' button, bring up the menu, go to friends and scroll all the way to the right and boom- a whole list of gamers i've recently played are listed giving me the opportunity to become friends with or simply talk trash. It was the perfect way to meet new friends. Sadly, Microsoft took away this functionality on the Xbox One and it SUCKS big time! 

The best feature of the Xbox gaming system was the friends you aquire and get to play with together or just communicating with via a party room. With the Xbox One Microsoft made the most important attribute of their brand difficult to accomplish.

Somebody is making an easy check at Microsoft.

Well said, I too would have liked an Xbox one with all the feature of Xbox 360. Plus the ability to download full games on release, but all I have a rather useless box right now. I'd love to hear from the woman / man that approved the Xbox one release? Then I would ask them what they were on at the time as I'm sure that stuff makes everything look good.

Don't get me wrong I am a huge Xbox fan, had the first Xbox since release and several 360 but it really annoys me that MS have released a backward device. I know this can all be fixed through updates but they should have held off releasing it until they had everything the Xbox 360.

I just wish the One would have the same apps that 360 had. I'm tired of having them both plugged in and switching back and forth.

Its simple! The console was not finished, they rushed to make it as stable as possible then ship it. with "new features " coming later.