Microsoft will soon make many more of its big Windows 8.1 Perceptive Pixel touchscreens

perceptive pixel

Microsoft's head of devices Stephen Elop has confirmed that the company will soon be ramping up production of its huge Windows 8.1 touchscreen devices from its Perceptive Pixel division, which it acquired in 2012.

Elop made those remarks as part of his visit to this week's Australian Partner Conference, which was later confirmed by ZDNet. Details about this increase in production of these big touchscreen devices have not been announced.

In a Reddit AMA session in 2013, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicted that these kinds of big displays "will come down in price over time and be pervasive..." Microsoft currently offers 55-inch and 82-inch Perceptive Pixel models, with the smaller one selling normally for $7,500. However, that is much cheaper than what those displays cost back in 2012, when the company was selling them on their own for as much as $80,000 before their Microsoft acquisition.

If the price got low enough, would you want a big Windows 8.1 touchscreen for your home or business?

Source: Australia Business Spectator, ZDNet


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Microsoft will soon make many more of its big Windows 8.1 Perceptive Pixel touchscreens


Why would you buy a very expensive touchscreen and not touch it? You could just buy a much cheaper LCD TV for that purpose.

Dutch people are tall but that is of no use when laying flat. Though people here might not understand that if you want a large screen on the ceiling, but a regular one for the fifth of the price of this one

If it had an ntrig digitizer similar to or better than the one in surface pro 3, my fiancee would be all over that shit.

I see them a lot in weather reports. But the reality is that the promise never became true: you don't see them at most kiosks, hotels, or restaurants. In fact I see ipads all over the place now. MSFT trully missed the mark.

Not quite... Just ahead of its time and those were bulky. When prices come down places like those will see it as worth it.

I'm looking for this for a long time now. My idea is to have a 32 to 40", thin and energy efficient screen, with touch, running win 8, for a family shared content.

Ability to see all the calendars, browsing the internet, power point, would be great to facilitate family meetings.

Would also be great for business, screens showing interactive BI reports.

But the price must be lower.

These will start showing up in more boardrooms, universities and may even start to find their way into schools.  They would be much nicer than SmartBoards.

Maybe in my bedroom as an alarm clock. First alarm is the Lion King intro. Throw a pillow at it snooze. Snooze alarm is a nice peaceful sunrise over the delta.

My company redid their conference room a couple of years ago, wanted a smart board but got just a big tv instead because of the expense. If these had been available it would have been a no-brainer.

OMG I would love the 80" for my business.  I'd do my sales sessions on this screen instead of a projector.  And to be able to interact with it by touch would be amazing!  Right now I use a 120" projected full HD screen beamed from my SP3 via Miracast, but I could definitely live with 80 inches.

"If the price will come down a lot would you like to get this big touch screen device?" Why not, coconut!

Would be awesome for training meetings with my developers, but even more so for code reviews... highlight and mark up source code with the developer sitting right there with me.

If the price gets low enough... 8K$ is getting there, these would be very useful in our business. As it stands, we buy 70" LCD TVs for use with computers for projections.  But those don't offer the same feature set as these. We'll see. This is another interesting departure from "core business," I must say.

In 2005, as a video editor, I was dreaming of this sort of tech for editing video. Now that it's here, I just want the price to drop.

Yes, also what Al Roker uses on the Today Show. I'm halfway expecting to see one on Royal Pains or Hart of Dixie, both of those shows already have heavy Lumia product placement.

Will it be "better" to have a massive touch screen or a massive normal screen with Kinect? What is the advantage of the touch over motion? I can't really see a use for this in the home, you are not really going to go around touching big screens, but voice and motion seems more realistic?

Who wouldn't want one. Basically a giant tv with touch screen and windows 8.1 in it I mean what couldn't you do with it? I'd have one in bedroom to replace the mirror imagine a 3d camera like Kinect attached you could write an app that knows what's in your closet and lets you see how that outfit would look on you. Then check the weather, traffic, and calendar etc. while getting ready for the day!

$80,000 dollars... That's lavatory money for some people and for others that's way more than they afford in their life time lol. Still who doesn't a screen that is somewhat half their size in height :P.