Microsoft: Windows Phone outselling iPhones in 24 markets

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Microsoft has told TechRadar that the company is witnessing some serious growth for its Windows Phone platform. Christoper Flores, director of communications for Microsoft, told the publication that attacks on "both ends" of the smartphone market were well under way (high-end and budget mobile devices) and we can expect to see further aggressive marketing should the deal with Nokia go through.

Flores shared statistics, which shows Windows Phone entering into second place in 14 markets around the world. Not only that, but the platform is also claimed to be outselling Apple's iPhone line-up in 24 markets, putting Windows Phone in the position of "fastest selling smartphone globally." While Flores failed to provide which regions were included in the statistics, he did note they were in emerging markets.

We've actually seen growth in previous reports from the likes of Kantar with Windows Phone surpassing 10 percent across Europe. The platform has also leapfrogged iPhones in Italy, according to the last batch of data we covered. Nokia has been aggressively marketing its low-end hardware, including the Lumia 520. This particular handset has proven to be a success within the ecosystem too.

Microsoft has stated they will provide more information on the statistics in the near future, we'll keep you all posted should we see more details emerge.

Source: TechRadar


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Microsoft: Windows Phone outselling iPhones in 24 markets



Apple's stronghold is in the US.  Windows Phone just can't seem to break through at all here... and is still stuck at less than 4%. I hope Microsoft figures out how to change this soon.

On top of that, Microsoft needs to strike retail product placement deals with large retailers.

The have started already with their embedded MS Stores in Best Buy, and others, but they need to get the mobile carriers to put Windows Phone at the front of the store with large banners, not the back right corner after all the iPhones, Androids, and Black Berry's.

How are people suppose to get to know Windows Phone if they never get that deep into the store?

It doesn't even stop there. On a network news channel last night they had a story on about the new Gen large phones and all that got mentioned was the S4, Note 3, and unbelievably, the 5S iPhone. No indication Microsoft even had phones for sale in the category despite the 1520 having a bigger and better screen than any of those mentioned.

It's just gotten dumb at this point that people are this incapable of grasping any ideal not shoveled to them underhand according to what is trendy. Even as in this case, when in danger of looking really uniformed in front of a ton of viewers.

That's exactly what happens, it follows no logic except of those of marketing and people's perception of a brand. And it's hard to break.

But I think WP will continue growing strong.

Until they ditch the ATT exclusivity, they are goign to have issues - if they just release (3-4) variants, all the same styling, on each carrier, they would be so in the Money - 1520 phablet, 1020 crazy pureview camera, 920 same as 1020 without the camera bulge, and a 520 budget phone...............thats all they need, why have so many different in between.  they have to be getting killed by their mfr's with all the different varients, and such.  Follow Scumsungs model, release the same phones on all carriers (especially the flagship)

@att doesn't help wp at all.  ATT is like "press one to buy an iphone" and when you say I need tech help with my Nokia, they hand you over to a phone number in tampa.  jerks.

Isn't it amazing that Best Buy has an embedded Microsoft Store within its walls, yet you still can't find a single Windows Phone accessory (that wasn't built for android)... I always ask the MS guys that and give them crap, even though I admit that decision is many many steps above them on the ladder.....


This has been a big complaint of mine against Best Buy. Well, and against others as well (Walmart, Target). They sell WP, usually only the 520 but occasionally others, but offer NO ACCESSORIES. Whereas for iPhone and Android it's almost one stop shopping on getting a phone and almost whatever accessories you might want. Even take the phones sold out of equation, and most stores have entire rows devoted to iStuff.

That increases visibility as well, as people who are looking over the accessories would see the words Windows Phone. It gets the brand name in their head at least. Maybe they're planning a respectable push when they release WP9, but they need to start pushing the retailers now.

Which app are you missing? I am just waiting for GRave Defense HD and the controller for AR.Drone Everything else is here.

Give a little time and WP will break through, I think. It's not "stuck", it had to grow quite a bit this year to get that 4.9% now. I really wish MS/Nokia had released a 520 variant for Verizon, Sprint and their MVNOs last year. If they did, we could be looking at 8-10% now.

Now, what you said is key for the US... Every major carrier needs a lineup like at&t's.. Every carrier needs a entry level, mid range, high end, and niche WP device.. Now, as big as MS is you'd think they could get their devices on all 5 major carriers.. Maybe the purchase will give MS the ability to do this with the new Lumia devices...

I think there is a lot of confusion in the US too with Windows Phone. There are so many different varients for each different carrier and I think consumers can easilly get mixed up with all the numbers! For example, 920 on AT&T, 925 T-Mobile, 928 Verizon, 820 AT&T, 822 Verizon etc... they're all practically the same phone but with different numbers and it's a little silly. They also need to stop making exclusives just for AT&T - from what I've heard they're a terrible carrier and perhaps people don't want to switch to them to get a Windows Phone. I personally live in the UK and here we have the same phone on multiple different carriers which makes a lot of sense and is why I think the market share here and many paces other than the US have much greater market share (double digits). I love Windows Phone, hopfully getting a 1020 soon, but I do hope they make a breakthrough in the US beacuse I've invisted a lot in the platform and got practically my whole family and a lot of friends to make the switch from Lagdroid. :P

It isn't that different, really. that's why it's named with a fraction number of the true models. It has the same basic specs, the only things that change slightly are the body, the screen and the camera.

Screw webkit. Developers should be focused on cross platform standards not suckling on Google's nut sack.

How will that help to bring better apps, developers shouldn't be using a web wrapper when you have Visual Studio and the WP8 SDK available to create native apps.

Yeah, I live in Dallas, Texas,, and I have a 920, and a 1520.... And I still say that Americans are sheep❕... Lol❕

The problem is that typical consumers aren't aware of Windows Phone. If you walk into any Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or mall kiosk, there aren't Windows Phones displayed at all. There's an iPhone and a hundred Androids. Until people out and about shopping encounter Windows Phones on a regular basis out in the wild, it won't take off in the U.S.

@coip, this is a very true statement. At my job of over 40 people, it's a sea of iPhones & Samsungs. I'm the only Windows Phone user & everyone is impressed at how solid, smooth & clear my call quality is of my L521. Might convert some isheep by the way I talk about Nokia's superior build quality.

Agreed. Same thing at my place of work. They crowd around seeing me with my brand new Lumia 925 and they looked so embarrassing at what they have got.

I whiped my 620 out at a party, and everyone loved it. They were suprized when they found out it only cost a third what they paid for their iPhone. But when asked what their next phone would be they all said the newest iPhone.

I just don't get it. They would still pay three (or four) times the cost for a phone that does less than my Lumia 620?

That's exactly right! The few Windows Phones that they have at Best Buy are nonfunctional toys. Live Tiles don't translate on a static paper display. A lot of people have heard of the 41 megapixel camera phone but few have actually seen one, much less had a working phone in their hands.

MS need to market hard on tv news stations, and talk shows. Americans seem to dig their tv personalities.

I hate to be a downer, but the iPhone has most likely tiny market share in these regions.. To surpass it isn't really a huge feat, rather WP devices were just more economical.. The growth is big, but the actual number of WP devices in peoples hands worldwide is still relatively small.. This is just the reality... Now, we'll be breaking ground when WP can surpass 10% in mature markets like the US, and China... Those are two of a few markets that really matter if you want to play big❕

I hate when I see this crap. This is a typical american thought: "Only the US has a important market".

Brazil is a big market and we can (and will) spend a lot of money on smartphones. Samsung seems to understand that and they are doing very well here.
Here a lot of people has S3 and S4 because Samsung does not take 6 months to ship here after shipping devices to the US. It's almost in the same month!
This is the biggest mistake Nokia is doing.
US is not the only important market in the world and should not be the first.
All launchs should should be global.

I agree. The author of the article itself feels there's a need to clarify that it's on "non important markets". I don't think that's the case. Apple wants to sell their phones in as many markets as possible. They do sell based on that bullshit elitist philosophy, but frankly I'm glad no other manufacturer follows it. IMHO it's just pure marketing, their products are not as good as they make people believe. I mean, they are good but they are bought and sold as if they were alien artifacts.

I think WP is playing it right with having devices covering all the price ranges and going for the most devices sold to create a strong base. It's going to be hard. But for example here in Argentina I see more and more people getting a Lumia, and they are really happy with them. That's what it's about. They are great products and they deserve being considered alongside the other options.

You ever read any tech site or analyst report? There is the US then there is everywhere else to many writers on the internet.

No, bone head.. Lol❕.. I'm asking the do who in this discussion said that US was the only important market... Don't open up that can of worms.. That's besides the point...

I don't agree. USA - 500 mil people, China - 1.5 bil so in total arround 2 bil. The world population is over 7 bil people. So 75% of the people live outside those markets! What do you call big?!

Good News for 2014. Once, the Nokia deal is finalized Microsoft just needs to release a "flagship" device on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon all at the 'Same Damn Time'.
Lets go Microsoft.
P.S....the whole Windows Phone Store is due a Major Upgrade.

Might be over rated, but it is the bench mark, otherwise why would it be constantly compared to it. Also everything is catered to it, all the apps, cases, extra batteries, etc.

Well, Android far outsells iPhone and has for some time. We even see a lot of apps now for Android only, or at least Angroid first. As fare as the accessory market goes, iPhone has a pretty clear advantage because there has until recently only been one model per year. Compare that with Android and their untold variety of models, it is easier to accessory makers to target iPhone than anything else.

This is why I feel WP is a nice ballance, still giving you are a good variety of hardware without going overboard.

I think some of the apps on iphone and android still has a lot to due with the API's available. WinPhone is getting better, but hardware aside there are still more restrictions on WinPhone than on iOS and Android --and before anyone starts, I understand the privacy/safety argument, but it puts us in a tougher spot.

This is true. Hopefully with WP8.1 they can address some of these restrictions. This will improve the apps we already have, and open the doorway for new apps. For example: An official Snapchat client. I believe the reason why there is no official app for this is due to an API that isn't currently available. (I personally don't care much about Snapchat, but clearly alot of people do, so it can only benefit the platform to have popular apps such as Snapchat.)

Anything about API is a stupid excuse, did king rudy magically create an api to make 6snap work... I don't think so, rudy is one man, snapchat devs are just lazy

Well, I like being in this though spot where I don't have to download and install a security app like I had to when I had an android.

Well, it's a vicious circle, money calls money. There's nothing inherently better in it that makes it a naturally better product. The market doesn't work that way. What is created and sold is a brand perception. Then, after it's implanted on the people's minds, it just grows by itself: bigger user base, better support, better perception, less likely that people consider other options.

GREAT news, but no need to bash iPhone, it is actually the trailblazer that started this True smartphone trend.
BTW, I am a windows phone guy(L920 @ the moment). I look forward to the successor of the 1020 or 1520 around upgrade time

And I hate them for it. WM was way better for business. Smartphones today are toys by comparison to what WM would have been by now.

It grieves me to hear people claim the iPhone started Smatphones. Its just so far from the truth. I was using WinMo in 2003, that's over a decade ago and almost 5 years before the iPhone came out, and it did literally everything that the iPhone could do long before it was introduced. And before WinMo there wee PocketPC phones and Nokia's smartphones and so on and so forth.
Lets not perpetuate Job's reality distortion field now that he no longer emanates it. Apple is a technology recycler that out markets highly polished versions of others inventions as their own. They don't need anybody's help doing it here.

The iPhone IS the phone that kick started this whole smartphone mania, YES. It wasn't the first mobile phone but there's no doubt that the iPhone is the reason why current smartphones are so good and sought.

Totally agree. Apple is built on marketing. The ideas they sell are hardly new, they are repackaged and polished at best. Actually that's what they sell: polish.

Apple did not start smartphone. iPhone when it started was a stupid idea revolved from their then iPod Touch (with phone).

For years Apple took their best Punch.
But Microsoft is still standing. It is interesting too watch if Apple can withstand Microsoft rounds of assaults. Apple is a trend && Microsoft is research. Way to go Microsoft.

True, but MS is just throwing jabs at most right now... Think apple will survive this. Still, im glad to see MS put a good fight here. Is only the first few rounds so we will have to see in future years who really the champ is. (and i hope is a k.o. from MS x)

Android has already destroyed them in market share. If WP also destroys them in market share, I bet their money making markets will eventually dry up and die because they will become irrelevant.

Not irrelevant by any means, apple doesn't really care about marker share, they are about the Margin, and there will Always be apple fan boys and girls to support the cause if for no other reason than status

BB also had countless die-hard fans but those slowly jumped shipped because BB became irrelevant. Apple willl eventually become a small niche market if they don't shape up. Apple is a cult, and even the most in-grained cult dies if it becomes irrelevant.

imore is over on the left at the top of this page, do you want me to tell them I found you or can you make your way back there yourself?

Love my l1020... Also... So far, the windows phone marketplace is the only appstore I've ever made purchases for apps... Never purchased anything on the apple appstore or google play store... Really dig and appreciate the work of the WP developers...

Can't wait to see a day when 60% of people dont have iPhones. "omg I want the new iPhone so bad!!" me: "why?". "I dont know..." lmao ughhhh

My life exactly... My friend today somehow had his iPhone 5S stolen (that's not the funny part, I personally feel for him on that one. I hate jackasses who feel the need to steal from others).

The funny part was how he was droning on and on about how he'd have to go back to his "crappy" old iPhone 5 and how'd he'd have to wait for it to restore from an iCloud backup. My reaction, "So you're lamenting over the fact that you'll have to now take an extra two seconds to use your PIN code to unlock your phone, and wait 30 minutes for your iCloud backup?"

Again, I feel for him and hope he gets his phone back from the sick bastard that stole it, but geeze, #FirstWorldProblems

(As an aside, when will Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 get FULL backup and restore capabilities on par with iOS via SkyDrive? I honestly have more SkyDrive storage space than I know what to do with, could I please save my app settings and game progress on it?)

But how many phones did you see in someone's hand though? You could see ads everywhere but if people are buying the product, it doesn't matter. I Can't to see where WP will be at one year from now. :-)

Who are you blackhawk? Just here to cause trouble? In Italy WP is bigger than iPhone, its a big deal its why they are getting Sky Go first. Now do us a favour and stop antagonising the natives.

How am I causing trouble? I was really wanting to know how many he saw on the street. I haven't been there so I wouldn't know.

Your response to  AlabamaFanRTR is off-mark. He said Italy. If you've been to Italy lately, you'd see that Lumias are quite common there. So based on your comment, you obviously have not been there yet.

i live in Austria and i've never saw any ad about WP 
but i can see Windows phones all the time some are Lumias and some are HTC no other brands

I did make a point to see what phones people had in their hands, partly in part because I'm holding some NOK shares :). Strange to find out that most had lower end phones, maybe samsung, the phones where the keyboard is on the bottom, non touch screen. I did see more iPhones than Nokia, but not by much. But then again, my eyes were mainly fixed on the awesomeness that is Italy.

Plenty of those iPhones you saw may have been Samsung models - the ones which looked almost exactly like the iPhone 4 / 4s were big sellers everywhere. It's no wonder Apple got so shirty about it!

And now your just being plain idiotic. WP is doing very well in Europe. I see nokias a lot in Italy, Spain, UK, France and Portugal, and the sales figures are there for everyone to see.

It is quite normal. In European countries, for example, people normally buy the phones on a PAYG basis. The iPhone is an extremely overpriced phone (699€ for the 16gb) while Nokia has half a dozen good phones for 1/5 of the price (100€ the 520, 200€ the 620, 300€ the 920).
But there's ZERO merit from the OS there. As always, it's the power of the Nokia brand that's selling the phones, not the OS (just like it's "Apple" and "iPhone" that sells, not iOS7)

Typical old school nokia fanboy comment. If Nokia was the only reason people bought phones, why did people switch to android from symbian? By your logic Symbian should have never lost market share. Truth is people go for brand AND OS, btw the brand here is lumia.

There's a reason why 90% of windows phones are nokias. I would have never tried WP if it wasn't for Nokia. Besides, people left nokias for android, like I did, because of the apps and the larger choice of phones.

Lets slow down a little. Which markets? Majority of markets don't sell iPhones officially. Are they counting official sales or all sales, including non-official?

You mean "don't sell through Apple Stores" I guess? That can be true. However, many retailers sells iPhones, apart from the carriers, of course. And Apple's online store is available even in countries without Apple Stores.

Microsoft should take a look at CES and see how all their partners are innovating with android and some like Samsung didn't even announce a single windows tablet. They are in big trouble and all they do is trot out meaningless statements like this.

They are in trouble only in your own head. All figures coming from reputable firms whose business it is to track these things do not agree with your delusions.

Well in reality all Apple is, is just a half eaten fresh produce icon that can be found in your local supermarket.

Are these big markets or small markets? I'm impressed too but I'm trying not to get my hopes up again.

I hope this trend continues. What needs to happen to gain more ground in the US is to lose AT&T as a premium carrier or kick their asses if it comes to availability of phones and especially updates. All of my friends love my Lumia phones, but they all also witnessed the waiting games for upgrades and the debacle at the L920 and 1520 launch where preorders didn't even get shipped until days after you could just pick up the phones in stores. Logistics in all those areas need to improve drastically to attract more users, but unfortuntely is seems that this is a game of chicken or egg.

Good to see WP gaining in any market.

A neighbor of mine said this to me recently:

Windows phone?...what's that? I thought any smartphone works with Apple.

Also many in my family refer to tablets as "iPads" and any smartphone as an "iPhone"

Just a small example of what Microsoft would have to overcome.

The iDevice reference seems to be tatooed on the brains of countless humans.


That will slowly change if they continue to lose market share. They've already lost market share to Android big time. If the same thing happens with WP, they will also lose mind share and become irrelevant.

Yeah. I saw one guy here who said that his old neighbor couple asked him come over to help with their new iphones but when he went there, they were actually Windows Phones!

Hope this will keep up in 2014. If rumors are true, once iPhone released bigger screens devices, things may be back to square one again for Windows Phones. We shall see.

Yes, we shall see because quite the opposite could happen: Apple could be seen not anymore as leader/innovator but as imitator trying to catch up. If the latter happens, then Apple will slowly wither and die, becoming a small niche market.

We all know that everyone will say, "Apple just held out until it could be done right. Apple's so innovative!"

No really. Apple is usually the trends starter. If I'm not mistaken, iPhone was the first touch based smart phone. If not, it was the first most welcome touch based smart phone. Recently there were the finger print security, and the 64bits processor trends. It may have seen not to be a innovator anymore, but due to its mass markets, it is still the king of trends.

On the other hand, Windows Phone has been busying trying to catch up with its updates. Until now, then we have the screen lock rotation, as well as the custom text tones. 1520 is the only first 1080p phone running snapdragon 800 till date. Frankly speaking, I feel WP more like the catching up party, rather than Apple.

Frankly speaking if you follow tech Apple is the catching up party since 2 years. 64 bit  and fingerprint is no one else using because no one really cares and never started any trend.

Windows Phone and Android are the trend starters. Bigger screens, higher res screens, NFC, Double tab to unlock/glance enbled screens, gove sensitive screens, Multicolor cases, Wireless charging and so on and so on.

One thing that needs to happen is for these "exclusives" to go away. Customers should never be forced to choose between the phone they want and the carrier they want. Part of the reason Android grew so quickly is because it was available through carriers other than AT&T and at the time, it was ge only viable alternative for people who wanted a touchscreen smartphone. Nokia can't afford to make the mistakes Blackberry made, locking flagship phones to carriers for longer than 3 to 6 months. The worst possible strategy is to give a customer who is interested in your product a reason to look at the competitors because they don't want to switch carriers. Something else that would help is matching Apple's approach to distributing updates directly, so customers don't feel they are at the carrier's mercy for updates if they buy anything but an iPhone.

That HTC 8x was there cause they used the 1520 to take the picture. ( joking, it just looks so weird with so many lumias)

I bought the 520 a few months ago, mainly because of price. I didn't actually want a Windows phone but the Android ones that were priced the same were crap. For the price ($130) nothing could top it for performance. I really only use it as a 'phone' now however (don't use apps on it anymore). 

Although it does a good enough job, I wouldn't buy it again. I like using the iPhone (but would never spend $600+ on a phone). Love Android and may go with a Nexus 5 or Moto X, but what I'm holding out for is Firefox or Jolla to come over here.

I'll still have my 520 then, mainly because I don't use a phone enough to justify replacing my 520 -- which works well for my needs right now.

I don't get it. Windows phone is out selling iPhone in emerging markets, isn't that because apple doesn't sell in emerging markets and has no handsets in that price range.

How can you outsell somebody in a market they're not even in lol. What a retarded statement

+1020 Moving to a new phone us still a huge Painintheass. MS should have dealt with this a while ago. Mind you, SkyDrive alone may not do it with 32 & 64 Gb of data to back up.

Or because the phones are cheapest perhaps? Given the cash, I doubt they will be interested in Nokia or Windows Phones.

I believe in part it does have to do with the brand recognition of both Microsoft and Nokia. Having cheap devices is just the trigger.

Here in India Nokia has ruled for more than 10years...and you will not believe many people call phones a piece of shit until its Nokia..

America is unique. It always does thing opposite. They drive left hand and they measure in....., you name it. No offence just my opinion.

Um, last time I've been to the U. S., they drove on the right side of the road, just like it is done in most countries with a few exceptions.

In Portugal, before Christmas Nokia wasn't doing a lot to sell here.

The prices were very high, the L520 for 170€ blocked to Vodafone, and the L920 for 400€, thank god in Christmas all changed.

The price of the L520 is now 130€ (or 90€ for old clients) and it's sold out on the main carrier of Portugal. The L820 also had a special promotion of 140€ for Vodafone clients, and was sold out on the same day. The L920 is now 300€. Unfortunately the L925 and L1020 are still very expensive.

But now I start to see some people with Lumias, and most of then are very happy.


Curious if WPC's site growth is growing at a similar rate. In other words, based in numbers from various sources can you make a correlation between site growth to new WP8 users.

Sadly, the iPhone is still dominating in Switzerland. Too many people having more money than know how still think iPhone = smartphone. The trend is especially strong with teenagers.... Well, it's an age thing, I guess, the tendency to just have the same things and dress the same as your peers.

Good going Microsoft..Keep on rolling !! Its great news for all WP users.

By adding certain features to the OS like a File Manager, access to video files etc, I'm sure it will outbeat the iPhones in almost all countries. :)

I hope microsoft opens up the os further, stuff like file manager and further customization of tile screen. How about customized keyboards like swype or swift key. Utilities like shuffled ringtone built in. And more devices any day, please get more device makers and support for 960*540 resolution for great mid range devices

I read somewhere yesterday that Microsoft is planning to create a 3D (cube like) version of the tiles to increase customisation. It's still a rumour, nevertheless.

How does that make Windows Phone the fastest selling smartphone globably? this cant be true surely.

I don't think that WP has outsold iOS here in Brazil (emerging market) yet. Though I have seen several 520s and 620s out here, which is good =)

Lol we celebrate good sales in Nigeria and Kenya !? 10% is no good . Most of the fones ar 520 , those who bought the phone will regret because of the 512 ram limitation  , those folks will have the fate of those who bought WP 7.5.

If Microsoft wants to penetrate the US market they need to sell the Nokia Lumia 520 and 521 dirt cheap or give them out free with Xbox one purchases etc be create bundle it or throw it in free with Microsoft purchases. It will be extremely difficult for average smart phone user who has invested much of there apps music photos to switch over that's why Microsoft needs to introduce them more to the operating system and take a loss with the hardware. In the long run you will have those who appreciate and are stuck in your ecosystem. Microsoft is also to slow to bring out new gear or apps, for some reason every company that makes wireless security cameras or home automation etc for some reason its always a google or iPhone compatible. On Gizmodo Engadget or Cnet its always discounted free Google or Iphone apps never windows. Also when I left ATT to go to T Mobile the only windows phone was the 928 every phone from Lg to Samsung to Sony ran google what gives. That's the reason I left T mobile from the start. I feel like if I want a high end phone or latest I'm forced to buy google. Only One phone the Nokia Lumia 928 is what they had in stock. Then I thought about the HTC they said they no longer had it in stock and they stopped making it. Microsoft you guys need to get your act together. Honestly the way you go about doing things is horrible and not consumer friendly. You can do a lot better. You should have multiple high end beautifully designed phones on all carriers. If I could call the shots I destroy a lot of these companies. I'm a consumer and I know exactly what your doing wrong. You guys that produce the stuff dont walk my walk.

I grabbed three L1020s during the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals and gave them to my wife and in-laws for Christmas. They encounter more non-tech heads than I ever will and I've overheard quite a few people (on different occassions) tell them "oh, you got the Lumia camera phone?! Nice!" My wife has told me that she's gotten comments on it numeous times. The other night at a New Years party, I offered to take a picture of a family by a waterfall. I took a pic with their iPhone, Galaxy 4 and my 1020. They deleted their own pix (Galaxy pic was too grainy and dark, the iphone pic was either too overexposed with the flash or just completely black after multiple tries) and asked me to txt my pic to them (I tried to use "Tap+Send" but the iPhone doesn't have that ability yet and the Galaxy owner was clueless on how to set it up on his phone lol). There are times it's nice being an ambassador...

Also Carriers like Att and tmobile for some reason the employees are aggressively pushing iPhones and Samsung. I have to tell them they don't know what there talking about I want a windows phone. If I wasn't knowledgeable or exposed to the operating systems and the phones I would walk out with an iPhone or galaxy which was what most of the customers were walking or purchasing because that's what was being shoved down there throats. With apple I have had so many problems with my password for signing in ordering stuff losing my password for good unable just crazy frustrating not consumer friendly. In the beginning couldn't download a free app with out a credit card it was very unfriendly to consumer the list goes on. I have a bunch of stuff I purchased and I'm locked out of my account can't get back in. IPhone operating system sucks all it has is its looks. The iPhone 4 was a masterpiece esthetically but now the iPhone 5s is starting to look boring and old. What they should of done is there iPod designs they should of gave they the capability to make phone calls and I've been saying this the iPod touch and latest ipods. They would in fact be the iPhone 5c etc etc.

This is a good news for us Windows Phone Users. Keep up the good work Microsoft and Nokia! I wish the next Black Update GDR3 will fix the yellowish photo.

While it is good to see WP increasing their market share, it is well established that most markets will benefit from 3-4 competing alternatives. There is room for WP and iPhone and Android. Its just the market share that needs redistributing. A single dominating platform is not particularly beneficial to anyone.

Also, while the US might consider themselves to be the only market of any importance statistically they are wrong.

The European market is twice as large (or marginally less if Europe is regarded as EU only, excluding the 'minor' non-EU nations). The US represents a significant 5% approx. of the world population, so needs to open their eyes and accept that the world does exist outside of the 50 states.

That WP market share is increasing outside the US is a positive sign. One day, maybe, the US will do likewise. It will be good if they did.

Great! Now continue grow. I am not MISSING any apps. I just want more good apps which I didn't knew I needed. Over and out.

Microsoft has shared the full list. The 24 markets in which IDC says Windows Phone outshipped iPhone are as follows: Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.