Microsoft wins "Xbox 8" domain names in dispute

MS obtains

Microsoft has obtained a handful of Xbox-related domain names after filing two disputes with the National Arbitration Forum. The domains were originally held by a Chinese resident by the name of Cheng Juan and included XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, XboxLiveTV.com, XboxCompanion.com, Xbox8.us and Xbox8.org.

What's most notable here is are the two "Xbox 8" domain names. It's been known (speculated) for some time that the newest iteration of Xbox would be called Xbox 720. This was confirmed in a recently-leaked roadmap. However, that roadmap was 2 years old. Despite the fact that the latest Xbox will not be the eighth version Microsoft has put out, it's completely plausible that Microsoft would re-brand the new gaming console to fall in step with its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems, with whom it shares the same basic kernel. Keep in mind that the name "Xbox 720" really doesn't hold much significance either, nor does it have a nice ring to it.

Microsoft issued a statement to Kotaku addressing (to use the word loosely) the recent domain name acquisitions:

"Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment."

Other similar complaints have been filed with the National Arbitration Forum for Xboxliverewards.com, Xboxsports.com, Xboxsmartglass.com, and Xboxmusic.com.

Source: National Arbitration Forum, Via: ShackNews, Fusible, Kotaku


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Microsoft wins "Xbox 8" domain names in dispute


It really irks me when people just sit on domain names they have no affiliation with or real use for. Some will claim it's investment, but it's not, it's on a level with ticket touting

Well like they say first one get domain is owner. Even thou they dont use it. Also Microsoft dont have right get domain since they did not get it first. It up too domain owner to sale it which is why people get domain name first.

as this post obviously proves, you're wrong. Since they have the trademark on xbox, they can take away these domains names from that chinese guy. There's a process for that, but if you buy a domain name to play on some other company's trademarks, they'll just go after your domain

No, you're wrong. Yes, you can register any domain you want but if you've used a trademark or are attempting to defraud people with it (pretending to be the legitimate company) then it will be taken away. They don't have to buy it off the guy, it will be taken from him.

If I had to choose between "Xbox8" or "Xbox 720" as the new system name, I'd definitely go with 720. It actually DOES have a nice ring to it, imo.

Xbox 720 is not a good name.  I thought the 360 was a pretty bad name, but when does it stop?  1080?1440?  Stop the bleeding now and rename it like they did from xbox to xbox 360.  Whether it is 8 or so other name. 

The 8th Gen is likely coincidental yes, but it just gives them more of a reason to use it. It makes sense historically and also runs in line with what their naming convention is right now. Plus...sources close to this topic...well nevermind :)

I like the sound of Xbox Infinity (Xbox 8).
It's kind of funny how it looks like it's tied into all the Windows 8 and WP8 stuff. Hell of a coincidence.

I think the person bought the domain names in hope of making a profit by potentially selling them to MS....apparently the judge thought so too :-P

It's clear he was planning on getting some $$ out of M$ this so common to see now. But will he? Most likely he will get a nice settlement from M$

I've been saying they're going to call it the Xbox 8 for MONTHS now! Besides it having name synergy with Windows 8 & WP8, it'd also be double the number for the PS4. Plus, they could get the "cool kids" to call it the X8.

Don't know. Always liked Xbox 720. But with branding it might be good marketing strategy to go with Windows Xbox 8. X8

It doesn't make sense to call it Xbox 8. For the end-consumer, it's not important which kernel is under the hood. That's why they even called Windows 8 for ARM "Windows RT".

I think they will simply call the console "Xbox" and will advertise as the "new Xbox" with a hidden version name and that the 7 inch consumption tablet will be called "Xbox Surface" or "Surface for Xbox".

The point isn't about the kernel, it's about tying it all together.
It will be clear that WP, Windows 8 RT and Xbox will be married in a way or another. Xbox 8 will be just as much a media house as gaming system. 

right, but the lifecycles are different. with WP releasing a new major version every year, windows every 2-3 years and xbox every 5-10 years. It's easy to keep WP and win in sync, but Xbox8 will be around when Win10 and maybe 11 are already out

The 8 is for the console generation. It is also a coincidence that it matches the naming conventions MSFT is using now (well since win 7)

Hold on, im confused. You're saying that WP7 doesn't make sense? Its simply following WM6.5. Sorry if I misread, its hard to follow who's replying to who in the app.

They should go the road of apple and just call it the Xbox. As soon as they give it a number it gets outdated. We all know it's the best for games, media and hopefully soon live tv?

"The Xbox" has been redundant since the Xbox 360 came out. The new version needs another name to distinguish itself to the user - you can't say "compatible with Xbox 360 & Xbox (not the old one, the new one)". It'll be Xbox 720 or Xbox 8. Either one is fine.

I know that it's only the third-generation Xbox, but isn't it going to be the eighth generation gaming console? If it does, it would go well with the Windows 8 and WP8.

I thought the same thing to keep with branding but some are saying the "8" is also for loop or for infinitiy which was the other 2 code names for the xbox that it could have been.

But if Microsoft follows this naming scheme, doesn't it put pressure on each team to deliver some kind of iteration every time either Windows, Windows Phone, or Xbox launch a new version? What would happen when Windows 9 / Windows Phone 9 come out--I doubt Microsoft would be ready for an Xbox 9...

Yup, that is why they need a new label.  Xbox _____ <---- enter here (no, not 720)
A letter may do the trick of XBox A,B,C,D,E,F or some type of initial combination.
XBox E (E for entertaintment) or something like that.  Hopefully they dont come up with some random name like the Nintendo Wii or PS Vita.  Keep the XBox name with a different label. 

Naming it Xbox8 makes total sense...nowadays technology gets upgraded by updates...we all see how long Xbox 360 survived...how long will this next version last?...for all we know it will last as long if not longer...gaming reached some sort of pinnacle, I'm pretty sure most of us are fine with how graphics and gameplay is now, but wouldn't hurt to improve, anyway that branding in the system will eventually get updated as the while ecosystem gets updated....i believe since Microsoft is tying everything in they will undoubtedly keep branding in the same fashion...xbox right now since the last update is only Xbox "beta 8" it has a windows 8 feel and all will be truly 8 when the next box comes out...i think calling it xbox8 will be the name...only with version changed...only seen in settings or something...xbox8 (version 8.5 or 8.6)

If you knew how many domains Microsoft owns that are related to xbox, you will realize how insignificant the xbox8 domain is. they're probably just protecting the trademark

I think thats bs. The guy had the domains, bought them legally. If MS wants them that badly, they should have to pay. I dont care what the reason is the guy had them. It shouldnt matter.  If he had them first, then theyre his unless he decides to sell them. Or at least, that's the way it should be.

Why?   If they truly feel he had no rights to them, he should never been able to buy them in the first place.  If this is such an "easy" thing to decide that MS can just take it away, then the why dont they just force the companies that sell the names to not sell any if they contain a "trademarked" name?
Either you stop the companies from selling them in the first place, or you allow the purchasers to keep them.

Xbox 8 makes because of several reasons. If the name Xbox 8 goes out of fashion because of Windows 9 the number 8 game still achives the vision of platform refresh accross all the products, and signals a new Microsoft and tech sites can talk about the generation 8, the generation that changed all.

Ok look, this is how its going to go. The new console will be called Xbox. Just Xbox. The console will be running Xbox 8. And when Windows 9 or 10 comes around, the OS will be upgraded to Xbox 9 or 10, just like WP is going to 8. And when Surface is released with Windows 8, it will eventually be upgraded to 9 or 10 as well. Its both a simple solution, and keeps hardware relevant and independent of the faster evolving software. Just my two cents.
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I'll throw my vote in for Microsoft to start using the X from Xbox in their naming convention along with the Xbox logo off of its game controller with the glowing green x. Xbox is a global brand that is seen as a separate entity when it comes to windows and therefore makes the windows name as an afterthought. Its unfortunate, but when you always win, people tend to dislike you because of it; much like the Lakers and Yankees. While I'm not that shallow, many people are.

Anyone remember mikerowesoft.com? I think that case was a little different though and admittantly (sp) I took Mike Rowe's side on that one, even though the judge didn't.