Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site

lumia 635

Microsoft will not be charging anyone who tried to pre-order the Nokia Lumia 635 from its retail store website earlier this week. The site has posted two listings for the smartphone before removing them less than a day later.

In a statement sent to Neowin, a Microsoft spokesperson said the listings for the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the phones were pulled due because they "included inaccurate information". On Monday, the site said that the Lumia 635 from AT&T would have a no-contract price of $99, while the T-Mobile version had a price of $129.

For those of you who jumped in and pre-ordered the phone, Microsoft's statement says you should not worry. It said, "Customers who placed a pre-order on the Microsoft Store have not been charged. As with all Microsoft Store pre-orders, the customer is not charged until a device is available and only upon shipment."

So when will the Lumia 635 go on sale in the U.S.? Good question, but it's one that Microsoft was unable to answer. It stated, "We expect pricing and availability for the Lumia 635 to be announced by our U.S. carrier partners at a later time."

Did you try to buy the Lumia 635 from the Microsoft Store site and if so are you happy or sad that your order has been cancelled?

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Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site


They don't charge you right away, when product about get shipped, they send you email saying that your credit card will charged. So relax

I hope that inaccurate informatoin was the 512MB RAM and that the RAM was upgraded to 1GB ram like one variant was.

I can't imagin the price will change much, if at all. Maybe by $20 to $129 on AT&T and $149 on T-Mobile. I am hoping for the original prices and sales that bring it down to $49.99-$69.99.

I never saw it on the Store but I do know Tmobile has had a placeholder page for it coming soon. Just wish they'd bring in something on the lines of the 1520. I'd love to have one on Tmobile without all the carrier branding that ATT and Verizon does.

While I appreciate your helpfulness, forking out 600+ cash for a phone is not an option, unless you'd like to buy it for me, lol.

Where I'm from (Finland), that price tag would've been binding and I would pay 99 for the phone. Nice to see what consumer protection is elsewhere...

Damn fail before even pre-ordered. ATT must have demanded exclusive...

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I hate when companies do this. They should honor what they published. It's not the consumers fault that they don't know how much their own product is going to cost. Honor the preorders. Period.

I thought that at first, but am seeing how the Lumia 635 is a step up from my 520 now:

  1. Larger/better screen
  2. Pedometer sensor to allow tracking of number of steps taken each day
  3. LTE
  4. 1GB RAM (supposedly and hopefully!)
  5. Faster processor

Downside is it lacks a dedicated camera button and capacitive keys. Both are not deal-breakers. I would miss having a red shell, though!

I agree. Don't really care about a dedicated camera button. I'm not buying it for it's camera anyway (got a nice 925 that's more than adequate for me).

I dont understand this world people live in with multiple phones, why? Do you clone or swap sims? Do you have to decide which phone you are taking with you each day?

I have a 521 now and wouldn't consider the 635 an upgrade. Maybe as a straight replacement of a work/utility phone. I do think it will continue what the 52x started as a great budget phone.

Daniel did a write up here on WP Central on how it is not a lateral, and the improvements that were made.

I mentioned this phone to my mom yesterday. We're on T-Mobile and she's using an unlocked 620. I thought she might prefer a larger screen. She said no thanks, though since she's fine with her current phone.

Not going to complain about the mess up. Back in April AT&T made a mistake amd put the 925 on their site for 79.99. I quickly got in a order before they realized the mistake. Sure enough two hours later the ad was taken down. But to my surprise they honored the ad and shipped the phone to me two days later. Paid for the shipping and all. Almost changed my opinion of AT&T.

It is totally not easy for Microsoft to find the price point for second device that's only 4G capability and removable battery are the only difference. If the price difference is too high, no one will buy it as customer will be satisified with the 3G, and if its too small, no one will buy the first device because a small amount to spend extra will give you 4G with the same device.


Ok call me stupid but... Can you not get cell phones unlocked in the US or Sim free that works on any carrier?

Not any carrier, at least not yet. CTIA drafted voluntary principles on unlocking phones but adoption by carriers is slow. Old phones won't get unlocked and we still live in a GSM vs CDMA country.