Mark your calendars: Microsoft to hold its Xbox E3 2014 event on June 9


Microsoft has sent out media invitations for its Xbox: Game On event, which will take place on June 9th just before E3 2014 kicks off. For those who aren't familiar with E3, it's a electronics entertainment expo dedicated to the industry and we expect to see a lot to come out of this year's bash. The event will begin at 9:30am PDT / 4:30pm UTC / 10pm IST and will cover everything from previously announced titles all the way to trailers for unannounced games coming this year and beyond.

Xbox Media Invite

Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) has wasted no time in publishing an article on his blog detailing ways for the general public to get involved and watch the stream. If you're not heading to E3, be sure to tune into the live stream at 9am PDT on June 9th. This will be hosted on Xbox.com, Xbox Live and Windows Phone. Also, some "fan-centric events" will be held both before and after the Xbox: Game On event, though it's not known what will be included.

We'll be on the floor, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds.


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Mark your calendars: Microsoft to hold its Xbox E3 2014 event on June 9


Wow... I live in Arlington, TX... It's not cheap getting to Key West from here... It's outrageous❕❕

Well... Still no xbox One in Norway... No fun watching lots of announcements for stuff you can't buy...

I won't even argue with you here. If it wasn't for killer instinct being loads of fun my Xbox would be collecting dust. The honey moon period didn't last too long even with four games.

Even if you only like shooters (which is some narrow taste IMO), you're both missing out greatly by skipping over Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Let's see if they'll take the chance to try and revert the bad image the Xbox One has since last years flop of a conference.
Though not many will care I guess since you can't buy an XBone on that many markets.

You told me Microsoft phones will be great which I still don't think they'll be.
We never discussed how good 8.1 would be. Which I wouldn't have disagreed with you since basically any update to WP is good as the OS is still behind Android (well...Android 4.3. Because it's ahead of 4.4 in the sense that the idiots at Google removed from 4.4 the ability to install apps on microSD cards).

Though, 8.1 still needs further minor improvements to me, some of which Belfiore confirmed were being looked at (Data toggle on Action Centre) and some of which they better stop being idiots about - the photos hub. Their telemetric results showed one thing and they did another completely different. The current photos hub with that "all" section is an abomination and must go. Apart from that (and from the lack of a bloody colour picker for the accent colours) I'm satisfied with WP8.1.

Now all I'm missing is a good OEM to take Nokia's place once my 920 needs replacement. I'm not fond of the 930 with 3 mandatory columns and no microSD. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Sony WP devices being true (how awesome would it be to have a Z2 Compact with WP?)

Because it's a mess. I like to have my photos organized and separated into folders. The "all" section just mixes everything and disorganizes everything. And I hate messes so I hate the "all" section in the photo hub.

Hmm...mine is actually fairly organized by month and day in the "all" section. I enjoy having folders as well though so I agree with you on that one.

The fact that MS didn't elaborate too much about the universal XB capabilities at Build makes you kinda wonder what they have in store at E3...

They wanted to have a different kind of space for XB..So that its not over-shadowed by WIN8.1 and WP8.1..

I know..... It's just that this time around I think they might have something really interesting to reveal.. I hope so, because MS is on a roll in 2014, and I would like to see the momentum keep on keeping on... This is the kind of thing that makes a company "cool" again..

MS needs to announce all the major titles onto/in XBOX+Release XBOX ONE worldwide along with Bing Services and Surface+Roll-Out WP8.1 on all carriers worldwide(+cortana)asap+Open MS stores outside US+A WP intergrated smartwatch(with the cool features as mention in an article by Adam a few hours ago)..P.S.--Whatever MS has to to release/announce,,do it worldwide and at the same time..Not months after a particular products release in the US of A..Hope Satya reads this..

When asked about MS..People say--"The company that makes PC softwares and has Outlook"..Its due to low or no(in some regions) marketing of their products..Many dont even know that XBOX,,Office,,Skype are MS products(add Nokia to the list also)..

The good news for Microsoft, and the Xbox One, is that this year can't be worse than the Don Mattrick designed disaster of last last. 

It's amazing how fast he found another opportunity outside the company following E3 last year. He torpedoed the Xbox franchise at E3 June 11-13th last year, and Microsoft confirmed he was leaving July 1st. 

Lol.. I guess that is good news... 2014 is turning out really nice, and its great to be able to say that mid 2nd quarter...

LOL Was that surprising? I mean...Sony torpedoed the Xbox One in 2 minutes at their press conference. That video about lending games on PS4 was enough to have the Xbone crumbling down and Microsoft shifting gears as soon as they could.

I'm surprise that when Mattrick said something like, "we have a console for disconnected use, it's call the Xbox 360" that Ballmer didn't magically appear thrashing him on the spot. 

Just launch it at Asia pacific already.... Why do Microsoft always launch their stuff late for AP... It's not a small market here though... Gosh!!!

Ok MS I don't won't Tu c no bull.... Y'all need to take y'all spot, BC we all kno that y'all was set up at tha last E3 just saying

So excited to see what Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and all the game producers and publishers have to offer this year! And GAMES! GAMES! GAMES!



This time make sure Sony announces before XB does. That way XB can submarine them if they make any controversial decisions like XB did last year.

Don't like MS announcing 1st again before Sony. Sony will again react to MS's announcements and make adjustments. It better be a killer e3 for the Xbox to get rid that BS perception it was unjustly given last year.

Where does it say they announce first? Big mistake. Sony will pick and choose what to criticize in their announcement and also damage control more effectively what XB has that they don't. Huge mistake! If you don't learn from your mistakes you're destined to repeat them....

The ones bound to go first will get damaged. This occurs every e3. Microsoft needs to go second or last.

I'm confused. Is this conference going to be separate from the e3 conference's, or is this their e3 conference. If this is their e3 conference why are they doing it out of e3?. I would definitely understand that they would have two just like they did last year so that they would have more time to talk about Xbox and services.

I just want my Xbox to run as smooth as my windows phone. It's feature packed and the UI is beautiful, but it lags like the old HTC evo.