Microsoft Xbox One Controller and Headset now available for preorder

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft’s new Xbox One controller and headset are now available for pre-order at the company’s online retail store.

The Xbox One Wireless Controller will cost $59.99 and features impulse trigger feedback, redesigned thumbstickers, and a completely redesigned D-pad. The unit will run on two AA batteries, which are included in the package.

If batteries aren’t your style then you can grab the Xbox One Wireless Controller with Play and Charge Kit for $74.99. The package includes the aforementioned controller along with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and USB charging cable.

If you decide to purchase the standard controller and would then like to upgrade it with a Play and Charge Kit, that will cost you $24.99. For those of you counting, that is about $10 more than purchasing the bundle together.

Last, but not least, the Xbox One Chat Headset (aka: the wired one) will cost $24.99 and features “crystal-clear” digital wideband audio. Controls for adjusting volume or muting your microphone are now at the bottom of the controller where the headset plugs in.

You can preorder the above accessories along with the new Xbox Live Gold Day One membership card at Microsoft’s online store.

Now we just have to wait and see what the cost for Microsoft’s wireless chat headset will be.

Source: Microsoft Store via Polygon


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Microsoft Xbox One Controller and Headset now available for preorder


That's been asked many times to many people and the best answer is something like "the PC platform remains a key foundation of our product vision" or somesuch BS. I personally take that to mean "yes, but probably not on launch day".
We know the controllers utilize the XBOne's built in WiFi Direct capabilities, which can be added to most PCs with the installation of a new network card driver, so in theory all that needs to be done is a driver install on the PC and a sync button press on the controller. The question is when will those drivers be made available.

I don't mind Kinect handling my voice as an input, but expecting us to use the TV speakers as the in-game chatter output is absolutely absurd.

not sure if this perspective works for you, but alot of the players that i know don't like using voice at all so im guessing they are just leaving the option open hence i view it as a luxury option, i don't think any of the previous consoles include it (is there?)

Basic Xboxes didn't include it (core, arcade, 4gb slim), but the higher ones did. There is only one console now though.

If they handle these pre-orders as well as they handled/are handling the Lumia 1020 pre-orders you'd be better off buying from somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

I don't think MS has anything to do with pre-orders of Lumias.
But I don't know whether those two companies work the same way or not.

Right, but the supply would be up to Nokia right? Unless you meant the process of preordering. The website needs a change anyway. It's not operated by MS, but some third party company instead.

$60 for the controller? That's a pretty terrible deal, in my opinion. Oh, and $25 for the Play & Charge? Microsoft seems like its goal is to price this console out of the range of most people, because a battery and a cable for $25 (when its was $20 on 360) is a horrid deal.
In fact, doesn't this use the same type of cable as the PS3's controllers does to charge? If so, I just saw one of those cables (no battery) for $5 at Wal-Mart yesterday.

360 used Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, this uses Lithium Ion.  Probably the reason for the price difference.  Also, sure, the controller uses microUSB to charge, but the cable won't do much good without the battery.

With the Play and Charge kit, yes. The bare controller for the 360 (AAA batteries, not rechargable) was $50. So in essesnce you're correct, the controller we are getting for the One is the same price as always.

i just double checked the price and realized, you guys had it cheaper (didn't think to check US prices) Canada has it at 59 to begin with, luckily they are keeping XBox One's controller at 59 :)

I could have sworn when the controllers first came out they were $60. They went down in price but when the new one came out (new d-pad), they we're 60 again. I may be remembering wrong though.

Wired headset, i know they probably provide better audio feedback and transfer but come ms, you should be providing a wireless headset for the price of the console or at least make the wired ones part of the package.

The cheapest sale I saw on the wireless headset for 360 was on amazon (MS still has them expensive), 7 or 8 years into the life of the console, for $25. Why would they ever sell a wireless headset for $25? At launch no less.

I swear I saw somewhere that Microsoft said that they will ship the wired headset with the console, it was soon after they changed the DRM policy

I can't believe Microsoft is doing this. They should just what Sony does and release one type of control which is wireless and charge $60 for it. Microsoft is releasing a control with batteries, c'mon.

It is one type of controller. It just gives you a choice on whether you want to use AAs or a rechargeable battery (that you can change out if it dies). But its still the same controller all across.

What price will the wired controller be? Clearly that's the one most PC users will be buying. My current one is on the way out so I'm hanging on for the release date of the new version.

There is no wired controller anymore. You can use a microUSB cable to create a wired connection though.

Rumor has it that the X1 controller will be able to connect wirelessly to PC using WiFi Direct but it is not confirmed yet.

Yep, that tiny little detail will kill off Xbox. /s
C'mon dude, the original 360 didn't even have wireless and it was crazy successful. I prefer to have a removable battery because the rechargeable ones do go bad and need to be replaced eventually. I don't think the ps4 one is removable, but I may be wrong.

60€ for a controller with batteries is completely ridiculous.
I'll stick to my 360 wired one.

The cool thing is the funnest social games will be for the Kinect 2.0.  Up to five players without buying any extra controllers!  That is like an instant win for pricing for those interested in non-internet multiplayer games.
PS4 would cost 4*$60 to have that many players at once (I don't think it even supports 5 players does it?).

360 and Wii both support 6 or 7 I believe, but I've only ever seen one game take advantage of it.