Microsoft's Belfiore: "Some problems" with AT&T Lumia 900, probably coming in April [False]

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While we just posted about the TITAN II's no show and we're still unsure about the Lumia 900, evidently Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore knows what's going on.  See update to story.

As usual, the problem is either related to certification/finalized firmware for AT&T or Nokia building up enough supply. At least that's how we're reading this message (via Facebook) exchanged with WPCentral reader Aamer Khan just a few hours ago:

Facebook conversation

Khan: Any word on the Lumia 900 for ATT? Word on the sesame street is March 16th? Would you like to comment?

Belfiore: Dear Aamer there are some problems..nothing serious. Probably Lumia 900 ATT will arrive in April...stay tuned bye

Though the specifics are unknown it sounds like the normal hiccups with getting a new device out the door and getting a large launch lined up.  Of course that does little to satisfy the majority of you who are itching to get this phone as soon as possible. At least we can take solace in knowing the launch is growing near.

Update: For the record, we're getting a lot of tips still saying the 8th is the new day for launch (with it being available in stores on the 9th)

Thanks, Aamer, for the heads up


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Microsoft's Belfiore: "Some problems" with AT&T Lumia 900, probably coming in April [False]


More importantly how does this impact, if at all, the European release of the lumia 900. I love my lumia 800 but im itching for a bigger screen, that plus a front camera and being glossy white make the phone irresistible to me :D

Well, some news is better than no news! This seems to be legit. Thanks for that update ...
Edit: Apparently not legit at all!! :-(

I have no problem waiting for the 900. I expect near perfection with this launch, and any bugs could kill any clout WE have ALL put behind this phone and platform. If its supposed to be big, it better come correct out of the box!

HAS BEEN just embarassing they hardly admit to even having phones in stock try to talk you out of wp7 and we still sit here with no support for our missing updates to cure irritating disappearing keyboards. AT&T should be embaressed by their efforts to snuff out a basically great operating system alternative to whatever else is out there.
All of these negatives fall directly in the lap of AT&T and they do not deserve any support as a result .

Am I the only one who's questioning the authenticity of the dm tweet? Doesn't seem like he'd dm someone for that, I could be wrong I admit, but not too sure about it.

It's actually Facebook and Belfiore took quite some time to answer (question was asked on the 4th).

We've chatted with Aamer back and forth a bit and it comes off as legit.

This is old news, from what I remember reading. There was an issue with Qualcomm's chip builder's production (TSMC). It's effecting a lot of devices. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're referring to the issues with the S4 (28nm) Qualcomm chipset?

Lumia 900 uses APQ8055 Snapdragon though which is their older 45nm SoC, so I don't see how this is relevant?

As far as I know it's still the 8th as I last reported. There are problems with launch details and supply issues but it seems like know one knows or they want to keep their cards close to their chest. It feels like they want to make a big splash but don't know exactly how to go about it. But like I said nothing has changed from my understanding on the launch date. I tried getting pricing info but I just got a weird look from my boss. I don't think she trusts me with vital info lol as well she shouldn't. Until next time...

Local corporate AT&T stores are scheduled for Windows Phone training on April second. Adds just a little more validity to the April 8th (which is Easter, so the 9th) for a release date. If the 9th is the first day it can be sold, they will most likely have them in the store by the previous Friday. We will have at least three days of warning, anyways.

Well as long as they have a good supply  on the 6th of May when my new upgrade date from my daughter's contract can be used  I dont personally care what the date is in April  but early in April would be better for WP sales than later in Aprril  If its good to go and they have plenty of supply Easter is great for online sales and th 9th in stores!  Maybe I can get an earlier upgrade !

This is a missed opportunity for a marketing blitz during march madness. I think they really dropped the ball on this one. Pun intended.

"Probably" April!  NO official word from AT&T or Nokia!  We are way past due for some official word on this phantom phone.  You don't announce a phone in January and still be refusing to give a release date in March.  I don't think Nokia cares much about the US market.   Potential customers deserve some specifics... this is what the phone is, this is when it will be available, and this is what it will cost.  Come on AT&T/Nokia if you can't answer those questions after this much time you really don't have a handle on your business.  

When this phone does come out with its massive media campaign and garners huge sales in the US, all these impatient folks saying Nokia is dropping the ball are gonna look awfully foolish.

What is the key marketing demographic in the US? Males 18-35. What have they all been doing between Thursday and today? They've been glued to the 2nd & 3rd rounds of the NCAA tournament. There's a commercial for the new iPad during every commercial break. Heck, I've even seen the ie9 commercial 50 times. It's a missed opportunity to grab a key demographic in a way that they won't be able to in April. As much as I enjoy baseball, the first month isn't going to garner near the attention of March madness. Missed opportunity to hit the key demographic hard!

@matiu_00 - I don't think I agree with you on that one. Two and a half months of silence is a mistake, no matter how much any of us may want to defend it. They can buy their way out of it with enough cash on advertising and clever ads, etc. But that doesn't make their silence better, it merely undoes the hurt - at a cost.

Joe is saying on Twitter that the post is fake ... "@joebelfiore: The Lumia 900 is awesome.. any alleged tweet from me that says something different is fake.  I’ve been using one for weeks and it rocks!" Of course the conspiracy theorists out there will say "It's not a tweet, it's a Facebook post!" but I think it's pretty obvious that he's referring to the message in this article. Maybe the author should have reached out to Joe for comment before running this article.

Lol!  You're right!  Bill Cox also chimed in to say that retail availability was for ATT/Nokia to announce.
The techies are an impatient bunch, but the main targeted audience for Microsoft and Nokia is the feature phone market (and I'd wager that this device isn't even a blip on their radar given that Nokia hasn't begun the marketing blitz for the device yet).

First of all, the guy was totally wrong on the street date. Nothing has been mentioned for March 16, which was a Friday. Secondly, would Joe B. response with something that dumb? comon people. If you do any type of research on FB, the real Joe B has a profile pic with his head cut off at the top. And look at the "public figure" Joe B, yup, that's the guy who responded.

Regardless of who or who didn't say what, the fact remains that the Lumia 900 hasn't yet been released and we don't know when it will be. The fact also remains that I won't be getting one anyway, but I am interested to see how it does against the competition.

I've contacted this exact guy, all he does is posts stuff from WPCentral, CNET, WMPowerUser, etc. I actually asked him, and he said he isn't the real Joe. So yes, it is 100% sure this is NOT from Joe.

Go away then, why are you hanging out here? IPhone didn't have copy paste for what, 3 years when it came out? Things just evolve...

It also didn't have an app store or multitasking either...lil stevie had to be asked to "open" the phone to apps by the community because Apple couldn't provide everything the userbase wanted...which still holds true...then he laughed all the way to his bank as he happily cashed his 30% royalty check for each app sale...
Keep your outdated, icon heavy, mama's boy phone - we're happy to let you suffer with it...

This is beyond ridiculous. They announced the phone in January as an ATT exclusive in the US and it was assumed to be the first country to launch this device. They should at least come with a date of launch so prospective customers can plan. Nokia/ATT and MS should get their act together. Apple has set a standard for the launching products and it's more than evident that pretty much works. The worst part is that even Canada is accepting pre-orders on this device and there is no word from ATT yet. I hope Dell venu pro debacle does not repeat here. And YES I am very impatient. 

So the message was "false", but the fake message said likely April release and it looks like the release is probably going to be April, so false?
You can say half true  because of the release timeperiod, but i guess half false that there were "problems". 
In any case, if the phone sucked, would Joe being saying it sucked?  Unlikely.  I take his response with a grain of salt as well :)