Microsoft's 'Bing it on' marketing challenges Google through results comparison

Bing it on

BYOSE - 'Bing' Your Own Search Engine

Microsoft has kick-started the ‘Bing it on’ challenge, which puts Bing against Google to see which search engine can provide more relevant results. Google has been regarded as the most accurate search engine with Bing still claiming grounds and improving algorithms to catch up to the #1. Has Microsoft really achieved wonders with Bing?

According to research from an independent study to test which search results members of public prefer, Bing web search was chosen over Google almost 2:1. Sampling nearly 1,000 people cross the US, participants were required to have used a major search engine in the past month. In the test, those involved were shown SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) from both Bing and Google for 10 search queries of their choice.

Shown side-by-side and without branding, the SERPs were analysed by participants to determine which returned more relevant results that were useful. Three choices were available – “Left side search engine”, “Right side search engine”, and “Draw.” After 10 searches votes were counted to determine the winner (Bing, Google, or a draw). 57.4% chose Bing more often, 30.2% chose Google more often; 12.4 % resulted in a draw.

Bing it on Results

‘Bing it on’ encourages web surfers to try out Microsoft’s search engine to see if it really is better than their current choice. It’s much like a browser comparison in a way as people have personal preferences. You can head on over to the challenge (it appears to be US-only) and take part in 5 rounds, where Bing and Google results are shown on-screen together in harmony.

Source: Bing it on, via: Bing Blog


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Microsoft's 'Bing it on' marketing challenges Google through results comparison


I use Bing on my phone and usually switch to Google in IE after a lot of fruitless searching. I find the more specific you search in Bing, the worse the results (i.e. Specific phrase to provide context, or minus a word to exclude false results)

Yeah, same here.  Bing is great for looking for local businesses, but when it comes to searching for actual information, I'll look around for five minutes before finally switching over to Google and finding the info right away.

I like Bing but it lacks the features that Google search has like filtering by date. I use the Google app on my Windows Phone because it works fast on the voice to text conversion.

+1000000000000000000   Search by date is THE feature most obviously missing from BING and is one of the few reasons I go back to Google on rare occasions.
Lets be honest, I go to BING for the pretty picture, and better privacy :)
But sometimes, you need the Goog.
YouTube, searching for Videos is just nicer on YouTube - another lacking BING area.
But I like BING alot.... for the pretty pictures :)

They did used to have filter by date but they removed it. I use this on most searches with google so Bing is not much use.

To the first three commenters (and anyone else who just wants to post "I prefer Google cuz Bing is teh suxxorz") why not take the challenge and see for yourself? If you really do prefer Google, it will show up in the results.

Not so. Bing on the phone is actually the one place where it excels.
Sat in my car one day, at traffic lights - I spoke to BING with the voice search:
"Waitrose" its a UK supermarket.
Not only did it get the phonetic search Correct!
Ie... not "wait rows" or "weight rose" or any other wrong combination, it showed local search results (for Watirose) as the store was around the corner.
(I was wanting to know opening times to see if I should take a detour)
I press the web link, and the Waitrose website owners knew I was mobile so took me to their MOBI site. Then Waitrose magic, the webpage asked to use location and showed me the store times!
This took about 5 seconds, BEFORE THE LIGHTS CHANGED.
Really, BING with voice search on Windows Phone is spectacular!!
And even better when website owners create proper mobile versions!

+1. What's Google anyway. Never used it. Been computing since 1982 btw. Always found what I was looking for.

I use Bing. Its also a plus that I get points for searching. I already got 4 free months of Hulu and 500 Microsoft point just for searching :-)

I first started using Bing when it was known as Windows Live search. It was okay but it has definitely improved since then. Bing rewards is one of the reasons for that improvement. Who wouldn't want free Hulu Plus subscriptions, Microsoft points, and movie rentals?!!!

I switched from Google to Bing back when Google didn't know how to search for anything related to C#. Later Google fixed the problem, but by then I was hooked on Bing.


I took the challenge three times, searching for info on a mix of my interests. Though I prefer Bing, curiously the challenge results showed I preferred Google's results everytime. I'm a little disappointed, but not enough to switch back.

I use Bing just for the points, but Google for most everything else.  Bing is getting better, but still not quite there yet.
I tried that "Bing it On" the other day.  All but one, I chose Google... with the last one being a tie.  Of course, I entered more obscure searches.  I didn't put like... movies or games or weather like most people probably did.

I dislike anything Google... but apparently, based on this test, twice, I prefer their search results...still wont' change though; (4 Google 1 Bing) each time

I use both. I usually use Bing on my phone because it's more convienent, unless I'm searching for something very specific or hard to find, in which case, Bing usually gives me useless results.
On the computer, I also use both. Bing so I can get rewards, and Google because it's the default search in Firefox and Chrome, and I'm too lazy to change it.

Oh for bugger's sake, Microsoft, stop being so bloody retarded by geoblocking this challenge. This makes no sense and just proves you don't take the rest of the world seriously.

You never considered it was the other way around? Sometimes governments aren't so keen on US Companies doing just anything...jumping through hoops just to be compliant =/

US-only crap is what I hate the most about Microsoft and their services!
I should have thousands of Microsoft Points if Bing Rewards existed in Portugal and much more people would use Bing because of that...

Google used to have more relevant results earlier when they first came around compared to now. I've switched to Bing earlier this year because search results are on par with google. I think it's a mix of Bing getting better and google getting worse.

Bing used to be really bad, but now the result are much better on Bing than Google. I used to hate Bing, but now I never use Google anymore. To everyone who says they used Bing in the past and it was terrible, you're right, but try it again, things have changed a lot in the last year!!!

Why bing cant outmatch google...yet?
I own a WP7 and the bing vision is awesome, but....
i scan the barcode of a product (blackmore vitamin B complex) 
and search in bing ...0 returns
I copy and paste that bar code number into google... found products!!
Iono, but this kinda makes bing vision not as useful since it cant find the products i want but google can....
Lol, i wish they keep working hard!!! its getting better and better

I like bing more for the points than the search results. Bing usually does the trick, but some searches on google (bleh) provide different results (some bad, some good).

I started using Bing when I first got an HD7. I quickly realized that the search results are basically the same (more specific searches aren't better with Google for me but I use a lot of boolean - and + and quotes around specific phrases so maybe that's what Google might be better at for other people). Plus the switch gave me the opportunity to get out from under Google's control over my entire digital life. I trust MSFT with my information more than I do Google with their "all your information should be free and transferrable so we can advertise to you" mentality. Google Voice is the only thing I use Google for nowadays since Microsoft doesn't have a similar service. If they got a service like it, I would use that instead of GV.
I really like Bing search, Bing homepage images (and the little fact blurbs about the images), Bing Rewards, Windows Phone (especially), the upcoming Windows 8 (Surface, etc), and pretty much everything Microsoft including their badass new commercials. Microsoft has really stepped up their game in the past couple years. I've even adopted the verb "to Bing" something versus the vastly more popular verb "to Google" something. It's just natural for me now. I'm a big Bing/MSFT and Windows Phone advocate.

I use Bing just because. There both just search engines, I don't understand how people can be so passionate about them.

I prefer Bing for everything except song lyric -related searches. I've found that-- more often than not-- if I have a snippet of a song stuck in my head and I want to use the words I know to search for the rest of the lyrics (or even just get the name of the song), google will return relevant results on page 1 while Bing usually does not. Everything else though, Bing works just fine for me.

I always use Bing. Google sucks now. All Google ever shows is some no name blog or something similar. Plus Bing literally pays you to search with it. I've converted multiple people from Google to Bing.

I work in a software development shop using MS technologies. -- 3 co-workers and I tried the challenge using searches for info we have needed in the past week.  (MVC, SQl, WCF...)  Short story:  Google won 12/15 searches.

Never had any problems using Bing since I made the switch from Google. Google is like the iPhone of web search engines.

I didn't like the Windows Live Search, but I use Bing since I found out it exists.

Google made sence when I had a slow Internet connection (just need to load a image, a text box and a couple of buttons). But when I found out Bing existed (some years ago) internet connection was already fast enought to load the awesome Bing picture and layout in the same time as the Google web page.

Bing search results are much better than Google (at least for me) and if you are logged in Live, Microsoft doesn't collect everything you search and every website you enter for advertising.

Bing only has two problems:

-Few people know it exists;
-Bing rewards are only avaliable in USA (or at least, not avaliable in Portugal) or I should have thousands of MS Points since I use it everyday;

Everyone I've showed Bing uses it now.
And the best of all is what the acronym "BING" realy means! xD

I like a lot of things about Bing, and I use it all the time, but when talking about straight up searches for links, Google usually comes up with better results for me. I still use Bing anyway because it still has a lot to offer and I deplore Google as a company.

5/5 Bing.  I tried my damndest to analyze and pick the results I prefered after I had tried to discern bing from google.  I had used google for at least 10 years exclusively, switched to bing when they began offering reward points and have been very happy since.  I don't miss anything from google, nor do I find that bing results lack in any way.  I encounter people almost everyday that seem to blindly hate bing and praise google without any actual reasoning whatsoever...good luck Microsoft.  You have SOO much work to do in the habit and perception departments...

I only use Bing on the phone for local scout, image search, and the occasional voice search. For everything else (desktop, content) I find google is far faster and more accurate.

I think one of the main problems for Bing is that Microsoft hadn't release all its features outside of United States or at least that is the reason i keep using Google.

One thing I found MS needs to do is make it so you can type in a UPS tracking ID, hit ENTER,  and in 1 more click get your package info. It's one of those small things that doesn't exist.

My reasons are more selfish. I simply don't like google inc. I keep them around for basic stuff but I avoid them consciously. I always find what I need using Bing.

Image search is superior on Bing, but not the case on WP7. I use the Bing image search app. I'm an interior designer so need images to show clients what my Vision is.

That's all fine and dandy unless you try to use Bing somewhere outside of the US, then it sucks. I don't like being so negative but here in Belgium Bing is still in beta and it realy isn't good. I use Bing as my goto search engine, but you wouldn't believe how many times it actually returned zero results while Google gives me a couple of pages. Of course, I set it to US and then it works better, but then it never gives me Belgian websites. Also with things like maps, I prefer Bing because it works so incredibly smooth, way faster than Google, but for example, until recently, it could hardly find any addresses here in Belgium. I realy hope they pull it out of beta here very soon and make the experience on par with the US.

I'm using Bing It On in one tab and Google in another tab and I'm not getting the same results every time.  Microsoft apparently has a different Google than I do.

I think average Joe won't take the time to do 5 searches. I know it doesn't sound like much, but people drop it after the first or second and go back to their old ways. Its nice for MS to do this for people who actually want to see the difference, but I don't think it will lure anyone without any prior interest in Bing.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, Google is preferred over Bing by people searching my site 53 to 1. That is about the same as the Google to Yahoo ratio. Basically, Bing and Yahoo and essentially tied. MyWebSeard as well as Yandex sometimes gives them a run for their money. Could be worse... there iks AOL Search, LOL!!!