We meet up with Microsoft's Cafe Mango in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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Microsoft's Cafe Mango is making its rounds around the Dallas/ Fort Worth area this week and I was able to meet up with it. I had just started eating my lunch when I saw the Tweet from @MangoToGo. They were set up and serving lunch about a mile from the project I am working on so I woofed down my sandwich and off I went. When I got to the AT&T store (2710 N Beltline Rd in Irving) they were all packed up and ready to leave. I went up to the truck and started telling my spiel. They agreed to meet me across the street in the Irving Mall parking lot to swap some Windows Phone stories and to give me a chance to get some pictures. They even offered to serve me some lunch. What a great group of people!

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They were even nice enough to take a picture of me standing next to the truck (no comments about the bad hair day it was windy). We chatted for a bit and then when we all had to go they were nice enough to give me a couple of gifts.


I wonder if Windows Phone Water taste better than regular water? I bet it does. If you get a chance to catch up with Microsoft's Cafe Mango truck you wont be disappointed. It's a great place to meet some real Windows Phone lovers like us.

You can follow the Cafe Mango Team on Twitter (@CafeMangoToGo) to see where they're going next--stop by and show'em some love if they're near you and tell'em WPCentral sent you!


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We meet up with Microsoft's Cafe Mango in the Dallas/Fort Worth area


I could kill for a couple of those muggs. A dream would've been to see this van in Sweden, but since that will never happen, I settle for those muggs.

I almost went today!  DFW is an hour away from me, but I figure that is about the closest it is going to get.  Oh well.   Maybe I can go see the Apollo truck, lol.

LOL! I think he knows what it means since he is correct that the phrase is "wolfed down". Being Texan isn't an excuse. :P

Have to chime in on the mugs also. There has to be someone at WPCentral that has a little pull to get us some of those.
When you get them I'll take two.....   :)

I can confirm this after talking to Carolann (one of the people working the truck)!
Looking forward to hunting them down a couple more times before they leave DFW!

Just met up with them in Hurst, TX today at an AT&T store right outside the NorthEast Mall.  Good food .. and scored one of those awesome mugs. ;)