Microsoft's first Surface Pro 3 commercial hits all the right points

Goodbye dancers. While the first ads for Microsoft's Surface tablet were geared around either dancing or comparing it with the iPad, when it comes to the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has made the smart decision to highlight what it is that makes the tablet so great. From the keyboard to the display to the pen — with its easy activation of OneNote — this ad hits all the right points. It's not trying to be abstract, it's not trying to be cheeky, and it's not making the case that it should be compared to the iPad or any other tablet.

No, Microsoft is finally making the point we've been telling them to make all along: the Surface can replace a laptop. It helps that this is done in a fast-paced and well-produced spot that gets direct and to the point: here's the pen, here's the kickstand, here's the keyboard — all of it in action. Microsoft has struggled with their Surface advertising before, and we're glad to see them stepping up and making an ad that really highlights what's great about a product instead of just how it's different from another product.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think.

Source: Surface (YouTube)


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Microsoft's first Surface Pro 3 commercial hits all the right points


I'm waiting to see if the dock has TB2. And for Asus/Silverstone to release the XG2 Station. That would be tits!

The reviews have been mostly positive.  Even the tech blogs that are Apple faithful (i.e. nearly all of them), couldn't help but admit it was a pretty good device.  Most of the complaints were with not knowing how to use Win8.1 itself (coming from MacBook users this is hardly surprising, I'd be lost on a Macbook Air), and a few complained about using the device as a laptop on your lap,

I can't afford it but I can say there's nothing wrong with the price. With that specs and portability, it's VERY reasonable.

Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean it's not the right price. It's a laptop, with tablet-like properties.

Pray tell me, when was the last time you saw a laptop being sold without its keyboard? Yeah. Never. I'd be fine with the price if they weren't trying to rip me off by charging me extra for the keyboard.

Amazing that a lawyer can't understand the phrase,"the tablet that can replace your laptop"! Meaning first and foremost it's a tablet, but with the right accessories (keyboard, stylus, and docking station) it can be a laptop. That why the accessories are sold separately no matter what we think

Amazing that a lawyer can read beyond the misleading advertisement. This can't replace your laptop on its own. From the consumer point of view, this is misleading. The honest way would be "the tablet that, if you buy an aditional cover, can eventually replace your laptop".

But then again, Microfans are blind as hell. So what can yah do...milk the sh*t out of them, Microsoft.

oh man... symantecs.

That's right blame the 'Microfans' to be blind. Stop trolling and admit the device is quite the device. I'm surprised you didn't do the usual troll,'M$' thing -

The ad is as honest as any other ad I've seen for tech devices or anything else for that matter.

I'm surprised you didn't pick on the guy levitating out of the bed. Not many people I know actually do that in real life.

I agree with you.  Everything should be bundled in one package that I pay for once and never have any choice for customization.   It's rediculous that after I buy a Surface i also have to pay additional for all they software I want to use, games I play, and the printer I want to use.   Why can't they just sell one SKU with everything I need the way I want it and I'm sure everyone else will want it that way too.  

Damn stupid Microsoft.

I'd be finer if most people who've reported on the track pad said it was anywhere near the quality of the MBA's - which it's priced against - or even the better Windows laptop track pads.

Also, while the ad's impressive, for "a Laptop with tablet features" the guy's holding this 1.76 pound beast extended out with one hand like it's lighter than an iPad Air...

This will sell better than previous Surfi, and they got a lot right, but it's not going to sell in anything like MBA numbers, especially given that another minus is that while the updates to Win 8 - while solving some of the "Sinofsky" issues that have given it a tainted image a la Vista - still leave it with low uptake and public enthusiasm.

Win 9 can't arrive soon enough, even if it's just a polish job as Win 7 was.

Anyone can hold that much but I'd like to see you do it for more than a couple minutes without your hand getting uncomfortable. 

The first generation iPad with 3G was 1.6 pounds ... and people held it with one hand all the time. .16 pounds shouldn't make that much difference.

You can't "replace your laptop" unless you buy a type cover for an aditional 130€. So it's the big price of the tablet plus the price of a typecover. Only then can this "replace your laptop". So yeah, it's a rip-off you dumb idiot.

Is Microsoft FORCING anyone to buy the keyboard for £130? No they're not. There are a whole load of other options ranging from large to ultra small usb keyboards.

P.s. No need to call someone a dumb idiot as it makes you look exactly that.

Exactly. And given the price of the tablets itself...it should just be included as it's included on the likes of the Sony Vaio 11.

Because you could still bundle it, there are solutions to that, for example a voucher to pick your keyboard, or multiple skus with different keyboards inside, just because they are separate items doesnt mean you cant sell them at the same time!

Nice commercial but the SP3 is much more appealing than the SP2 and i don't think that point was clear in the commercial. My fear is that the average consumer will just assume that it is the same tablet with the same clicky keyboard and not realize that this is an amazing device. I just had my B-in-law take a look at the commercial to get his take and he said, "what's the difference, they had similar commercials last year". In other words, he doesn't know that it is bigger, lighter, better keyboard and kickstand etc. Sure one commercial can't answer all questions but I do wish it was clearer in the commercial that the SP3 is a game changer.

actually I find the price right on point, there is a cheaper version, mid range and high.  I can't even imagine how much R&D went into making this thing.  Space and cooling is always a huge factor in tech, making things smaller and lighter aren't always easy.

That's what happens when you direct upload a video without editing the details e.g. title and description. They can change that at anytime and probably will.

Nice ad. Should hit home with a lot of consumers. Hopefully some of them can see past the price tag and not compare it to an iPad, but to the Macbook Air-level ultrabooks instead.

What they need to compare it to is the Macbook Air-Ipad Air combo becasue this can replace both and it is considerably cheaper than the two combined.

I think any 'consumer' that compares the SP3 to an iPad should just go to the next Apple store down the road, he/she obviously does not fit into the target market, and would probably 'underuse' the SP3 anyways...

1. Looks like an Expedia ad for some reason.
2. Unsafe removal of a flash drive will lead to corrupted files. j/k, j/k

2.) Only if the files are still used in some way while the drive is removed. Or am I wrong? Never had I any problems in my life ripping out a flash drive.

Depends on whether you have caching enabled or not.  If not, and by default it isn't (starting in Windows 7) you can go ahead and rip out all you want.  Back in the XP days, that would cause a lot of issues, but that's ancient history.

Yes never happened to me either since Vista (happened once with XP 8 years ago). Hot-swapping with virtualized memory prevent data corruption in modern OS.

By default write-behind caching on removal media is disabled on Vista and above; this is where corruption due to delayed writes was common in XP and below. If a file is opened read-only, no corruption can occur. If you are writing (saving) to a file as the drive is removed, corruption *can* occur.

In windows 8 most of the time you only have to close any file from the flash in use and just remove the flash... safe removal is not necessary. You will not even see the option.

The option is there but it isn't necessary on devices that are flagged as removable (most USB drives). Windows automatically disables write-behind caching for these devices.

it's very reminiscent of those incredibly successful old spice commercials from a few years ago in that it's all one take and seemingly no cg. good ad.

Not always if they have a promotion like they did with the Surface 2. I remember Best Buy had $150 off or something like that for RT version. Maybe you get more but lot less hassle so I still hope they offer that.

Keep in mind that the SP2 has the same CPU as the mid-spec SP3. Unless the new aspects of the SP3 (size, keyboard, pen tech mainly) are important to you, softwarewise it's not going to be too much of an upgrade.

The size is actually what intrigues me most. I run Visual Studio on my SP2 and while I can live with it to work on some things away from my monitor, the extra screen real estate would be a great improvement. I need to keep it reasonable small to be able to use in in planes, so 12 inches would be quite perfect. If I can't "trade up" without it costing me an arm and a leg, I will just stick to the SP2 for now. After all it replaced my workstation, my laptop and my android tablet (yeah, I was young and didn't have the money :)

They kinda do.  It's called Complete and you get two replacements within two years for a small deductible.  If you were to go into a store with a SP1 today that had complete (and was somewhat damaged), you could argue for the full price of the SP1 that you paid to go towards a new SP3.

Source: I used to work at a MS store.

Wouldn't they want to replace it first, so if they had stock then they would have to replace it with an SP1 before offering you a refund? That's how most of those warranties work, if they can't fix it they refund you what you paid?

just go to a store that doesn't have it.  Most stores dont' have surface pro 1 and even 2's at this point once the sp3 comes out.  My friend that works at MS store also told me the exact same thing that is being said here.

I love Surface Pro 3, but to say it can replace a laptop is wrong unless it bundles the keyboard with it. I understand that people have choice of colors for the keyboard, so why not give a coupon to buy the keyboard of choice. When i buy the laptop, i get a package which includes the display, keboard and processor. To me its not a replacement of laptop. period.

It's a hybrid.

But I agree. I think next time they should bundle the keyboard on the Surface

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So just buy a keyboard at the same time. It doesn't need to be bundled, although it would be a nice thing to get a break if you buy them both at the same time. It's absolutely a laptop replacement. If the keyboard WAS bundled with it, you'd see people bitch that they didn't want to have to pay for a keyboard (see Xbox One outrage over Kinect). You can't make everyone happy.

You DID see the keyboard in the ad, right?

They bundle the Kinect with the XB1 and what did people do?? Whine and moan as usual......
You can't and won't please everyone.

because seperate means you get to pick the colour and potentially in future type / touch / power cover and if you have a BT keyboard you might not want / need a keyboard. Or you might think you only want it as a tablet. So much more flexibility this way so why do people get excited over this.

Because I'm sure some people will prefer third party keyboard. Those keyboards will be cheaper, have better typing feel, or even work wirelessly. The only downside is that third party keyboards can not be magnetically attached to surface

They didn't say it could replace the laptop out of the box. They just said it could replace a laptop and it can, if you buy the keyboard. Although they should offer a bundle option with a discount total price if you choose the bundle. The bundle would offer just one color option, black. You want other colors, buy the items separately.

Complaining about how the SP3 isn't what it is because the keyboard has to be purchased separately is just ridiculous.  Just buy a keyboard and move on.  The complaining reminds me of Nigel whining about the little bread in Spinal Tap.  You're just working too hard to pretend there's a problem when it's not really a problem at all.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypcSHTLlK8E

You should probably realize that its the masses that make the product a success, not techies like me and you. And the masses will not pay $120 on top of $1200 tablet marketed as a laptop. Plus you would most likely pay another $200 for a docking station to make it a effective solution. If i am cost consious, i will buy a very light laptop and a small tablet , both in price lesser than that of SP3 package, for the price difference i wont mind the inconvinience of carrying 2 devices. The point i am trying to make is by bundling the keyboard for the same price, i would (as a consumer) feel it more a complete device.

Please make your point clearer next time by saying the PRICE of the SP3 and its accessories are what you are unwilling to pay for, rather than emphasizing that the keyboard is sold separately! It's not as if the keyboard is scarce or anything right?? Anyone complaining about the keyboard being sold separately makes me wonder if he's ever seen a desktop PC being sold with the system unit, monitor, keyboard and every other component separately! What does it matter? I pay for any part I want. It's simple and you don't have to be a genius to figure that out right??
And yes the masses. The masses. Why do people enjoy making the masses seem like one huge set of uninformed people? I can assure you that anyone about to part with almost $1k for a computing device is not as ignorant about these things as you might think. So what if you have to get accessories separately? The real question is if you are WILLING to PAY for the components and not the fact that they are sold separately; this is not a novel practice in the tech world, pretty much every component outside the most fundamental required to use the device is often sold separately. It is sound practice and gives users more flexibility and options.
Bottom line: Are you really willing to pay for the SP3 and any accessories you are interested in? Every other point is moot.

I think you still did not get my point. If you are trying to convince someone that this device can replace your laptop. It better replace my complete laptop and just not the display for the same PRICE. I did not have to buy a keyboard separately when buying my laptop. To me SP3 is priced high with the accessories that are absolutely required for it to replace a laptop. Throw in the keyboard for the same price and i will jump to it. I love the device but i am not a fanboy to buy a high priced gadget blindly.

Keywords is "can" meaning it has the ability to do so, it doesn't mean it inherently does. My SP has replaced my TabletPC, and I use it a lot without using the keyboard cover as a keyboard but more as a cover and some light typing here and there. At home it replaces me desktop, plug a hub with all my wireless dongles and to my 40" monitor.

I dont know how it is there, but in India we get USB keyboard-mouse bundles starting at 180 INR($3) and wireless keyboard-mouse bundles starting at 1000 INR ($17). Even if microsoft releases a surface with keyboard bundle at $30 or $40 extra, nobody is gonna go for it, as the keyboard is useful only for surface, useless for any other device I or my family may own. I do agree that the $120 keyboard is priced ridiculously high but frankly, thats not the only keyboad you can use with surface. It has USB and bluetooth for connecting all the accessories in the world. Unlike the keyboard, the price of sp3 is just about right...


Ok, no more crying, I'm over it. Back to my Surface RT. It's OK. I'm happy, really.

The tablet that can replace your laptop is actually a good slogan. No device has not been able to do that so far. Great commercial, a bit too fast but still deliver the message.

Microsoft doesn't have enough ads! They need more ads to tell everyone about this ad.

But on a serious note:
Why is it that any all Microsoft/Windows related commercials turns so many of you dullards into instant commercial critcs?? Honestly, does everything they do need to get picked apart and examined?

Don't know if ads can help, vs media coverage and word of mouth, but this is a good effort. This is an amazing product. I was blown away just trying it out in the store. I think if the sales focus is done right, especially in-store at places like Best Buy, it can be a hit. You'd be hard pressed to find a $1300 laptop that is as easily versatile as this one.

Good luck with office depot and bestbuy, those guys don't like anything except IOS Android

So can't wait for mine to arrive!!. I hear you about the type covers. I have yet to buy one, figure I would limp along for a week or two with my original type cover from my Surface RT, then buy either a red or cyan one .. I wish they did more colors though, my company color is orange, and it would be so cool to have an orange type cover!!

It would be nice if they were bundled, but that's not a deal-breaker for me not buying the SP3




This ad will even sell some Surface and Surface 2. Well done. That's what they needed, an ad campaign that's as great as the Surface products.

Nice, but for a laptop replacement we did not see it on an actual lap top ... using a keyboard. Most importantly to win over the market Microsoft NEEDS to DROP THEIR PRICES roughly 200 dollars.

don't you want it free? and what about Microsoft gives you an ice-cream and some bread with it? and $100 for being interested in SP3??
lol please.. only becuase YOU can't or don't want to afford for this device, nobody is forcing you... if you want a cheap hybrid, there are already many options, probably soon we will see 3:2, 12" devices like surface being cheaper.
so no SP3 doesn't have to drop their prices for people like you who complain about it, it's a premium product, don't like that? you can surely get a SP2 now cheap or other device.

I really like this commercial. Rapid fire feature demonstration and amazing visual transitions. Very on point and super slick. AWESOME!

I like the ad. But at the same time, I liked the other ads too. I really did like the dancing ones!

I don't think the problem MS had was that they ads didn't say or do enough. There just weren't enough of them.

It's good to have a few different kinds of ads to target different demographics. But it's even better to have A LOT of ads constantly out there.

Do you live in the US? At least here. I feel like I've been inundated with ads for Surface and WP for a couple of years now... maybe I just notice them more, or maybe it's because I don't have cable TV (maybe they show them mainly online and on broadcast?), but they seem to have had a TON of ads out there.

This is exactly how Microsoft should be selling this product. They get it. Exactly.

It's like Microsoft forgot how to screw things up the minute that Steve Ballmer left, and is back to the company they used to be before they took over. The company that could not only find simple, natural ways to do complicated tasks but could also explain their products in a simple fashion.

Of course, this might not be an inditement of Steve Ballmer's business sense. After all, he just managed talk the owner of the Clippers out of his team for a mere $2 billion.


SO there's that.

Not so much. Sterling paid something like 12.5 million for the team back in the 80's, so he's actually making a return of about 16,000 percent on his initial investment off of what Ballmer is paying him for the team now. That's a pretty insane profit, so I'd say Sterling is definitely getting the better end of the deal overall.

Concise and straight to the point without trying to resort to gimmicks because really, this device is so awesome it doesn't need gimmicks to sell it. Best Microsoft ad I've seen in quite a while.

Cool, my only gripe with the 3 is that you can't disable windows key on front, if you could tablet would be perfect for me.

This is a step in the right direction. Same with the "honestly, average users" campaign. Microsoft's old surface ads used to be so confusing and useless to the average person.

Ironically this ad would also make a great iOS/OS X hand off commercial... hand off from his phone in the morning to the tablet while he's in the car, to his computer in the office, to his tablet on the couch, to his laptop in the meeting room.

Just saying it's a well done ad...

This is awesome!!! I can't believe Microsoft made this! I think this is the first actually good advertisement I've ever seen for the surface.

Any hope they will now start to fully market the phone?    Most under sold, under marketed, best kept secret out there, way better than any other, yet no marketing, aaaah.

totally agree if the start now they will screw it up, need to wait until ~50% of WPs are running 8.1 and all new WP phones are running 8.1 then time to go for it.

Too theatrical imo. I like the ads that simulate real people use, like what Apple generally does. It connects better. No consumer is going to go around moving at mach speed doing all that work. They need to show why it benefits the moms out there, why students want it, and not in comical ways, but in ways that real people actually use it. The new iOS ad regarding Healthkit I think was pretty effective.

Loved the ad but it's so low quality image! :/ maybe they'll upload a better quality image video and that's why they put it private

I know it's small and perhaps nitpicky, but whenever they show the Windows 8 start screen, they need to make sure they only show it WITH a background image. It helps make the unfamiliar windows 8 interface look more inviting. The basic live tiles over gray background (such as in the shot at the end of the commercial) looks cold and uninviting to the average consumer that might be moved by a 30-second ad.

see MSFT. not so hard:

-don't dance.

-focus on the product.

-don't try to be funny.

Basically other than the CG and production costs, any intern to marketing could nail those points and make the same ad at a fraction of the cost.

Truly a genuine product.. Its an answer to iPad and android tabs.
No matter how hard appleandroid try to compete, surface lineup will stand outstanding and extraordinary....
I was impressed and speechless! A must have product.
It actually "replaces tabs and laptop. In one"

I'm so conflicted. I live in the Northeast so I cherish the Summer, but my i7 sp3 wont be here until the end of August. Oh how bittersweet it is.

I think this commercial is really great showing all the things a surface can do instead of all the things a Surface can do better. People don't need another comparison video. Being a dancer though I really do miss the crazy high school musical dance feel from the other commercials. Wouldn't hurt if they did another one.

Wow, that's a surprisingly succinct and slick add for Microsoft. Especially at only 30 seconds.

This bodes well, perhaps it will truly be third time lucky... Hope so anyway, the Surface team deserve it.

Still of the opinion they should just make a damn laptop keyboard dock for it, just to get all the people who simply aren't sold on the type cover. I've decided I'm probably going to get the i5 version as a secondary device, I'd love to make it my only device but I still need the stability of a laptop and no amount of fidgiting with the kickstand and a flimsy (though admittedly less flimsy this time around) type cover will make it as easy of an experience.

This Tablet if it comes to Brazil it will be such expensive! ;(

Maybe when I travel to USA I may buy one for me.

Strongly considering this as a laptop replacement. Alas, some of the software I use requires mouse-pointer precision that I don't know I'll get with a touchscreen. 

The commercial is good,but to fast. Microsoft should make a commercial bring you into the surface pro 3. Explaining all the key features, for those who seem to not grasp on to quick commercials. Make the commercial intimate. Like an Apple commercial. Showing all the key features as to why Surface is both a laptop and a tablet, for work, for fun, for watching movies, reading books, listening to music, playing games, to editing, for writing ideas, to drawing, for productivity, to communicating, to connecting with your devises and connecting with with family, friends and businesses, for multitasking and doing just about everything you can do with a laptop and a tablet. Why have two separate devises when all you need is One. This is Surface.

Thats a pretty good Ad as far as Microsoft goes.  I <3 Microsoft but they usually have terrible commercials


That commercial made we want to try the Surface Pro 3 now. I've got the original Surface RT so I can already see a whole of lot of enhancements.

How about artists? It should have been showing some of the features that's optimized for surface pro 3.

When does all these come to India at a reasonable price.. Microsoft is too slow wen already they are behind.

This device looks great, and I can't wait to upgrade from my Surface Pro (which I really like).
Really, if you just give up on the whole "lapability" thing it's awesome. I can live without lap use.
My only minor criticism is that the keyboard should have increases in size to use the available space (clearly they are trying to use the same keycap parts from the smaller covers to save cost). I can also live with the single USB port. I don't understand the number of complaints about this from wired mouse users - this is why blutooth mice exist - and even MS makes two different models of those specifically for the Surface line...