Microsoft's Free-Time Machine site goes live revealing sweepstakes & game

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Just as we predicted, Microsoft's Free-Time Machine promotion that coincides with the Nokia Lumia 900 launch on AT&T, has gone live. The site just changed over to reveal that you can win a trip to Hawaii for four as well as a chance for one of 200,000 other "instant prizes".

All you need to do is enter your email address and then you're almost ready to play. The next screen asks for your details "in case you win" and then you get to play a simple memory game with the Live Tiles. Match the tiles and you win something. (We won a free song download. Meh, not bad, we'll take it.)

Here are the other official prizes:

50 x $250 Best Buy gift code
100 x $150 Mollymaid.com gift code
1000 x $50 Omaha Steaks gift code
2000 x $30  Fandango gift code
7000 x $5 Amazon gift code
190,000 x 160 Microsoft Points <-- "Free song"

You can also enter twice a day to play but you can't use alternate email addresses (it'll void the contest if you win). Of course if you're New York City, Chicago or San Francisco you can also stop by numerous locations to see the "Free-time Machine in person". More on that here including info on special guests.

Sounds kind of fun and we'll try to be there.

Source: freetimemachine.com


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Microsoft's Free-Time Machine site goes live revealing sweepstakes & game


I know that the Lumia 900 isn't even out in Canada yet, but i seriously hate this line "Open to residents of United States of America" or something else that says "No you cannot enter because you live a few kilometres above the 49th parallel."
Canada needs contests too :(

You want a tissue for your tears? I also only use Hotmail for spam (shock!) and Messenger as a last resort.

Not everything by Microsoft is golden.

Blind loyalty is self-defeating and leads to things like the Republican Party. Apple got a big head start and launched the next generation of smart phones with the iPhone but it is stagnating from blind loyalty. Though personally I don't trust Google anymore and use Gmail for my spam account but obviously lot of other people make different choices.

Sorry, only 189,999 free songs left. I got one :)
Not the most thrilling website, but at least it shows some info on Live Tiles.

Got a "free song" in the form of 160 points, but if I can win 160 points a day, I'll take it and get a XBLA game for free.

Snapped a shot of the Chicago event starting up. Poked a bit at the 900's they had on display but had to hurry on out to work - i'll try to stop by again in the evening!


I'm going to try and get by there during my lunch hour.  Kind of annoyed at the fact they're having it at the Hancock building and not closer to the river.

Wow, talk about all the crying. A contest that AT&T marketing had a hand in that's only open to those in the US. I'm shocked!
I am surprised that one of the prizes isn't a Lumina 900 that requires service by AT&T, though.

WMPowerUser wrote in the first sentence of their artilce that it was only open to US residents so the rest of us would know we need read no further. It's a simple courtesy.
It was not the point beucase Microsoft can choose to have country specific contests but the Lumia 900 is available in Canada starting today also.

Cool, but is anyone else seeing "enter you email address"? A little grammar check would be nice...

Well I went into Manhattan today for this.  Went to both the Bryant Park and Madison Square locations.  Ended up getting 3 cards (one Amazon card for 10.00 and 2 Starbucks 5.00 cards).  At the Madison square location I got pulled to two kiosks.  Was happy to oblige.  
Yes they were giving out Nokia 900's.  They had 4 to give out that day, one every 3 hours.  Needless to say I wasn't one of them.

I couldn't even play due to the computer restrictions here at work and somehow I won a free song download. What???