Microsoft's marketing chief: It's now up to our OEMs to launch Mango

There's been a lot of speculation on when exactly Windows Phone "Mango" will launch--or even what that means exactly. The reason it is a questions is because there are device upgrades, there are device launches and there's no reason to think the two are tied together. Hence we've seen September 1st, August 25th and the vague "this fall" all thrown around and in fact, they're most likely all true for specific situations.

Microsoft's marketing chief for Scandinavia, Peter Wissinger has taken to Facebook to clarify the "Mango" launch. In short he tells WinMobile.se that it is completely up to the OEMs to decide the timeline for launch of the next-generation of Mango devices. In fact, as has been speculated, Microsoft came out ahead of schedule this time with "Mango' which is why OEMs, who just received the RTM version, may seem a little behind--perhaps they weren't prepared to have it all ready this early (although Fujitsu seems prepared).

Of course in the US, OEMs still have the FCC and carriers to deal with before launching a device, making the situation more complicated. We're expecting a similar style to last years launch: announcement in October, availability (on AT&T, at least) a few weeks later with numerous devices.

Source: Facebook; via WinMobile.se


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Microsoft's marketing chief: It's now up to our OEMs to launch Mango


Having the RTM floating around the web makes the wait a little easier for those of us who decided to just do it. Mango is a huge upgrade from NoDo (and I liked NoDo)

It isn't clear when the first mango update will be released by a carrier but i am sure it will be released by mid September..it better be cause my guts tell me iOS 5 will be released in early-mid October.

i really, really hope Bell gets a Nokia device... i'm abit different I don't want a huge screen and i don't want a keyboard either so the HD7 and Quantum doesn't work for me... =.=

I'd kill for an HTC HD7. I got the LG Optimus Quantum casue of the free phone for a 1 year contract.

has there been any clarification on whether or not the RTM that has been floating around will be upgradeable to the carrier version with out reverting to NoDo?

It doesn't matter. The backup copy is made during the update process, save it, and 6 minutes later you're back to nodo, if you need to. Mango is worth the effort.

it may not matter to you but it matters to me, Id just rather not go through the hassle of having to downgrade my phone just to upgrade it.

I hope it is sooner rather than later. I have been off contract for several months and waiting for Mango. I am getting impatient. Don't want to buy the current crop of phones and would rather get one of the new ones. At the same time, I am really getting tired of the old phone I am making due with.

Can someone explain the RTM to a newb? I'm fairly tech-literate, so I can follow along, but I haven't paid attention. I figured I'd wait for Verizon to roll out the update. If I install the RTM on my phone, is this a legit thing to do? Or is it like putting Homebrew on your Wii, just basically voids the warranty. Does Verizon or MS officially frown upon doing this update myself?If not, where do I acquire it? And is the RTM, the "final" version that I would get from a carrier update? Are there any cons to doing it I should be aware of?Like I said, I was planning to wait for Verizon, but I don't have much faith in them for a timely delivery and I'm getting antsy.

RTM means release to manufacturing! "If not, where do I acquire it? " - You can acquire Mango through Zune software.yes RTM is the final version that you will get with the new phone you buy.

Nope. True, RTM is what the manufacturers got. It is NOT what will be on a retail device, because each device needs extra customisations from the manufacture.Installing the RTM version will void your warranty (as long as it is installed or if anything happens whilst it is). MS frown upon it because they didn't intend it to leak.When you upgrade to RTM Mango, you will have to downgrade to whatever you had before you can get any updates from your carrier. You lose game saves, SMS, setttings, apps installed during this time. Microsoft released Mango to developers only because of this.

Thank you for the info. I'll hold off until I know Verizon's plans then. I don't feel like messing around with upgrading, downgrading, losing things, etc, even though I'm sure it's easy to do. :-)

RTM means release to manufacturing! "If not, where do I acquire it? " - You can acquire Mango through Zune software.yes RTM is the final version that you will get with the new phone you buy.

While I understand the idea of letting the OEMs pushing new devices out first, I think MS should be pushing their partners to get Mango out ASAP. Mango is something that MS can compete with Android and iOS with. To get people to buy new Mango phones, MS needs to get current WP phones updated so they can evangelize the phone and the OS to potential converts. It would be the fastest and best way to spread the word. Theoretically it could hurt future sales, but really, it could help sell current phones to people who do not want to wait for Mango devices. And for those who do, they can spend that much more time hearing about how great it is from other current WP7 users.

lets hope the OEM aren't gonna **** this one up like they did with NoDo. I expect to have it by 'early' 2012 on the Tmobile network.

Do not expect to see Mango upgrade anytime this year for AT&T users. April or May 2012 is the likely time frame.

I basically agree, but it really depends as much on the manufacturer as the carrier. All handset developers have to create the upgrade, and the carrier then tests and approves it. For example, HTC may get the Mango update for the HD7, but both T-Mobile and AT&T will have to sign off on it before releasing it. Meanwhile, Samsung may take a lot longer for the Focus. (Just an example, gang. Don't get upset, focus owners.) But I do agree it will be 2012 before existing handsets get updated. The priority will be new devices getting released. Mango will be worth it, though. I suggest waiting on the official upgrades.

Sooo here is what i am wondering. I am using a Unlocked ATT's HTC Surround. I am no longer using it on ATT network , but on Simple Mobile's network. Sooo the question is..will i get the update when ATT pushes it out or Simple Mobile pushes it out?