Microsoft wants to connect college students to parents

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Microsoft has posted a new, and rather long, video that tries to promote using its Windows-based products while putting most of the focus on a group of high school seniors who are nervous about leaving home to go to college.

The over four minute video to YouTube that introduces us to a number of different students, all of which get to tell part of their own back story. However, the common theme for these kids is that they are extremely nervous about leaving home, their family, and friends for college this fall.

The video does show off some Microsoft-based devices and services, such as Nokia's Windows Phone products, a Surface tablet, and Skype . The clear idea behind the video is that these students can continue to stay in touch with their moms and dads back home through the use of these products, which in theory should make the transition from high school to college life a little easier.

There's quite a diverse collection of kids in the video, and the clip itself is quite moving as they express their fears and apprehensions about this big change in their lives. The video also features some of the kids' parents, who have their own concerns that their children won't communicate with them as much as they would like.

The video is a very different promotional effort from Microsoft but it's also one that might generate some heartfelt emotions from the the people that watch it. How do you feel about this latest video and do you think it's an effective way for Microsoft to promote its products to the college-bound crowd?

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Microsoft wants to connect college students to parents


College students don't want to be connected to their parents more than they already are. The nerves go away within the first week Lol

Having spent most of my adult life in a college environment (as a student and my wife and I working in residence life), I find its 50/50

Yes but their parents want to be connected to them and their parents are the ones with the money and the decision-making power for major purchases like phones, laptops, and tablets.

Their parents, hopefully, also now that by the time their kids get to college, they have to give them space and respect that space. And that menacing with money cuts not only is childish but ineffective ;)

I feel like Skype is still the wild child in the Microsoft family. Skype always seems to have their own plans while everything else seems to be falling in line.

Not everyone hates their parents. I was nervous when leaving home for college and it would've been nice to have this.

Good job Microsoft!

If Microsoft would let the kids spend thier parents' Microsoft Wallet in campus bookstores and anywhere else on campus....now there MS would have something

Guys Firefox bringing ₹1500 smartphones to India. Microsoft needs to know that and take action soon. A lot of web browsing lovers will switch to it. Forget that ₹ 1500 ie 25 dollars phone

This is a smart marketing move for MS. #1, a lot of technology purchases are made when kids go off to college, so there's that. #2 there are certain transitions in life (moving, changing jobs, having a baby, etc) where switching to a new brand will more of a long term impact. #3 families with college students are an important target market (both parents and kids) for a wide range of MS products. #4 creating an emotive response when pitching a product has a lot more of an impact than a merely logical pitch--see Apple for how this is done well.

If you are complaining about how college students just want to get away from parents, you are missing the point completely.

Hardly "all filmed in the Evergreen State." Besides the great kids, I was thrilled to see the shot of Utah State University's beloved "Old Main" with the sun-drenched mountains framing the entrance to Logan Canyon.  My user name says it all.

This should be the way in advertisement, making you feel nice with it. Forget the comparing other products/companies.