Microsoft's "On The Whiteboard" takes us behind the scenes at Microsoft's Surface Launch Event

This week’s episode of "On The Whiteboard" gives us an up-close look at yesterday’s Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch event. Editor Pamela Woon has made her stop in New York City to speak with Brian Hall, General Manager of Marketing For Surface, and get the “inside scoop” on the company’s latest tablet devices.

The video is essentially a recap of what we already know concerning Microsoft’s Surface devices. In point, Hall points out the Surface Pro 2’s new improved battery life (by 75%), adjustable kickstand for easier use on your lap, and the new docking station accessory, which will allow anyone to turn their Surface in to “a powerful workstation”. I personally do not know if I would consider the Surface Pro 2 a workstation, but Microsoft has its sights on what they want people to see the device as – powerful.

Hall also explains the “complete revamp” of the next generation Surface 2, which features an improved camera, new kickstand, and full 1080p HD screen.

For more information, check out the above video for yourself and let us know what you think of Microsoft’s new tablet devices. And don't forget, you can preorder your new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 today.

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Microsoft's "On The Whiteboard" takes us behind the scenes at Microsoft's Surface Launch Event


Yeah I was watching her more then the Surface. Lol. But I really like the new silver color on the surface2. That damn thing look sexy! I'm getting one

God dammit! I had to watch this video twice, I missed all the important information in the first watch due to the girl being so pretty.

My surface pro gets literally 4 hours of battery max. 75% will take it to 7. Respectable but why not boost the battery. I don't know anyone that actually uses the pro as a tablet. Myself included. I like how portable it is. But come on. Increase battery size and add some weight. I'd be more comfortable around 10 hours.

The thing is, you and I may be more pleased by having added battery and extra weight most people enjoy that lightness and thinness gimmicks, I don't know what is so important about those two aspects, that's in fact what has driven me away from apple computers and some ultrabooks.
Let's hope in the future someone listens to us.

The "lightness and thinness gimmicks" are kind of the point with the Surface family.  The Pro is already 2 pounds.  If you get any bigger your kind of defeating the point of the form factor.  It sounds like you guys ought to be looking at some of the other hybrid/Ultrabook options.

yeah forgot about that. I dont plan on getting the surface 2. i am committed to my pro. but if the power keyboard w2orks on surface one I would pick that up wish it had backlighting thouhg.

A guy from Surface forums who was on NDA until yesterday stated Panos and team are getting 8-10 hours of regular usage with pro.

Yes, but that wasn't her purpose. Her purpose was to have you say, " hmm, she's pretty, I'm getting a boner! Why don't I run out and buy a surface pro 2".

What I want to know is, since the pro supported a digitizer pen with palm sensing technology, is it still in pro 2? And if so, since the same screen is in the surface 2, does it too now support the digitizer with palm sense?