Microsoft's update on the Windows Phone Update

Microsoft has posted an update on the Windows Phone Update and you can add Telefonica in Spain to the list of Windows Phones on the verge of receiving the pre-Nodo, Nodo and Security Updates. Testing is done and the rollout should begin shortly.

Omnia 7 owners on Orange are also in line for the updates and scheduling should begin shortly as well.

In other news, Microsoft wants to assure Samsung Focus owners that they are continuing to work on the solution to get these updates to your phone. Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering states,

"We want to make sure you have a quality experience with the update. That is taking time, but we’re not resting until it’s done."

So.. the February Nodo has stretched to become a June Nodo for some. Let us just hope that a)Everyone is learning from this experience to make the Mango update flow with better efficiency and b) Nobody tags Mango with a month (e.g. the November Mango Update) which may likely jinx things and we won't see it until March 2012.

Remember, you can check your update status over at Microsoft's Windows Phone Update page or download the "Dude, Where's my Update" app here in the Marketplace.

Source: Windowsteamblog Thanks goes out to D-Bur for the tip!


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Microsoft's update on the Windows Phone Update


Did the large majority of Windows Phones get their latest security update exactly on time? - checkAre the only phones not getting the first major update of the platform a small subset of phones where the manufacture made changes to the devices then failed to share with Microsoft? - checkHmm, seem's pretty good so far. We'll have to see how Mango comes out of course, but given that all Windows Phones will get the update for free it should be pretty good.Now take a look at Android, right now 90%..... yes 90% of all Android phone's are on an OS release that is over a year old (or older). Just think about that. yeah, kinda puts everything into prospective.

whats even funnier is the android apologists who blame OEMs instead of google who has full reign of the os. google decided not to make any rules, therefore FULLY allowing the OEMs to do whatever they want, if they want to delay

so disgusted about samsung FOCUS!!!!!this phone has the worst sound quality ever!I tested it with a samsung non-smarphone and the sound of this is LOT better thatn the FOCUS..... also tried the iphone and again, iphone is way superior in audio quality!I'm SO furious, this samsung focus sound suckssssssssGUYS DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG FOCUS..... IT HAS NO BASS .... you have to buy the best ever headphones to get a descent sound of this focus **** and still it isn't a nice quality soundI'M FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MICROSOFT, PLEASE PUT AN EQ TO THIS PHONE CAUSE THE HARDWARE SUCKS!!!!!

Well jai I am sorry you have issues with your focus I dont. the dound is gr.feat its almost too loud at times. The only concerns I have are no security update yet dont know if its ATT or Sammie or both I suspect its probably not just sammie bc none of the ATT WP devices are being updated. The other concern is adding a 32 GB microsdhc card. I want to do it but cant seem to pull the trigger on a sandisk 32gb class 4 card on ebay. Maybe thios weekend will be the day I do. Maybe you should check your speaker grill for lint or something. My wife has had several phones where some lint got in the speaker and killed her sound. Or maybe you have TTY/TTD enabled when it should be off.

Usually the update status is up[dated on Thursday and it wasn't yesterday and hasnt been today. WHERE's The Update to the Where's My Update Page MS?????? Not very uh whats the ord I'm looking for> Oh REASSURING!

Jfa, do you have the NoDo yet? I have a Focus with AT&T and don't have the NoDo OR the pre-NoDo. But when I look around online, it seems like most people got it. It's pretty frustrating..

Yep I got it I have a focus with 1.3 and I suspectthat you have build 1.4 with the different chipset which is causing the issues with the nodo hopefully it will be resolved soon. and I suspect and hope that when you get nodo that the 7392 update for security certs will be included and 7392 will be coming out for the rest of damsing WP7 devices simultaneously. my focus seems a bit more responcive but I havent used cut and pastew. The battery life which was good seems a little better The security update itself doesnt bother me that much since it really must not be truly critical, but its the fact that the delays seem to keep occuring and to me that doesnt help my confidence level as far as Mango on time. I hopethat its very close to if not at RTM status as it appears that ATT cant seem to get testing done quickly and with 1.3 and 1.4 being so divergent that's a bit discoberting.