Microsoft's Where's My Phone Update? page gets a refresh--Mango scheduled worldwide

Here we go folks! Microsoft just refreshed their "Where's my phone update?" web page with Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" information for various countries. The good news? Most of you are going live soon. To refresh, Microsoft users the term "scheduling" to mean "Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 business days or less". Here are the list of countries scheduled (and all carriers):

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • O2
  • Hutchinson Group
  • Vodafone Group
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Orange Group
  • Open Market phones

Odd man out? Spain. You're still testing.

For the U.S. carriers that are scheduling:

  • AT&T
  • T-mobile
  • Verizon
  • Open market

Interestingly, Sprint is listed as "testing" even though their support page is showing it as imminent.

Now we should caution: (1) Microsoft still needs to "Deliver" this update, which is a different status, but we expect those to change real soon over the  next few days (2) They will trickle out the update at first, getting feedback and diagnostics--if positive, they will open up more batches for updating. So don't expect everyone to get it all at once--we're talking a few weeks here. Still, this is looking much better than NoDo, for sure.

Thanks, ChabacO, Vanessa and Anastasios-Antonios T., for the tip!


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Microsoft's Where's My Phone Update? page gets a refresh--Mango scheduled worldwide


How is it on the slow side? The update hasn't even started yet, you have no idea about the speed of it.Besides Apple has 1 device, not 10+.

Slow as in this has been touted for ages - now we enter a phase where it will be "delivered" in the next 10 days - then we can expect to wait a couple of weeks for our individual updates after that? You call that quick? I don't.

Once again, you have no idea about the speed YET. As far as I remember, for May security update 'delivered' stage was much shorter than 10 days - so it might be same here.

Wouldn't know about the May update as it was delivered, halted and then never delivered to the 1.3 Focus. Keep in mind, this was the Focus that WORKED with the update.10 days. Ha!

Because? Why is that important? I am a customer. Who drops the ball is not my concern. The problem was specific to the Samsung Focus 1.4. The 1.3 accepted the update just fine. Problems were encountered with the 1.4, the update was halted for all Foci, fixed, then delivered to the 1.4. The 1.3? NEVER received the update. This is FAILURE and it does not matter who failed but it FAILED.I receive updates from Microsoft. Not Samsung, not AT&T, not the plant that assembled the phone, not the company that manufacturer of the radio chips. When updates fail, it is Microsofts responsibilty. They deliver the update.

Seriously?Lets look at the number of Apple phones: basically 1. That they built. They can test the software on internally, for how long they want with no carrier verification.Microsoft: 10 different phones, 80+ carriers.They're right in between Apple and Google as far as updates--where they should be.

Apple have at least 5 devices it's going to - and MS made a big noise about rolling this out en masse with or without carrier verification before WP7 was released - it was one of their selling points. I want it as bad as the next - I have an imported but it's not fast. Focus that I want updated - but it's not fast. Smooth maybe compared to NoDo, but not fast.

"Apple have at least 5 devices it's going to - and MS made a big noise about rolling this out en masse with or without carrier verification before WP7 was released"Lies. Never happened.And Apple OWNS the hardware. Makes testing/verification a lot easier.

So Telefonica in Spain and Sprint are the only ones still in 'testing'?Not bad at all! (and I think Sprint is not really 'testing' anymore, considering earlier news).

Wow it looks like Microsoft learned from NoDo. Most carriers have a status of Scheduling. With NoDo only a handful had that status on launch day.

This was posted on the update central page : It's here!Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango") is available to install on some phones now. Look for a notification on your phone soon. very curious whos first :D and if it is really there now

Finally microsoft has given the customer some more info, still not happy with the wait thoughBut thats simply because im just so impatient :P lolGive me mango!!!

why does it say "**Does not include Samsung Omnia 7 models."" at bottom ?? does this mean that Samsung omnia users wont get the undate in the coming weeks??

Quick question: "Open market phones", is that referring to unbranded phones? I recently bought my Omnia 7, unlocked and assume that it's the same as unbranded. Will the unbranded phones get the update all at once since we are not relying on our carriers?

Yes, "open market phones" is Microsoft lingo for "unlocked" or "unbranded" phones.As for "all at once" - generally updates are not for everyone at once (so that update servers won't be overloaded).

Thanks for the precise answer. Good point with the overload of servers, didn't think of that at first :)

Now it says Samsung focus v1.4 will be the one to get the update, whereas before, it was supposed to v1.3 to get the update. That makes me sad :( No fruit for me today! I could taste the mango juices and then they take it away! :-(

I do wonder why unbranded phones aren't getting the update now. You'd think MS would want to get that small segment out of the way before the larger carrier branded phones start pounding their servers.

whoever commented on getting the small security update in less than 10 days should realize that it was a small update. It only had 1 purpose and I didn't even get an alert for it on launch day. I plugged my HD7 in and there it was. Took 10 minutes to do.Mango has "500 new features" coming with it. I'm tired of waiting for it to come out. This seems exactly like when NoDo came out, this article even seems to have the exact wording. I'm really fed up with all the bragging and showboating joe belfiore does on his twitter about this feature and this feature.