Minecraft hits 12 million downloads, becomes one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever

Minecraft hits 12 million downloads, most successful 360 game ever

With 12 million downloads Minecraft is now one of the most successful Xbox 360 games in history. Minecraft is incredibly popular, so that should come as no surprise. While Xbox 360 isn't the latest, greatest console from Microsoft — that honor belongs to the Xbox One — it still lives in many hearts and many homes. And that's not all, according to TechNet Blogs:

The "Minecraft" brain trust still has plenty of surprises in store for diehard "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" fans, including the April 18 release of the new Candy Texture Pack.

So, are you one of the 12 million? And if you're a hardcore Minecraft player, how does the Xbox 360 edition hold up?


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Minecraft hits 12 million downloads, becomes one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever


Wonder why more developers don't bring games to WP. There is plenty of people like me that buy games even if they are not regular gamers. People with way more disposable income than the typical Android crowd.

I'm dying for Minecraft for Windows Phone. I've tried looking for contact info about this stuff with no luck. If any one feels up to it, if they hunt down the info and we all request it, we are much more likely to get results! I do this often with many companys

Desktop-side it used to be (or is still) in Java. However to be on the 360 it needs to be C#/C++, which shouldn't limit any portability to WP.

I have survivalcraft. Great game. Runs smooth, looks great, and has customizable texture packs. It has slightly more focus on surviving... I.e. The world feels more dangerous than minecraft. Compared to the mobile versions of minecraft it blows them out of the water.

although I'm not sure if minecraft pocket version is still gimped, haven't played the android version in around a year or so.

And that is was puzzles me. It has horrible graphics and not much really to it but it is so successful. Strange.

Sim city or Sims have better graphic's just saying. I mean how good would this game be with actually real looking environment. Not like a damn nes from 1990 or so.

No offense intended Dante501, your post couldn't be more wrong. The graphics can be as basic (default) or as pretty as you want them to be with texture packs. And Minecraft is one of the deepest games in the history of video games because it's a platform for both casual and expert users to create their own experiences. If people don't think there is much to the game, they are either unwilling or unable to see it.

Ok may it as it be i like games that look good and still offer a lot. Let see Mass EFFECT 1 2 3 The new Tomb Raider Dead Space all those games look Light years better and still offer a lot. Now just imagine those graphics from those games in mine craft now that would be a darn damn looking impressive game. But if you like NES looking games so be it. Just saying isnt my cup of tea. But then again i like modern things. So to each their own.

I agree, I just don't like look of the game, all I see are blocks and square heads.. Iv been gaming all my life, nes, snes, mega drive, ps1, 2, 3, gameboy, psp so I know my games, minecraft just dsnt make sense to me.. Just saying..

This game had so much potential. But reddit got a hold of it and notch got bored with it and left it to rot. Interestingly enough this game got a lot more content once Jeb was put in charge. He got more done in a year and a half than Notch's fatass did the entire time.

I've played it. I don't get it. But congrats to Notch for capitalizing on the '8bit' fascination of 10 year olds...

My kids and their friends have invented some amazing maps. I get on with them an run havok and start messing things up. They freak out and I'm laughing my as off. Damn you dad! Lol

Same here don't get it at all. Seems like a useless waste of time with no reward system at all, but hey, to each their own.

They say the imagination is the key to the soul... Your avatar is a animal... so yeah animal's might by your thing after all.

My daughter loves Minecraft. She had it on her Android but she switched to Windows 8 Phone and its not available??

Need that Xbox One version. My kids are just now starting to play it on Kindle, but I don't want to purchase it on the 360.

I'm not surprised. Notch essentially said "hell, no" to a Windows Store app version, because he didn't want to let Microsoft have 30%. Yet, he apparently doesn't mind forking over 30% to Apple. Whatever, 70% of $0 is $0.

Probably because the smaller user base WP8 has paired with giving up 30% to Microsoft made him decide that it's not worth it. I still think it's stupid, I just think that's Notch's mindset.

But it is still Microsoft as Xbox, to be able to move from Xbox to WP to PC is a huge benifit for keeping people playing the game.... ??

My 6 year old nephew is completely OBSESSED with freakin Minecraft...Why do kids need every dang texture pack?...It doesn't even give you new abilities just changes the way your character looks...Ridiculous...LOL

My elementary school age child plays Minecraft on the PC, on his Xbox 360 and on his iPad. On the WP he plays the ripoff Survival Craft. I'd say this is quite a hit based on him and his friends at least... Personally I can't even look at it - I get motion sickness right away :/

I respect the game for what it is. I understand that it's based off one's creativity, but personally I don't see the appeal in it. I do like seeing all the crazy things people do create on YouTube videos. I guess it's just not for me.

I played it tons on PC. It all comes down to get a good "gang" of online friends to play with and it gets really fun

LOVE Minecraft. My Xbox account totals = 1700 hours! Waiting for Xbox One edition. Also, WPC editors, what happened to Terraria coming to WP8?

If Minecraft is that popular that bodes well for Project Spark, which is a much better creation game. Could be Microsoft's killer app.

The difference between Project Spark and Minecraft is the adventure. If you never got into the game then its very unclear. I'm 21 years old and when Minecraft first came out I thought it was the stupidest idea in existence. After playing Survival Exclusively, I realized why people fall in love with the game. The adventures is amazing and the only thing more fun then running into a beautiful lava and waterfall 150 block high ravine is actually making it back home to keep your loot safe. Everytime I play with my 5 friends on Minecraft we are awed in amazement from the beautifully generated worlds, laugh from the many mistakes and awkward moment, and cry when we get so far and don't make it. Literally cried as a 21 year old man. Every adventure in Minecraft is different and you never know what could behind that next block.

Admittedly, I never really played Minecraft (as I dind't own an X360), but only saw my friends play it for a few hours. It looked like a lot of work to build stuff. The concept seemed cool, but it seemed limited (but your description seems to show a deeper game). That said, I'm very impressed with Project Spark. The variety in creations that gamers have made thus far is simply amazing. If you liked Minecraft, I'd be shocked if you didn't like Project Spark, so you should definitely check it out!

I was eager to try Spark, but I found it painfully slow.... I know it isn't finished, but even so, I thought it was poor. One other thing, what on Earth is the aim of the game?

If by slow you mean loading times and whatnot, then yes, it is very much in beta. Lots of bugs for them to work out. For this very reason, I was actually surprised they made the beta open last week--as it seems like it needs a lot more work before it can go public.

As for the aim of the game, there are two goals: 1. create and share, 2. play and rate. Many people will do both. The first one gives people the ability to create almost any type of game they want. You should watch some montages, like this one or this one, to see some of the games people have made so far. Very impressive. The second one gives casual gamers the ability to play any of these games. No one is going to be making the next Titanfall, but there really is almost endless potential for XBLA-esque games to be made, that anyone who owns an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Windows 8.1 device can play for free (Xbox Live Gold isn't even required). I'm quite excited about it.

I have a total of about an hour and half into project spark and I don't really like the creation aspect but I respect the worm other people put into it. I didn't make myself totally clear on why I loved Minecraft.

There's two modes, Creative and Survival. Most creations come from Creative mode, which I'm not a huge fan of, but most people who Project Spark aimed for is the people who love this mode. Unlimited resources, and you can break and build instantly. Survival mode is what I truly love about Minecraft. There's a variety of different monsters (Mobs) that can kill you, and your food slowly goes down depending on how active you are. You can craft armor which in turn lower the damage that you take. You break blocks faster with a better tool (wood - stone - iron - diamond - gold), and the deeper you are the more rare materials you find. That comes with a risk as the deeper you go the more confusing the mines get and you can ultimately end up lost or stuck. Mob spawns are frequent at extreme depths, and lava is always something to look out for beyond every block! If you don't have food you will eventually die without being experienced or having the proper tools and shelter!

Its a survival game, and what's better then showing your Survival skills than building amazing creation in Survival mode! You can't fly, and death lurks around every corner. If you die you lost ALL your XP and Items unless you can to them in time. I've built and only build amazing structures in Survival mode to show how dedicated I am.

The moral, this is what project spark is missing. Sure there's a great feeling to making your own game within a game, but you can't play a survival game and make things at the same time. Minecraft will always have its fan base because its a creation and survival game, all at the same time.

Project spark is going to be a buy for me, but I honestly don't like playing it that much. Respect to the people who made some pretty amazing things though.

That sounds a lot more interesting than what I saw my friends play. As for Project Spark, I'll do my best to create a game that you'll enjoy and let you know when it's done! (I actually am quite enjoying creating my game in Project Spark and I have absolutely zero coding experience, so it's been an interesting challenge). My game won't be like Minecraft, but Minecraft for Xbox One is coming soon, so that void will be filled for you soon!

Because it just looks to good it will wake up Dead PPL. Maybe it looks so bad it make DeadlyEd sleep. He might thinks hmm are we still in the age of 8 bit looking games or are we used to eye cabdy?? QUESTIONS OVER QUESTIONS.

Notch and his company Mojang seriously blew my mind. I hated the idea of loading a low res game on my Beefed up Gaming Machine I built but low and behold my friends finally convinced me to try it and I did and got hooked for about five years straight on the PC. They bought the PC version when it was like $8 or something like that. Was sort of messy but they swore it was addictive and it was. We still host the server both a Survival and a Creative and I still love picking it up once and a while!

Anyways I am happy for Mojang they really worked hard getting this to Xbox!

I haven't played it in awhile because I'm not creative. I enjoy it much more than PC version though. No need to spend 20+ minutes trying to play with friends

Minecraft is a great game, a lot more amazing than its aspect at first, start playing it on PC and you'll love it.
You can create, destroy, survive, have fun in tons of ways.
Lots of people says "a 8bit game in an age of stunning and amazing graphic effects, how ugly", but almost all of them never tried minecraft, and who tried it tried only the surface and didn't go deeper in the endless possibilities this game gives.
Not only the gameplay, but also the critiqued graphic was well studied, making all pixelated works better in an endless world composed of cubes, makes it easier to personalise the game itself with a personally made skin for our character, and a resource pack that makes the ambient and the sounds different from any other people.
When you'll know minecraft better you can start creating and test what your creative mind says, you'll be amazed by the incredible machines or by huge and beautiful buildings.
Then you'll start to look for new challenges and test yourself in things like skyblock and other maps, you'll try to modify your experience having a whole new game even using only few mods, and you'll say too that minecraft is like an iceberg, what you see at first is only a ridicolously little part of what is hidden below it.