Mini Motor Racing skids onto Windows Phone

Mini Motor Racing for Windows Phone

Mini Motor Racing has found its way to Windows Phone today, offering fast, finger-friendly fun. Despite the cartoony art style and physics, this is one great game. Players work their way through various race modes, buy new cars, and upgrade their existing ones. Tracks are presented in varying weather conditions, which offers a ton of replay value even for the most familiar circuits.

I've played a bunch of this on other platforms, and the controls really are great. There are some freemium tropes slid under the radar here, but overall it's classic racing with fluid performance. Those of you with a device with 512 MB of RAM will be able to enjoy this one too, though no Xbox love here.

Go ahead and hit up the Windows Phone Store to get downloading Mini Motor Racing for $0.99 with no free trial (boo). Anybody try it out already? What do you think?

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Mini Motor Racing skids onto Windows Phone


No trial? Urrrrrrrgh...

Top-down racing games are dodgy to control at the best of times. A trial version is essential for this kind of thing on a touchscreen platform. =/

Yeah, I don't get it either. How hard is it to give us a trial so we can test it out before we buy it?

I'm really sorry for you, seeing that almost every game isn't available in brazil and everytime you comment that you can help with it. Bad. It shouldn't be like brazil should be left out for no reason, even more so as brazil has more windows phones than iPhones (or so i read).

Yes. For average people, changing regions is not a thing they'd consider. They'd just say that the store lacks apps while not knowing that many apps are still hidden for them. (i dont say it doesn't lack games, but still.. We're getting there)

No problem. Markets like India and brazil are where the windows phone can gain traction over iOS and android. They need to focus here as in these markets they have the price edge over iOS, and wp gives a premium experience (unlike android) at a low cost.

Btw manso, tell me one thing, why is it that games aren't specifically not available in brazil ? I mean, it shouldn't be much more than simply ticking a country's name in the list (or clicking on select all) (i haven't made any app yet so forgive me if i am wrong). But why is it that brazil gets left out so many times ? India gets most of the games. (infact all)

My guess is it's because of the extra steps you have to go through to release in Brazil compared to most other countries.

Everytime you publish a game one page with all kind of certificates, for specific countries like Taiwan and regions like Europe. In that page you have to upload a file that is in fact the certificate that you game recieved. You have place for every certificates, including the brazilian one DCJTQ. But, since 2012 November, you can upload a PEGI (most used in european countries) or an ESRB (for USA) certificate in the place of the Brazilian one (DJCTQ). That page even states that, but seams like most of developers dont read this. After you upload all the certificates you want to you go to the next page where you can select all the countries when you game will be available. Some developers make another mistake: upload PEGI or ESRB in the place of the brazilian one and after forget to select Brazil in that page, making the game also unavailable here.

After you select all the countries you want you go to the normal submission process. And is just that.

That's stupid of those developers. Try mailing them, some of them even respond :)
(though no one ever responded whenever I'd mail some dev to release some android game for windows phone too :-P)

I already try/tried, many times before!! I already contacted tons of developers. Happly, most of the developers responded me. But is a tough job, always has to do that... alone...

Almost gave it a try, but thanks for the freemium heads up. Not a fan of pay to win games, too much like this corrupt society where the rich get all the benefits, pointless. And a bad influence on kids who will get frustrated unless the parent caves. And no trial is always a bad move.
So no thank you.

Uhm.. It's not really pay to win.. You can get all the money you want to upgrade your cars and win.. I played it for half an hour intensely and already got a few upgrades.. Yes, you need to play more and more, but you'll get a top car in not such a long time.. If you have the patience, that is.. Not as much as all Star Wars games out there, at least.. Damn I hate those games..

What is wrong with developers. Why don't they make the games available in Brazil? What is wrong? Cant WPC team do something about it? Publish an article or something in order to address the problem??

I don't understand those "no trial" babies! Guys, it's only 0,99$!!!! I think it's worth of risk. I took a risk and bought a game to support devs and guess what? Game is awesome!!!!

Right, being sensible with our money makes us childish now apparently. Tell me, how many times do you pay for apps that are 'Just $0.99' before you start questioning your spending habits?

I am impressed watching that trailer and will probably get this game. Are there any other top down racers for WP?

241mb seems like alot.

@Zeem Don't worry about my spending habits my friend. :) I live in country where you have to be like a magician to survive from one paycheck to another. That doesn't mean I have to kill myself. I found it better to pay somebody's work then go to caffe for a drink. Not that I can't afford it. And no, I don't buy every app I see, just ones I found interesting, a this was one of them. 5$ a month for apps won't kill me, but could help WP to grow. ;)

Does this game had multiplayer (Online) mode? Can I complaint about why lots of addicting games(like Plants vs zombies) can't be bought in south east Asian countries??? Missing lots of discount there...

Wp user is richer than android, they want to paid for app they loved not so for android user much of them just sideloading illgal apks

This game is awesome but it SUCKS! Why? Because of the AI. The game doesn't get more difficult because the AI gets stronger, but because they become animals: they just keep coming at you like blind drivers, slamming you against walls and making you come to a halt. This is even more true when you realise that in order to win you just need to use a couple of nitros right at the beginning and they'll never overtake you (they just can't drive properly!). Big shame, considering gfx are amazing as much as car physics, and it's as smooth as a layer of oil on the skin of a nerd with oily skin.