Minions Space Battle, battling evil minions with bananas from your Windows Phone

Minions Space Battle

Despicable Me fans have a relatively new Windows Phone game available that features the little yellow minions. Minions Space Battle is a Galaga styled arcade game where you battle minion against minions.

While not an official Minions game, Minions Space Battle has potential. The opening screen is a giggle loop from the minions that will make most grin and game play isn't too bad with a moderate pace.

Minions Space Battle could use a little fine tuning but as is, it's worth a try.

The user interface for Minions Space Battle is very straight forward... just tap the launch screen to jump into the game. Your game screen has your score in the upper left corner, your lives in the upper right corner and your mission objective splattered across the center of the screen.

You control a two-eyed minion that is trying to take out single-eyed minions that drop from the top of the screen. Both you and the enemy minions are armed with an endless supply of bananas and to shoot the enemy, just tap the screen.

Minions Space Battle

Your game objectives basically lay out how many minion hits you need to make before advancing to the next level. Game play starts out slow and quickly increases as you move through the game.

Minions Space Battle lacks any boss battles and at times just getting near an evil minion's banana will take you out. Player movement also needs a little tuning in that there is a slight lag between tilting your phone and seeing movement. You do have ten lives but I haven't seen where you can earn new lives back through your scores.

Minions Space Battle makes for a nice gaming foundation but it just needs a little more. Either bosses to battle, more sound effects true to the characters or better controls might help make the game more attractive.  Additionally, if the game objectives would eventually fad away that would help too.  With each level of play, the background changes (which look rather nice) and the "Go To The XX Hits" message is distracting and gives the game a little cluttered feel to it.  Maybe have a "hits left" counter at the top of the screen?

Minions Space Battle is a free game for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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Minions Space Battle, battling evil minions with bananas from your Windows Phone


cool. any word tho on when gameloft's minion rush will be launching?! literally the only reason I carry-around my work iphone these days. amazing game and awesome that its been announced for wp!!

So you are now saying that Microsoft is to blame for Gameloft not releasing a title (soon enough for you). They know full well how to make this work for WP. They have had all the help they need and possibly some financial support too.. Go complain to them as they (Gameloft) is the one stalling here..

Exactly. Microsoft is to blame. If they do not know marketing or publicity or building relations with developer companies then they should not be making windows phone.

Microsoft is in a chicken and egg situation,people need apps,for developers they need people to use it. Msft needs to pay huge amounts to fix the situation that is pay insane incentives to developers,may seem unfair but what else can they do,we bought the phone we need some love

I can imagine this developer will receive a cease-and-desist very soon for copying the minion characters in an unlicensed product.

Marcelo Garcia??? That's the name of a world class jiujutsu fighter. I'm betting that's NOT his/her real name