Minor update goes out for ‘Call + SMS’ settings on some Lumias

Every once in awhile, companies decide to rename things for whatever reason. Today it appears to be Nokia’s turn as they have pushed out an update for the ‘Call + SMS’ section on Lumia phones. The area (which many 810/820/822/920 users can find under Settings) is for network specific changes for call waiting (enable/disable), call forwarding (network dependent) and SMS character sets.

For some odd reason, Nokia is evidently changing it from ‘Call + SMS’ to ‘Network+’.  So if you see that update, that’s what changes. Whether or not there are some under-the-hood changes as well or if this is going out to all phones, we cannot verify at this time.

Thanks, Sean J., for the tip


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Minor update goes out for ‘Call + SMS’ settings on some Lumias


Its an update thats done through the market place. So you have to manually update it like any other app that would be updating.

In my settings, that's still Calls+SMS. I don't receive any updates and I can't find app 'Calls+SMS' in the store either. Is this specific to some Lumia 920s?

Hopefully Nokia will re-add flip to silence and counters app for WP8 (no data sense on SIM free phone). As unrelated subject, has anyone noticed that is hard to switch on the Dolby function as the screen will not remain static. Still waiting for separate volume controls for media and ringing/messages. WP certainly isn't so good that I miss my Lumia 710.

If the spanish optimization is what I think it is, it could potentially double the allowed max characters per SMS. Currently (AT&T) if you use Spanish-specific characters in an SMS the max length is only 70 characters. By changing the character table and tagging the SMS as a Spanish one, the length allowed goes over 150. What's nice about it is that it does not affect the ability to write in English. This setting should be a Windows Phone OS one, not just Nokia.

This is reported in the suggestion site, with a low vote count. Although multi-language usage implies more than just a quick keyboard switch, it is certainly an uncommon usage scenario, thus the low vote count.

I noticed today that when I sent a short text out that included the ° symbol (press and hold 0) it sent as two texts at 70 characters.

Wish i had this update to my htc 8x also..In Greece and max characters in sms when writin in greek is 70..

That is very strange as Greek characters are part of the GSM7 character set which is used when you have an SMS of max length 160. That your max length is 70 is indicating that your short messages are sent in Unicode which is really a waste. Somebody did not have much knowledge of SMS when designing this. :(

Even after updating, there is still no information in there for call forwarding. Sucks, because I use call forwarding (mainly for YouMail). Hmph. I guess I'm reduced to GSM network codes.

I am on ATT with a 920, I have the Call Waiting choice and the Character Set menu (with the same choices as shown above).  BUT, it is still called "calls+sms" for me....

This update FUBAR'd my phone last night. I actually had to reset and restore (which turned out to be a fairly slick process that didn't need the PC). After installing this update, I couldn't text or make calls, and using built in features like people and me tikes would just crash and return to start. Sometimes they would open up completely empty.

My restore was to the previous days settings/apps, and I haven't received notice to update this network+/calls+SMS thing since.